Twinci & Biswap Partnership— $400 Rewards for LIVE AMA and Lucky NFTs!

Welcome the inspiring Biswap and Twinci partnership! Let’s get closer to NFTs and great winnings!

The lucrative $400 rewards will be allocated for the LIVE AMA Session and lucky NFTs. Twinci allocates $200 in TWIN for the Biswap LIVE AMA Session and $100 in TWIN which will be hidden in lucky NFTs lucky. The Biswap platform allocates $100 in BSW for lucky NFTs as well.

Prepare your awarding questions for the upcoming AMA and get ready to find those lucky NFTs with BSW and TWIN hidden rewards right after the LIVE Session.

Why Twinci?

Twinci is the first NFTs social marketplace, where you can create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain. This platform opens lots of benefits for crypto owners:

  • Buy official works created by your favorite artists or sell your own works;
  • Generate income by selling art, earning royalties, and affiliate marketing. And the creator will receive royalties whenever their NFT is sold on the market;
  • Receive a certain amount of FOXCI tokens, by introducing friends to the Dapp, buying or selling NFT.

Biswap LIVE AMA Session with Twinci — Ask and Share $200 in TWIN

Great questions, friendly speakers, and informative discussion in real time— it is LIVE AMA Session on Biswap with Twinci!

The ravishing Biswap and Twinci partnership shines brighter with lucrative events! The LIVE AMA Session is a win-win for all, both Biswap and Twinci will share their experiences, strengthen communities and tell more about progressive projects. Besides, users have a chance to ask questions and get a reward for the best ones!

Use this chance to participate in the LIVE AMA Session and communicate directly with Rachel A. — the official Biswap Representative of the Marketing team and April P. — official Twinci P.R. Manager!

Time: July 28, 10:00 am (UTC)

10 most interesting questions altogether, will be chosen for the AMA:

  • 5 questions will be picked out before the LIVE AMA Session from Biswap Twitter
  • 5 questions will be selected during the LIVE AMA Session from Biswap Telegram Chat.

Users whose questions would be answered by speakers will share $200 in TWIN! Each lucky user will get $20 in TWIN to their BEP-20 wallet.

📍If your question gets chosen, please DM the Biswap admin on the Biswap Telegram Chat in order to receive your $20 in TWIN reward.

Join the LIVE AMA Session with simple actions:

☑️Follow Biswap & Twinci on Twitter

☑️Like and retweet the Biswap tweet

☑️Comment with a question and your BEP-20 wallet below the Biswap Tweet


Get ready to ask your powerful questions and catch mighty TWIN win!

Unique Biswap NFTs from Twinci — $200 for Lucky NFTs!

New, shiny, lucky and extraordinary NFTs will come live and be ready for collection!

There will be 10 unique Biswap NFTs on Twinci where two of them will be the lucky ones! One of them will contain two different tokens $50 in BSW and $50 TWIN and the other one likewise will have $50 in BSW and $50 TWIN bonuses in one card. Gather all your power and rush to find the lucky NFTs with the hidden rewards when the AMA will be over!

After the incredible Biswap LIVE AMA Session with Twinci, you will have a golden occasion to collect Biswap NFTs on the Twinci marketplace:,desc&category=&tab=true

Stay special with Biswap NFTs and do not miss the chance to collect them after the AMA on Twinci!

Follow Biswap social media and see the first the most profitable updates:

📢Telegram Channel:
💬Telegram Chat:
🌐 Indonesian Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Russian Speaking TG Chat:

You are always welcome to ask any questions and share your wishes!

24/7 ⏱ The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:




The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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The First DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a three-type referral system and the lowest fees in the industry!

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