The Precise Checklist of Biswap!

3 min readMay 31, 2021


Biswap shares the profound milestones!

Biswap represents the explicit Checklist as promised in Future Biswap Upcomings for you!

The checklist indicates what has already been done, what is in progress and what our future plans are. Biswap listens to its users and strives to implement their requests and recommendations as soon as possible.

Biswap has made many of its goals real already! Check them out:

✅Market Research
✅Created design-concept
✅Team building
✅Start development
✅Biswap Global Pre-launch Event
✅Official launch

Biswap is currently working on many powerful features and wants to share them with you:

️☑️Strategic partnership

Biswap aims to cooperate with a bunch of major projects in the nearest future. Strategic partnerships will unite innovative people from all over the world and introduce them to the firing features of Biswap!

☑️Weekly BSW token burning

The First Token Burn on Biswap will take place next week! It is the process of permanently removing tokens from circulation, thereby reducing the total supply. Token burn events are performed through the use of a smart contract function known as the burn function.

The Deflationary Mechanism on Biswap will work in the following way:

✔️50% of the trading fees will be used for token burning.
✔️All the fees from accounts with no referrer will be used for purchasing BSW tokens and burning them.

☑️Certik audit verifying

Smart contracts of Biswap are under the assessment by Certik — the leading blockchain security company. At the moment, Biswap is waiting for Certik’s official approval.

☑️Trading & referral competitions

The more referrals and swaps on Biswap, the higher your rate is! Biswap will provide its users with beneficial competitions where they will compete and receive great rewards. The details will be available for you soon!


The analytics section will be added to Biswap and allow users to check the platform’s ups and downs via statistics and graphics. Platform overview, TVL (Total Value Locked) increase, BSW growth, top tokens, fees, and more will be transmitted in this section.

☑️️Listing on CMC & Coingecko

Native BSW token of Biswap will be listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. There you will have a chance to easily monitor the performance of BSW token and compare it with the tokens of other projects.

☑️️Listing on the main cryptoexchanges

Biswap is going to initiate major BSW listings on the great cryptoexchanges in DeFi space, to allow users to monitor and buy its major asset — BSW.

Besides the ongoing milestones, Biswap sets outstanding plans for future execution:

🔲 Voting
🔲 Listing on the main cryptoexchanges
🔲 Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap
🔲 New Launchpools projects: Stake BSW — Earn tokens for free
🔲 Auto-compounding: BSW — BSW Launchpools
🔲 Activated Swap referral program

Biswap wants to keep its users up to date and let them know about its goals.

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