​​Weekly Biswap Highlights From Robi— Bright Week!

🤖Hey there, it’s Robi!

Isn’t now the best moment to rewind the time and recall the most notable happenings of this progressive week on Biswap?

Let’s see the latest outcomes of the Biswap platform together!

Great info for competitive Biswappers!

Biswap has launched a new Exclusive Trading Competition where you can battle for $10 000 in BSW share! Purchase and sell BNB, BTCB, and ETH to take part in the competition and win lucrative BSW prizes.

Conquer the best places to win the highest BSW rewards!

View more details about the competition on Medium:


Due to the BSC Learn&Earn Campaign, Biswap launched Extra Reward Campaign on Biswap Official Twitter to reward users who successfully completed quizzes in the BSC Learn & Earn Campaign.

A total of $10 000 in BSW will be split among 200 random participants. Thus, each of them will get $50 in BSW to their BEP-20 wallets.

Take part in Extra Reward Campaign till July 16th:


New CAKE Launchpool is already available for Biswappers. You may earn CAKE tokens by staking BSW to increase your passive income.

Try beneficial CAKE Launchpool on Biswap:

More details on the official Biswap Telegram Channel:

Let’s multiply CAKE tokens on Biswap!

Let Biswap boost your profit automatically!


BSW Auto-compounding enlarges users’ BSW income by the regular increase of the initial sum for staking. You can get the max benefit with:

✔️Top returns up to 3 000% APY
✔️Automatic update of the sum for staking
✔️Low pay performance fee of 2.99% in BSW for auto-compounding

Start Auto Compound right now!

Join Biswap Medium to read more about Auto-compounding: https://bit.ly/3jVL0E2

Stablecoin Competition is over and $10 000 in BSW is shared!


It was an exceedingly competitive event that involved 9 652 participants. A total of $72 911 060 with BUSD, USDT, and USDC tokens were traded in just 7 days.

Congratulations to the lucky 500 winners!🎉

See more numbers in the Biswap report about the competition:

The second week of high-yielding Biswap Sharing Season is finished!

Over 330 participants challenged their luck and shared Biswap experience. A total of 130 tweets and 200 Telegram texts were sent during this sharing season.

Check out the fortunates in the winners’ table:

Review the numbers of the 2nd week of sharing:

Gain more BSW in the 3rd week of Biswap Sharing Season!

The 6th Weekly Token Burn brought a lot of flames! The total of 312 290 BSW tokens (~$246 709) were forever burnt!

See more about the BSW burn in the flaming post:

Let’s heat the DeFi world with the firing BSW tokens!

The Biswap platform keeps gaining new heights in the BSC world!
The successful CEO of Binance — CZ has noticed Biswap rapid growth as well!

Check the retweet made by CZ:

🏁Biswap is the Finalist of Binance MVB — Phase Two!
Biswap is one of the TOP 20 BSC Projects according to the Binance criteria!

The Biswap DEX was chosen from over 400 projects and now it takes part in the 2nd round of the Most Valuable Builder Program organized by Binance. Now, the Biswap platform will compete to join the TOP 10 Best BSC Projects.

Let’s show the Biswap community power to the whole world!

Biswap was mentioned in the Binance Academy article about
Binance Smart Chain vs. Ethereum: What’s the Difference?

Find the answer in the article and learn more about networks:

Due to the rapidly growing international community, Biswap decided to open international local chat. Biswap wants you to be informed whenever you are!

Become an official administrator of a local chat!
See how to fill the application form and what is the application process on Biswap:


It is incredible to see the great expansion of Biswap community! There are over 50 000 crypto birds following the new tweets on Biswap OFFICIAL Twitter.

Thank YOU for exploring the platform and joining Biswap social media which lets more people get to know about all the impressive new features!

Let’s keep growing further to build the most powerful Biswap community!

This week was BSW profitable for YouTubers!

Biswap YouTube Contest has ended and brought mighty rewards for the most creative, unique, and informative videos. Up to 25 000 views were gained in just 10 days !

Congratulations to the 20 lucky winners who split $2 500 in BSW!🎉

Check more numbers in the Biswap post about this:

The Biswap platform has shown great results on DappRadar!

🌟62% increase of the Biswap Transaction Volume

See the reaction of Biswap to that achievement:

Biswap platform keeps taking top places, and here is the TOP 10 on BscScan:

🔥TOP 6 — 50 400+ Unique Receivers
🔥TOP 8 — 53 700+ Unique Senders
🔥TOP 10 — 55 100+ by Total Uniques

👇Find Biswap positions here:

Let’s spread Biswap DEX over all possible charts!

Biswap develops further, involving more users with every new day!
Find the platform among Top Dapps on BSCDaily:

🔥TOP 5 — $1.47B (903.15%) by Transaction Volume

🔥TOP 6 — $232.48M by Balance as of July 7th

Let’s develop further, reaching new attainments even faster!

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