The Letter from Robi to Biswappers | Reflecting on the First 3 months and the Road Ahead

Dear Biswap community,

Today is exactly 3 months since the official launch of our platform. Hence, I would like to congratulate each and every member of our international family on our three months anniversary. Someone might say it’s not a long period of time for projects like Biswap, but for me personally and for the whole team of Biswap, it has already been a long journey.

Since day one of the life of the project we have experienced various moments, including but not limited to stunning hype across all the BSC network, acceptance from the community, mind-blowing collaborations, rapid growth followed by rapid decline 😁, then again significant growth and so on.

Regardless of the situations, we’ve been experiencing, the needs and security of our beloved community members have always been our top priorities. All the decisions that have already been made and are yet to be made greatly depend on every member of our family. You are the one determining what is really important and what is of a less importance.

We have always wanted to create a high-quality product for people from all over the world and I sincerely believe the Biswap team is doing a great job in this regard.

Currently, the Biswap team does not earn a single cent from the transactions happening on the platform. 0.05% are returned to liquidity providers and the remaining 0.05% are used for BSW token burning. Furthermore, we are not planning to add our commission to the transaction fee in the coming months. In addition to that, we have not sent any single BSW token from the team’s address and are not planning to do so in the near future. I am strongly convinced this approach and our openness with the community is the only right strategy in the long-run.

I am extremely proud of the way Biswap stands out on the market and I can say with confidence that Biswap is and will stay the most progressive DEX platform on the Binance Smart Chain network due to its key competitive advantages:

✅ The first DEX on the BSC network with a 3-type referral system

✅ The lowest platform transaction fee in the DeFi space (0.1%)

✅ Fee Return of up to 100%

✅ 2-type launchpool system where users can stake BSW tokens and tokens of other projects

✅ High-end UI/UX

✅ 24/7 Customer support

I would like to express special thanks to each and every member of this truly international family for the support you have always been providing, especially during the early stages of the project. Your support is a great source of motivation for the team and that’s what helps the team work harder day by day. It’s a great honor to have community members that have joined Biswap on the first day of its official launch. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Every Biswapper should keep in mind that our team does and will continue doing its best to make sure you will never regret the decision to join Biswap. The Biswap team will stay committed to providing the products and security of the highest-caliber of quality.

In just 90 days together with you, we have already achieved a number of magnificent results. Some of these include:

📍 Confident position in the top 3 DEX platforms on the BSC network

📍 Winners of the Top 10 Most Valuable Builders on the Binance Smart Chain

📍 Smart contracts assessed by the leading security audit company — CertiK

📍 Over 120k active users

📍 Over 2 900 000 completed transactions on the platform

📍 All-time trading volume of over 4 billion US dollars

📍 56 active farming pairs with high APRs

📍 53 popular tokens available for trading

📍 Over 25 various Launchpools activated on the platform

📍 Astonishing collaborations with the top projects: Betfury, Rabbit Finance, Nabox, Twinci, Bella, Coin98.

📍 Expeditiously growing community with a total audience of over 130k members across all our social media profiles.

And that’s just the beginning of our journey…

We are here to conquer the market and you can be a hundred percent assured the Biswap team will do its best to become a strong competitor for the existing leaders of the DeFi space and in the long-run — become the number 1 DEX.

Our team has great potential of achieving all the strategic goals set for the coming years. We have a well-balanced team of dedicated and experienced professional that are always ready to move forward, accomplish the goals and satisfy the needs of the community. Undoubtedly, our team possesses enough skills, knowledge and experience needed to make Biswap the number one DEX in the DeFi space.

Therefore, you can be assured that Biswap will continue growing with a furious speed and will soon become a world-class DEX platform. Once again, I would like to express gratitude to every member of our truly international family for your continuous support and the contribution to the development of the project.

Stay safe, stay with Biswap.

Your sincerely,

Robi and the Biswap team