TOP Facts You Should Know | Crypto Attractions in 3 Minutes!

Cryptocurrency topic gets more and more popular every day! And the chances that you would be involved in the HOT discussion are too high. So let us provide general but interesting facts about crypto to keep up the conversation!

It happened in the distant 2010 in Florida. One man paid 10 000 BTC (bitcoins) just for two pizzas! Now, It sounds crazy, but at that time, 1 BTC was worth a little less than 0.5 cents, so he paid about 40 dollars. What would you like to buy if you had 10 000 BTC in your wallet?

Cryptocurrency has no borders! But some countries deserve to be highlighted:

  • China controls around 75% of the mining networks.
  • India has the biggest number of crypto holders worldwide (over 100 million).
  • In 2018, Switzerland became the first country where banks allow crypto companies to open business accounts. This novelty has encouraged legitimate uses of cryptocurrency and reduced fraud.

Many developers have created their coins with different characteristics and various use cases. For example, BSW is a native Biswap coin with many utilities. Have you ever tried its perks? Become one of 141K+ BSW holders or trade it with super benefits!

✨Reveal details about BSW:

Bitcoins have a limited supply. Only 21 million coins can ever be produced. Right now, over 19 million have been mined! Due to approximate calculation, the last BTC will be mined in 2140. Such a limitation allows you to profit from the coin’s future value. It is supposed that the price will grow because of high demand and limited supply.

Did you know that the BSW token also has a limited supply? 700 000 000 BSW is the maximum that can exist.

HODL means to buy-and-hold indefinitely or “hold on for dear life”. It first appeared as a misspelling of the word ‘hold’ in 2013 at the Bitcointalk forum. This typo became famous and has been used until now as crypto slang.

Biswap has a lucrative offer for BSW hodlers! Invest BSW in the Holder Pool to enjoy unique benefits & returns:

Can you imagine that around 14,000 to 32,000 crypto-related tweets are shared daily? This statistic proves that cryptocurrencies are worth attention and discussion!

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Closing Words

As you can see, the Crypto world is not only interesting but a very profitable thing. Explore and earn more with Biswap DEX!

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