Swap Referral Program is Activated! | Earn Up to 20% from Your Friends’ Swap Commission!

  • Swaps Referral Program: up to 20% from the commission of each friend’s swap
  • Farms: 5% from friend’s earnings
  • Launchpools: 5% from friend’s earnings
  • GameFi: 3% from every friend’s win
  • Lottery: 2% from each purchased ticket

BSW Holder Pool & Referral Rewards

Example 1 | Earning 12% from Friend’s Swap Commission

Example 2 | Earning 18% from Friend’s Swap Commission

With What Pairs does Swap Referral Program Work?

When can I get my Referral Rewards?

Where to get your Swap Referral link?

  1. Connect your crypto wallet to Biswap
  2. Open the Referral program tab
  3. Set a percentage ratio of profit sharing
  4. Copy your Referral link
  5. Send the referral link to your friend & earn more!

Closing Thoughts

  • Swaps Referral Program
  • Farms Referral Program
  • Launchpools Referral Program
  • GameFi Referral Program
  • Lottery Referral Program

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