Weekly Biswap Highlights from Robi | New Successes & Results!

5 min readSep 5, 2021


Hey, crypto birds!

It’s Robi! I’m back with fresh news that I’ve been gathering for a whole stellar week!

Let’s summarise this flourishing week with the faithful and strong family of Biswappers!

🥇Binance Smart Chain Popularity Medal Goes to Biswap!

Biswap is so glad to be rewarded with the Popularity Medal during the fascinating 1 Year of BSC celebration conference!


The Biswap platform gains new positions and develops further in the all-connecting BSC ecosystem and the DeFi industry!

Thanks to all for your inspiring support and trust in the Biswap project! It’s just the beginning!

🏅Find Biswap among the BSC winners:

🖥Watch the conference on BSC Twitter:

We are ready to conquer the new levels!

🦾​​Strengthening BSW Tokenomics — Token Emission Reduction!

BSW tokens’ emission got reduced from 30 to 28 BSW per block on September 01, 2021.

This emission reduction empowers tokenomics, leads to the greater value of BSW, and impacts positively the BSW price in a long-term perspective.

In that way, BSW tokens will be released slower to the crypto market, taking BSW to greater levels.


🔎Check out the details in the Biswap docs:

🔥 Blinding 428 850 BSW Got Burned

The 14th Weekly Token Burn brought lots of flames! A total of 428 850 BSW tokens (~$437 327) were destroyed!

Firing numbers are here:

Heat the DeFi space with BSW!

🧑‍💻Team Page is Released |Meet Powerful Biswap Creators!

It is time to shed the light and get acquainted with the majority of a strong Biswap team!


Meet the professionals with plentiful work experience, that work 24/7 to improve Biswap and make the experience on Biswap the most profitable for users from all over the globe and in the DeFi industry as a whole!

Welcome the majority of the dynamic Biswap Team:
💪 https://biswap.org/team

​​🤩Open Biswap Sticker Pack — Share Your Emotions with Robi!

Have you joined Biswap TG Chat?

If not, it’s high time to do it and check out the newest Biswap Sticker Pack with bright and friendly Robi!

Experience new outstanding stickers by following the link:

Pick your favorite one and share the Biswap vibe in chats!

🎨​​Biswap Art Contest for $700 in BSW — Depict Biswap & Great BSC Ecosystem!

Take your brightest materials to depict the global Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem and Biswap!

Join Biswap Art Contest and let your creativity bring you crypto! Biswap allocates $700 in BSW to reward the masterpieces’ creators!

You may use any materials, colors, tactics to create your artwork and express your individuality through art.

Check the main rules and conditions on Biswap Medium:

👉 https://biswap-dex.medium.com/biswap-art-contest-for-700-in-bsw-depict-biswap-bsc-ecosystem-7d45dd5f9d32

Share your unique vision and imagination with the whole crypto world!

☑️​​Renewed Biswap Checklist!

Biswap moves ahead with every new green tick in the Checklist!

See the renewed Biswap Checklist and follow the platform progress:

Read more about Biswap further plans & done accomplishments here:

📚 https://biswap-dex.medium.com/check-the-updated-biswap-checklist-reached-aims-further-plans-e9e20c7b7e4a

🏆 Vibrant XRP Trading Competition — Lush $2 000 Prize Pool

Traders, are you ready?


Take your golden place in XRP Trading Competition! Buy & sell XRP tokens to move ahead of the Trading Ranking List and hunt your BSW treasure:


The Crypto battle arena of Biswap is ready to meet your mind-blowing trades!

🕊New Biswap Launchpools Activated — Stake Tokens & Earn!

Hold BSW tokens in Biswap Launchpools and let crypto bring you passive income! New Stake BSW Launchpools with TWT and WBNB rewards have joined Biswap with top APRs percentages. A max stake amount of 10 BSW or 500 BSW will boost your profit.

Approve your BSW tokens and earn top crypto for free:
👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_bsw

Meet three profitable Stake Tokens Launchpools with a max stake of $10 & $500 each BFG, XRP, LINK. Catch this bewildering chance right away!

Multiply your BSW here:
👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_tokens


📣BUSD Trading Competition Totals — Rewarding End to Split $5 000!

The traders are already shared the $5 000 in BSW Prize Pool!


The vast 2 558 traders tried their trading skills in the massive BUSD Trading Competition and traded $82 123 712 volume with BUSD tokens.

Let’s congratulate the winners!🎊


Check Biswap Telegram Channel for more info:


📣DOT Trading Competition Report — The Fight for $2 000 is Over!

The Battle Pool for $2 000 in BSW has already been allocated!


In all, 682 powerful participants fought for the gold in DOT Trading Competition and traded $6 696 614 volume with DOT tokens.

Felicitations to Biswappers! 🎉

More details on Biswap TG Channel — join & check:

📣 The 10th Sharing Season Totals — $2 530 in BSW Weekly Pool!

The 10th Weekly Sharing Season is over! Can you imagine it?

In just one week more than 6 976 Biswappers took part in Weekly Sharing Season! The unique hashtags #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange brought 6 044+ tweets and 93+ Telegram texts about Biswap experience.

🏆 Check 253 lucky participants:

🤩Read on how to join the weekly event:

The 11th Sharing Season has already started — join to win!

Join Biswappers & advance in the DeFi world!

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