Voting for Staff Game Workers Purchase | Proposal for Optimizing the Distribution!

4 min readAug 12, 2022


Biswap values the voice of its community and always works on improving its products. Biswap users are a big part of the project’s progress. And that’s why another important decision needs to be made through community voting.

We consider and value the opinion of our users. After analyzing the feedback from our community, we understand that with the current distribution in the Staff Game, many users do not have time to buy a Worker. Considering that the amount of Workers for sale is gradually decreasing, we found a way to optimize the process by distributing the remaining 11 000 Workers at once. Consequently, our users will have an easier time purchasing them and participating in the Staff Game.

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind

Before reviewing the proposal from our team, let’s go over some of the crucial aspects.

A total of 48 500 Workers with distribution for 48 weeks were available for sale at the launch of Staff Game. So far, 37 000 workers have been sold during 16 distributions. On August 18, the 17th distribution will take place for another 500 workers to be sold. A total of 11 000 workers will remain for distribution for the remaining 31 weeks.

For users to be able to participate in the Staff Game, we offer to put up for sale all remaining 11 000 Workers on August 25, 12:00 PM UTC.

The sale of 11 000 Workers at once will not affect the stability of the BSW token. There are 60 094 BSW rewards for users who will purchase these 11 000 Workers.


If the decision is made to distribute 11 000 remaining Workers at the same time, the conditions for purchase will remain the same:

  • 10 BSW staked in the BSW Holder Pool
  • 25 BSW is the price to hire 1 Worker (will be returned to you at the end of the hiring duration of your Worker along with a gained BSW reward)
  • 2 active Workers per wallet

Voting Options

Take into consideration all the information provided above. Your opinion is important to us — vote and let’s make a decision together.

Option 1: Sell 11 000 Workers at once

  • Workers will be available to those who previously couldn’t hire one to participate in the Staff Game.

Option 2: No Changes

  • Distribution continues according to the previous specifications, and 11 000 Workers will be sold within the remaining 31 weeks.

Voting Duration:

📆 Start: 11:00 AM UTC, August 12

📆 End: 11:00 AM UTC, August 15

📩 Vote here: 📩

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The voting period is from 11:00 AM UTC, August 12, to 11:00 AM UTC, August 15.
  2. The voting counts BSW tokens in BSW Holder Pool, BSW Auto-compounding Launchpool, Manual BSW Launchpool, BNB — BSW, USDT — BSW Farming Pairs and BSW on the BEP-20 wallet balances.
  3. If the number of votes is 51% or more for the option “Sell 11 000 remaining Workers Distribution at once”, the remaining Workers will be put up for sale on August 25, 12:00 PM UTC.
  4. Once voted, you will not be able to vote again.
  5. There is no need to unstake your BSW tokens from Farms and/or Launchpools to vote. The system will automatically sum up all your tokens locked in Farms & Launchpools. Your BSW tokens will stay with you.
  6. If you cannot vote on the Biswap Voting page, please vote on the snapshot.


As we operate in the DeFi space, the Biswap team assumes no responsibility or liability for the wallets participating in this community voting, as this is out of our control. Biswap has never used the team’s tokens to manipulate the community voting results, nor is it planning to do so in the future.

Any reliance you place on the information provided by unofficial Biswap channels is strictly at your own risk. Under no circumstance shall Biswap be held liable for the wallets participating in the current community voting. The voting results shall be considered accurate and fair therefore representing public opinion. Everyone has the right to voice an opinion.

Closing Thoughts

We remain committed to our mission, vision, and values. We must make decisions to ensure the platform’s growth and improve our features for BSW holders. Biswap deeply appreciates your contribution to determining its future course.

Let’s keep progressing and reaching new heights together!

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