Supernal Biswap x AgeOfGods Collaboration!

Why AgeOfGods?

  • Participating in the bi-weekly Global E-Sports Tournament
  • Progress through the Game and defeat Boss levels
  • Logging in Daily
  • Auto Farming rewards based on your in-game level
  • Guild progression

AOG Token is Officially Listed on Biswap!

Increase Your Assets via AOG — BUSD Farm | Benefit from the 0.1 Multiplier!
  • High APY on Biswap Farms
  • Get 50% of the trading fee
  • Earn robust BSW tokens

Earn mighty via AOG Launchpool!
  • Stake vigorous BSW
  • Earn mighty AOG
  • Unlimited max stake
  • High APRs
  • Gainful offer BSW Holders
  • Get potent tokens in return

AgeOfGod NFTs | Play & Level up Your God NFT!

  • Upgrade your God to the next level
  • Unlock the endgame
  • Compete in the highest PVP arena & earn the most AOG rewards

Buttons on the AgeOfGods Platform that Lead to Biswap DEX!

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