Unique 18th Month of Biswap | View November Report!

7 min readNov 24, 2022

Biswap has been developing for 18 months and remains among the best in the DeFi space! This month was too saturated with different events & updates. So this is not surprising, because 18 months are once in a lifetime for each of us! Do you remember your 18th birthday?

Thanks to your activity and support, let’s recall the best moments of November!

Check out the stats | Biswap Dazzling Numbers!

Biswap DEX Statistics:

$51 745 768 461 Total Trading Volume
$241 618 695 Total Value Locked
498 253 Unique Traders
28 441 783 Total Trades
1 966 717 Total Users
618 136 Biswap Community

BSW Token Statistics:

40 119 322 BSW Total Burn
145 490 BSW Holders
13 224 090 BSW staked in BSW Holder Pool
22 164 403 BSW Transfers

📍The data as of November 24, 2022.

Grand Biswap Updates & Exclusive Releases of the Month

We are too motivated to stay in one place! That’s why Biswap is expanding and moving forward so rapidly.

NFT Collectibles on Biswap | Experience Unique Benefits!

This day has come! Limited 300 NFT Collectibles only for BSW Holders:

💰Up to 15% Cashback
💰Up to 1% Referral Rewards
💰Bonus Double Launchpool

Check out the conditions and get ready to grab the treasures!

Biswap Action Plan | Meet 3 Upcoming Releases!

Read about the new opportunities for Biswappers!

Constant and effective work:

💎10 Grand products were implemented from the end of May
💎10 Updates released by the development team
💎3 Products await you by the end of 2022

Grand Event Report | Cheers to the winners!

The Grand Event is over! Thanks to all of you for your participation.
Check out the winner’s list: biswap.org/blockchain_week

Prizes for TOP-3 leaders:

🎁Unique Biswap merch
🎁Mercedes Benz E Class 2022 AMG or $50K
🎁The latest Apple devices

Biswap x Binance Initiatives

Check out the exciting new opportunities made possible by the Biswap x Binance partnership!

BSW Locked Staking on Binance | Buy & Stake BSW to Share $500K!

Binance Simple Earn has launched BSW on Locked Products!
Find out more via the article: https://bit.ly/3Na1THs

💵 Earn crypto via up to 48.9% APR
💵 Participate in $500K Campaigns

Register on Binance via this link & up to 10% of the trade fee rebate:

Hurry up! There is little time left!

Binance Pay Adds BSW | Enjoy Lucrative Payment!

BSW is more accessible for now! Binance Pay supports BSW and other TOP cryptos: http://bit.ly/3V2U3md

Send, receive & pay BSW with:

🔥 Safety
🔥 Lightning speed
🔥 ZERO fees

Improve yourself with Biswap!

Binance Connect x Biswap | Buy Crypto with Fiat Currency!

One more amazing crypto opportunity for Biswap users has been launched! Binance Connect is integrated into Biswap. Purchase crypto with over 40 fiat currencies. The details are here:


✅ Easy purchase of over 200 crypto
✅ Convenient KYC system
✅ A wide variety of payment solutions
✅ Biswap DEX development
✅ Prospective collaborations

Make your crypto journey better with Biswap!

Biswap Ecosystem Expansion | New Collaborations Are Here!

Meet our new partners!

Biswap x Mercuryo | New Cosmic Collaboration!

Mercuryo — a service that allows you to buy crypto with fiat. So get ready to SWAP with FIAT on Biswap!


The reasons why the integration is unique:

💸 Integrated directly on Biswap
💸 No KYC for amounts up to €900 or $1 000
💸 No registrations on exchanges to get crypto on your wallet

Check out the guide to your new experience: https://bit.ly/3fQRzYX

Biswap x IguVerse | Earn & Create via the APP!

IguVerse is a SocialFi App that redefines the concept of NFT using AI / ML technologies.

💸 Exchange tokens directly in the App
💸 Trade with the lowest 0.2% fee

Explore the partner & offers: http://bit.ly/3WWsoVm

Biswap Mixed Hives | Earn $GHNY on GrizzlyFi!

Biswap X GrizzlyFi collaboration gives you an awesome opportunity to earn $GHNY via stellar APYs!


🍯1232.63% APY for BNB-USDT
🍯34.67% APY for ETH-USDT
🍯27.41% APY for BTC-USDT

Learn more details: https://bit.ly/3Nx67Jp
Make a sweet profit with Biswap!

Boost Your Profit Up | Lucrative Features on Biswap DEX!

New month — new ways to make more crypto! It’s time to review what have been accomplished by the Biswap team.

New Double Launchpools on Biswap | Double Your Income Up!

Take a look at the trading pairs and stake BSW to earn:


📌 Max stake per wallet: 1 500 BSW
📌 Stake 500 BSW in Holder Pool to join
📌 The offer is available for 30 days from its start

BetFury x Biswap Collaboration Boost | 1X Multiplier for BFG-USDT

New trading pair on the Multi-Reward Pool!
Trade BFG — USDT to earn 3 cryptos at once via 1X Multiplier:


Hurry up to make triple crypto!

Biswap Events | Enhance Your Experience!

Hey Biswappers, did you enjoy the rewarding events this month? We always aims to make our events unique, full of crypto prizes and precious chance to showcase your known or new talents.

GrizzlyFi x Biswap Hangout | Spooky Winners!

$4 500 in BSW & GHNY will be shared by 20 creatives!

Check out the leaders’ list!
👉 https://bit.ly/3TkDEYR

BetFury B-Day Report | Biswap Rewards are Shared!

BetFury’s $1M B-Day Party gave us many prizes and winners!

💸 Win-Win Birthday Cards:
16 755 BSW for 4 850 Total Participants

💸 Free BSW Boxes:
$1 200 in BSW

💸 Twitter Giveaway:
$1 000 in BSW for 10 700 Total Participants

Don’t miss the chance to win and get fun with Biswap!

$4 000 World Cup Event | TopGoal x Biswap Campaigns!

The World Cup Event is over! Cheers to the champions!

💰 Pool prize: $1 000 in BSW & TMT
🏆 Winners: 20 random users who guessed World Cup 2022 winner

One more campaign is coming soon. Stay tuned & rush into lucrative activity!

Biswap All Over the Crypto World | Spreading the Passion For Crypto!

Biswap on the popular media pages!

New Coingape Article | Cooperation with Biswap!

Become a Biswap partner and boost your project via lucrative benefits! Read the article on the leading media:


💫$10M Program for BNB projects
💫 Individual Basis Cooperation
💫 Effective IDO Launchpad

Develop and grow with Biswap!

BSC News About SAP | The Leading Media!

Dear influencers, get ready to improve via Biswap Space Agents Program!

Find out how to:

🚀 Earn up to $3 000 monthly?
🚀 Boost your audience?
🚀 Make successful cooperation with Biswap?

Loud standing ovation to the best of the best!

Sharing Season November Report | $520 for the Active Users!

Over 39K Biswappers joined Sharing Season on Twitter this month!

⚡️19 878 tweets — #biswap_earn
⚡️19 698 tweets — #biswap_exchange

Be active the next time and win attractive rewards!

Closing words

Every month gets better! Your activity and feedback make us too inspired to do our best!

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