The BFG Trading Competition on Biswap— $30 000 in BSW Prize Share!

Show your power in BFG Trading Competition and multiply BSW!

Welcome everyone to the First BFG Trading Competition on Biswap! It is a distinctive opportunity for you to compete and receive great rewards in BSW tokens on Biswap!

Total prize pool: $30 000

Competition period: 18.06.2021–25.06.2021

Eligible trading token: BFG

Eligibility: users that have had at least one trade with the BFG token during the competition period.

Active trading pair: all exchanges (including sells and purchases) with BFG token.

👇Join Biswap Trading Competition!

🏆Competition A: $28 000 In BSW Prize Fund For The Highest Trading Volume!

The more you trade — the higher your rate! To put it briefly, your place in the winner’s table is impacted by the BFG trading volume (including both sells & buys) that you have attained on Biswap.

A total of 500 active traders will split $28 000 in BSW tokens.
There will be the first 3 static places and 497 places displayed in percent correlation in the Competition A Table on Biswap.

The reward is distributed in the following way:

🥇1st place — $5000 in BSW

🥈2nd place — $2500 in BSW

🥉3rd place — $1500 in BSW

🏅4–500 places — $19000 in BSW for all in % correlation

Get awarded with these powerful wins and reach cosmic BFG trading volumes on Biswap!

🏆Competition B: $2000 In BSW Share For 20 Competitive Winners!

Prepare to take a winning place! On the whole, 20 determined places will be taken by 20 random users who will share $2000 in BSW. If you will get one of the specific places provided below you will additionally obtain an extra $100 in BSW bonus to your reward!

Places: 22, 42, 62, 82 , 122, 142, 162, 182, 222, 242, 262, 282 ,322, 342, 362, 382, 422, 442, 462, 482.

Similarly, a place is ranked by the BFG trading volume ( including buys & sells) conducted by a user.

Show your strength and fire up the BFG Trading Competition by participating in it! This is your golden hour to compete and win!

💸BFG Trading Competition — Twitter Giveaway for $1 000 in BSW

BSW wins on Twitter are waiting for you!

Due to profitable and firing Biswap Trading Competition, Biswap decided to cherish its users with more BSW rewards on its Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter.

You have a chance to become one of 20 random winners who will share $1 000 in BSW! Each lucky crypto bird will get $50 in BSW to their BEP-20 wallet.

The conditions as easy as always:

⭐️LIKE and RETWEET the Giveaway post
⭐️Follow @Biswap_Dex & @betfury_gaming
⭐️Enter your BEP-20 wallet in comments

📆Winners of the giveaway will be announced on June 25th!

Join the Twitter Giveaway and maximize your BSW tokens with a mighty reward!

📑Terms & Conditions:

✔️All the rewards will be distributed within one hour and credited to your competition balance after the end of the tournament.

✔️Trading volume includes both buys and sells with a BFG token during the competition.

✔️The BetFury team allocated $30 000 in BSW for the BFG Trading Competition. This amount will be used for buying the BSW tokens from the market and distributing them among winners.

✔️All the rewards will be credited to the winners in BSW tokens at the time of accrual and the current exchange rate.

✔️The rewards for the Competition A will be proportionally split depending on each user’s total trading volume for the following places: 4–500.

✔️For example, the prize fund for 4–500 places is $19 000 in BSW. A user who took 5th place made operations $50 000 with BFG tokens during the competition. It’s 2% of all trading volume from 4–500 places. In this way the user will get $380 (2% from $19 000) in BSW.

✔️Biswap reserves the right to disqualify trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation.

✔️Biswap reserves the right to cancel or amend any Activity or Activity Rules at its sole discretion.

Join the OFFICIAL Biswap social media pages:

📢Telegram Channel:
💬Telegram Chat:

Support 24/7:

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️
Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!




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Trade, Earn, Refer on the most progressive DEX on BNB Chain. Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, profitable features & Multi-type Referral program.

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