Updated Checklist of Biswap! Steep Progress — Grandiose Plans!

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Updated: October 25, 2021

Every month Biswap reaches new incredible milestones and strengthens its influential position in DeFi! All of this would not have happened without the powerful support of our wise community and hardworking team of professionals!

A real breakthrough took place in Biswap checklist during this month. How much has already been done and how many ambitious plans have been set up by Biswap!

Let’s check out the list of already implemented ideas:

✅ Certik audit verifying

✅ Listing as exchange on CMC

✅ Strategic Partnerships

✅ Lottery

✅ Biswap main page redesign

✅ Live support on the website

Biswap prosperity is showy! All these goals were achieved thanks to the productive tandem of the community and the Biswap team. Now let’s find out what exciting features are already in progress!

Current missions of Biswap are not less vivid than already approached goals, let’s take a look:

🌀Listing on the main cryptoexchanges

Biswap aims to cooperate with many progressive projects and platforms. Thus we put in so much effort to list the platform on the prominent cryptoexchanges and provide the community with the best opportunities not only on the platform itself but also beyond it.

🌀NFT Earn

NFT can be used in multiple ways (buying, staking, upgrading, and selling) and bring you worthy crypto profit. Soon there will be a specific NFT staking pool on biswap.org. It will work as easily as any other Launchpool on Biswap where you enlarge your crypto funds. You will be available to stake NFT and earn tokens.

🌀NFT Marketplace

The Biswap NFT Marketplace will acquire a remunerative environment that will include many interesting features: diverse ways to purchase and sell, auction, and so on! An epic place for users to release their crypto potential, take crypto assets to a new stage, and surely dive into the Biswap universe of NFT!

🌀NFT Launchpad

Users of Biswap NFT Marketplace will have a chance to experience exclusive initial selling! There will be NFTs with diverse levels and Robi Boosts. You will be able to purchase NFTs for USDT. Also, you will find the Stake button which will lead you to NFT Staking Pool on Biswap.

On top of that, the number of NFTs available for purchase will be limited, so rush to catch the boom time first, once the Biswap NFT Marketplace gets launched!

🌀GameFi integration (Play to Earn)

GameFi is widely popular in the DeFi space! Thus, Biswap aims to progress in this direction and provide new utilities for Biswappers. Biswap integration into GameFi sphere and implementation of it on its path of development would be beneficial for users let them experience the awesome tandem of benefit and joy!

🌀New strategic partnerships

The Business Development Biswap team with the professionalized negotiation skills and approach to cooperation strives to establish splendid collaborations with the best BSC projects. Many partnerships are ahead and will become real soon to empower the expansion of Biswap and establish new utilities for BSW token.

🌀Listing as exchange on CoinGecko

In the meantime, the BSW token is listed on CoinGecko, but that’s just the bright beginning as we are aiming to list the Biswap platform itself. This will allow thousands of users worldwide to monitor the accurate statistics and evaluate the enlargement of the platform easily and clearly.

Time runs fast and the future is approaching rapidly! Are you thrilled to shed the light on further steps of Biswap in the DeFi space? Go ahead:

🔲Marketing promotion (media & bloggers)

🔲Personal user’s dashboard

🔲Daily tasks for users

🔲Trading & Referral ratings

🔲Swap Referral Program activation

🔲Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap

🔲Global expansion of Biswap Ecosystem

There are so many bold plans that will delight our dear Biswappers! Biswap is growing by the day!

Keep track of Biswap growth with the Biswap Checklist!

Welcome to Biswap Social Media!

Impressive number! More than 187 500+ users follow Official Biswap Networks!

📢 22.2K+ in Telegram Channel

💬 38.3K+ in Telegram Chat

🌐 1.1K+ in Indonesian-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 3.6K+ in Vietnamese Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 4.6K+ in Russian-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 932+ in Bengali-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 497+ in French-Speaking Telegram Chat

🌐 625+ in Portuguese-Speaking Telegram Chat

🕊 110.8K+ on Twitter

📃 3.6K+ on Medium

💻 1.5K+ on YouTube

24/7 Find the OFFICIAL Biswap admins here:

💬 Telegram Chat

We are always ready to answer your questions!




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