The Updated Biswap Checklist! Accomplished Goals & Great Plans!

The Biswap platform proceeds to show outstanding results and can’t wait to share its further plans with you!

The Biswap Checklist has been renewed and taken to the next level as many releases have happened and the new goals are awaiting to come live on Biswap!

✅ Official launch
✅CertiK audit verifying
✅Weekly BSW token burning
✅Trading & referral competitions
✅Strategic partnerships
✅Listing on CMC, CoinGecko
✅Auto — compounding: BSW Launchpool

As you noticed, the Biswap platform does not stand still but intensively moves forward and fires up the DeFi space with new dazzling listings! More of the bright listings will happen soon and broaden opportunities for the Biswap users. Grand listings will provide Biswappers with a wider choice to track the Biswap statistics and see how rapidly the project takes vivid positions in the top DEX ratings!

There are no limits for Biswap expansion as more and more Launchpools come live on Biswap with the potent tokens! Currently, there are eleven powerful Launchpools (BSW, BFG, WBNB, CAKE, BUSD, ETH, RABBIT) with different max stake options per user.

The design of the Biswap main page will flourish with new blocks and information for Biswappers. It will be done to brighten up the users’ experience and comfortable usage of the Biswap platform!

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the Biswap design!

Biswap will be looking for talented bloggers who wish to promote the Biswap platform further along with new media partners for continuous advertising.

Biswap is proud of its growing community and strives to expand it even further by launching local chats on Telegram! In the nearest future, Biswap will be looking for the admins of the other local chats and will be thoroughly analyzing the applications!

Presently, there are two new OFFICIAL Local Telegram Chats:

🌐 Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat:

🌐Russian-Speaking TG Chat:

The list of the OFFICIAL Admins of these Local Chats:

👤@Fuad_Biswap — (Indonesian Speaking Telegram Chat)
👤@Alexandr_Biswap — (Russian Speaking Telegram Chat)

Users of Biswap will be able to see the up-to-date statistics of Biswap, Trading Volume, Liquidity growth, Top Tokens, Transactions, Pools, and so on. This block will allow users of Biswap to monitor increasing numbers and analyze the general growth of the platform.

Biswap continues establishing strategic partnerships with other distinctive platforms! If you have a project that is officially secured and has shown high-rate results and statistics in the DeFi space, you can apply for Business Partnership with the Biswap platform!

Check the details for Biswap Business Partnership here:

Share your innovative projects with Biswap to build up a powerful and lucrative collaboration!

Biswap will astonish its users with significant realizations and improve the platform with new features!

🔲 NFT integration
🔲 Gamification
🔲 Personal user’s dashboard
🔲 Voting
🔲 Trading & Referral Ratings
🔲 Daily tasks for users
🔲 Activated Swap referral program activation
🔲 Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap

Track each Biswap step for the next-level development with Biswap Checklist!

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