Weekly Highlights from Robi | 13–19 November

2 min readNov 17, 2023

Happy Sunday, Biswappers! Let’s recall the most important events of the week.

BSW Investment Pool Video on YouTube

Head to our YouTube channel and watch the thrilling teaser video about our BSW Investment Pool: https://youtu.be/HOodH8qEyaM

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and insights, so don’t forget to leave your comments below the video. Your feedback matters to us!

Up to 150%+ APR Increase on V3 Farms

Want your income was high enough to reach the stars? Catch APR increase while they are still so high: https://biswap.org/farms/v3

  • 131.63% BSW-BNB
  • 124.48% USDT-BSW
  • 26.96% ETH-BNB
  • 46.10% ETH-USDT
  • 41.67% BTCB-BNB
  • 53.95% ADA-BNB
  • 44.14% TWT-BNB

Lift up your earnings with 80% LP rewards and these APRs!

Join Biswap AMA Session hosted by Helio

Two progressive partners will gather together with you to discuss the latest Biswap updates & DeFi Summer Campaign by Helio. Prepare your questions!

Date: 12:00 PM UTC, November 21
AMA Channel: Helio’s Telegram Chat

Pool: $60 in BSW & HAY ($20 for each winner in both tokens)
Winners: 3 users (1 user’s question to be chosen on Helio’s Twitter, 2 questions will be lively asked by users during the AMA in Telegram Chat)

Host: Helio Community Lead — Xuan
Co-host: Biswap Business Developer — Emma

Make a note in your calendar to participate. Hope your next week will be full of crypto!

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