The First Month of Biswap — Distinctive Results!

Unbelievable, in just one month of dynamic functioning, the Biswap platform has surpassed itself and upgraded the lucrative ecosystem to a new level with over $394 456 768 TVL!

Since the official launch of Biswap, which took place on May 24, 2021, the project has reached the uppermost positions in the TOP DeFi charts, fulfilled multiple goals, and welcomed more than 1 000 000 users to the platform.

Let’s dive into the details and review these moments together!

Major Achievements of Biswap

Biswap Audit from Certik

The smart contracts of Biswap have been officially verified by the leading blockchain security company — Certik. The security score of Biswap has now reached 89% that proves its safety:

Security is the prior aspect for Biswap to protect its users and their funds.

Biswap BFG Trading Competition| $30 000 in BSW Prize Pool

Biswap has launched a remunerative BFG Trading Competition due to the trusted collaboration with BetFury.

Users who obtain a substantial BFG trading volume on Biswap can take the highest ranks and receive great BSW rewards on the platform!

Rush to join BFG Trading Competition on Biswap and maximize your earnings!

See the conditions for participation:

Biswap Sharing Season | $2 530 in BSW Weekly Prize Pool

#biswap_excange| #biswap_earn| #biswap_sharing

Slow the time and speed up BSW earn on the Biswap platform via Sharing Season!

Biswap Sharing Season is about sharing your profitable experience on Biswap via special hashtags #biswap_exchange, #biswap_earn, #biswap_sharing so you can join 253 weekly users and share $2 530 in BSW!

Check the conditions on how to take part in the Biswap Sharing Season:

Biswap Business Partnership | Bring Your Project to a New Level

Biswap is looking for prospective projects with an innovative vision which strive for distinctive development and growth.

Biswap team is allocating $100 000 in BSW Competition Fund for the partners. Only 10 best projects which add their token to Biswap Launchpools will get $10 000 in BSW each for Trading Competition.

See more information on Medium:

Biswap Bug Bug Bounty Program | Up to $100 000 in BSW

The Bug Bounty program on Biswap allows its users to gain recognition in BSW tokens for reporting bugs found on the platform. This program assures additional safety and prevents possible incidents of widespread abuse.

The Biswap team wants to thank its users for contributing to the platform’s improvement with BSW rewards. The amount of compensation you might receive is based on the severity of the weakness you report:

Find out more information about Bug Bounty Program in Biswap Docs:

Over 748 155 BSW (~$1 016 244) Tokens Are Burned in 23 Days!

Biswap has already conducted 4 BSW token burns which have crucially increased the demand for BSW tokens.

The token burn is executed weekly on the Biswap platform and is announced immediately to its community for common awareness.

Find out more about the Biswap Deflationary Mechanism in Biswap Docs:

Biswap Locked 8 000 000 BSW for 8 Months

The 8 000 000 BSW got temporarily locked for 8 months from 10 000 000 BSW allocated for initial liquidity and marketing purposes. Each month the amount of 1 000 000 BSW will be unlocked!

The other 2 000 000 BSW are divided like that:

400 000 BSW for initial liquidity.
100 000 BSW for hot Free BSW wallet.

1 500 000 BSW will be left unlocked for the upcoming marketing releases.

❗️All the unexploited tokens for marketing purposes will be burned.

Check the locked BSW tokens in the provided wallet:

Biswap Released the Detailed Checklist

The Biswap team strives to inform users about its plans and already implemented targets!

See the renewed checklist of Biswap with the updated information:

As you see Biswap has made its goals real and has already moved to new ones! The Biswap team is actively working on the new features which were requested by the international community of Biswap.

Stay tuned for updates and innovations from Biswap!

BSW Token — New Heights

The native token of Biswap gains momentum at a constant rate and proceeds to fuel up its dynamic ecosystem.

BSW token has increased by 294% in price since the official launch of Biswap! Presently, BSW token is at the cost of —$1.457.

BSW Token Is Approved by BscScan

​​BSW Got Into the TOP20 Tokens on the BSC Network

Currently, the firing BSW token takes the following positions:

8th place for 22 414 unique senders
5th place for 21 338 unique receivers
10th place for 22 826 total uniques

Find out more about BSW token here:

Key Biswap Features Gain Momentum

Biswap Farms have expanded onwards with high APRs. At the present time, there are 40 Biswap Farms

The Farming pairs with the highest APRs on Biswap include:

USDT-BSW — 528.18%
BNB-BSW — 550.18%
BFG-BSW— 330.99%
MBOX-BNB — 357.34%

Experience great returns with powerful Biswap pairs on Farms:

Biswap Launchpools gain wide popularity and endow Biswap users with more BSW. This launchpool allows users to stake BSW tokens and gain BSW in return. Currently, there is BSW-BSW Launchpool, but the top tokens will be added to Biswap Launchpools and broaden this feature further soon.

Liquidity Pools grow at a rapid speed on Biswap. There is over $394 456 768 Total Value locked on the platform. Liquidity Pools enable users to stake their LP tokens, which they received for providing liquidity for a chosen pair of tokens, into the preferred Farming Pair.

3-type Referral System gives Biswap users an opportunity to gain up to 5% from a friend’s earnings on Farms and Liquidity Pools. In the nearest future, there will be a chance to receive a certain coefficient from friends’ swaps as well.

There are over 155 918 748 BSW gained by users who maximize their BSW earnings daily and invite more people to join Biswap via the 3-type Referral System.

🖥Watch the distinctive video about the Biswap platform and the above firing features from Robi on YouTube:

Growing Numbers — Great Biswap Statistics

📍$394 456 768 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)
📍$1 048 768 313 — Total Trading Volume
📍$147 594 428 — All Time High Trading Volume
📍979 158 — Total Trades
📍39 819 — Total Unique Trades
📍1 052 343 — Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap
📍103 585 — Active Users
📍1 167 468 Transactions on Biswap
📍40 129 — BSW Holders
📍2 166 546 — BSW Transfers in the BSC Network

Biswap Community Expansion on Social Media

More than 78 786 users have become a part of Biswap international community on social media:

⭐️ 14.5K+ in Telegram Channel
⭐️ 20.5K+ in Telegram Chat
⭐️ 41.4K+ on Twitter
⭐️ 1.9K+ on Medium
⭐️ 441+ on YouTube

The Biswap is delighted to see so many people from all over the world join the platform and contribute to its enlargement.

Biswap Impresses the DeFi Space

Biswap is in top DeFi ratings and gets vivid places!

Check the outstanding positions of Biswap on DappRadar:

🔥TOP #2 DEX project on the BSC network
🔥TOP #2 DEX project in the DeFi space

Biswap takes recording positions among the DEX projects on the BSC network on

🔥TOP #1 — by new projects
🔥TOP #1 — by social signal
🔥TOP #2 — by active users
🔥TOP #2 — by transactions
🔥TOP #3 — by trading volume

Prospective Biswap Collaborations

Certik — the top-notch blockchain security company
BetFury — the leading I-gaming project with the fastest growth rate. — the highly-trusted analytics platform. — the reliable analytics platform.

Big THANK YOU From the Biswap Team!

Dear Biswap users,

The Biswap team is deeply grateful for your active participation on the Biswap platform. Your support and reasoned feedback are highly valuable for Biswap and motivating for its further development. Biswap does everything to implement your requests and provide the best-in-class DeFi experience for you.

Thank you for staying with Biswap and let’s keep it up on Biswap — to the moon!

Join OFFICIAL Biswap Social Media Pages:

📢Telegram Channel:
💬Telegram Chat:

You are always welcome to ask any questions and share your wishes!

24/7 ⏱ The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:



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