Weekly Biswap Highlights from Robi — Progressive Results!

5 min readAug 29, 2021


🤖 Hi Biswappers, Robi is here!

I brought all the Biswap news that took place this week!

Let’s recall them together to see our growth and unstoppable progress!
The DeFi becomes stronger so we are!

💰Biswap x Binance Smart Chain | BSC 1st Anniversary Celebration for $10 000!

Celebrate BSC 1st Anniversary with Biswap & Binance Smart Chain!


It’s your fabulous chance to join the winners who split the $10 000 Prize Pool! This global event is dedicated to the first year of the Binance Smart Chain network that unites users from all around the world by crypto!

Join 100 random winners who will reach the victory by committing all the conditions and boost your BSW assets with $100 each.

Find the conditions on Biswap Telegram:

Let the BSC Celebration broaden all over the globe!

🏆 BUSD Trading Competition — $5 000 Battle Pool!

Show the ardent trades on Biswap!


Grasp the biggest reward in BUSD Trading Competition! Make transactions with BUSD tokens including buys & sells to become the first trader in Ranking List and maximise your BSW:


Trade, Fight, Earn with Biswap!

🏆Furious DOT Trading Competition — Share $2 000 Prize Pool!

You deserve gold!


DOT Trading Competition is ongoing! DOT tokens will be your weapon in this battle. Buy & sell DOT to get the golden place with the highest trading volume and take your BSW treasure:


Increase your crypto power and rock the crypto universe!

🎊 Happy Third Month of Biswap!

This week Biswap has celebrated its 3rd month — time flies! So many things were done together with the faithful Biswappers and the persistent Biswap team.

We are grateful to everyone for supporting us through this difficult but fascinating journey.

Robi left you a letter, to express his gratitude and appreciation to the whole family of Bisswappers:


See all the outstanding milestones of the 3rd month:


Let’s overgrow ourselves on the way of becoming the number one in DeFi!

🔥 Sizzling 455 250 BSW Burned!

The 13th Weekly Token Burn was extremely scorching! A total of 455 250 BSW tokens (~$632 799) were destroyed:

Flaming BSW are here:

Let’s make more BSW flames weekly!

📚Education Hub is Launched | Biswap Precise Guides!

Advance your crypto-skills daily with Biswap Education Hub!

The Biswap team has launched Education Hub, a quick and easy way to discover all Biswap profitable features. The educational articles about the Biswap DEX include important manuals with the detailed descriptions, lots of screenshots, and useful examples. Save your time and start earning crypto even faster with Education Hub:

📕 https://docs.biswap.org/education-hub

🗝 Credible Math Wallet on Biswap

Meet more reliable and safe wallets on the Biswap platform!

☑️ Math Wallet is a multi-platform (mobile/desktop/hardware) universal crypto wallet that includes the storage of 50+ blockchains and 3000+ tokens. You may use a variety of key types: the private key, mnemonics, and more.

Try Math Wallet on Biswap:

👉 https://biswap.org/

💬 Welcome Vietnamese Speaking Telegram Local Chat!

Telegram Local Chats expansion on Biswap!

Find more Biswapppers in Vietnamese Speaking TG Local Chat and speak the native language!

Join the Vietnamese Speaking TG Local Chat:
👉 https://t.me/biswap_vnm

The official admin of the Vietnamese local chat:
👤 @Nghia_Biswap

Stay tuned — the Biswap community grows daily! 🕊

✨Earn More on Farms by Income Compounding

The lucrative APY on Biswap Farms!

Now, you can see your potential APY income on Farms. APY calculations are based on your one-year income if Harvest and Compound are made once a day. Provided APY calculations depend on current APR rates.

Increase the sum of LP-tokens staking and boost your crypto-yields!


🕊 Meet More Launchpools on Biswap — Passive Income Boost!

Holding BSW on Biswap is your passive income multiplier! Approve BSW in Stake BSW Launchpools and get C98 or DOT as a reward with the latest Launchpools! Choose a max stake amount of 10 BSW or 500 BSW and earn higher with top APRs percentages.

Hold BSW tokens & ear crypto rewards:

👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_bsw

Two new Stake Tokens Launchpools with a different max stake of $10 & $500 each DOT, C98 are joined to Biswap and ready to raise your earnings to the moon!

Top up your crypto wallets with BSW here:

👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_tokens


📣 The 9th Sharing Season Report — $2 530 in BSW are Allocated!

The 9th Weekly Sharing Season on Biswap has come to its lavish END!

Striking results! Over 6 662 participants have joined Weekly Sharing Season and challenged the luck. A total of 5 746+ tweets and 916+ Telegram texts with #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange were sent in just seven days about Biswap.

🏆Find yourself among 253 winners:


Read on how to join the Sharing here:


The 10th Sharing Season is ongoing and waiting for its fortunates!

📣 ADA Trading Competition Report — $2 000 in BSW Battle Pool!

The most competitive fighters have already split $2 000 in BSW Battle Pool!

A total of 1 251 crypto-warriors struggled in the potent ADA Trading Competition and traded $4 158 581 volume with ADA tokens.

Congratulations to the winners! 🎉


Join Biswap TG Channel to see the details:


Become a Biswapper & elevate your crypto skills!

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