Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 14 - 20 February

8 min readFeb 20, 2022


Hi there, dear Biswappers!

The week has been full of grand events on Biswap DEX! Robi is so excited to share them with you! Have a look at the crucial events of the week!

Voting for Squid NFT World V2.0 | Optimisation of GameFi Economy!

The Biswap team constantly aims to improve its BSW token, products, features and potent directions of its expanding Metaverse. The Biswap team has a clear vision on how to optimise the GameFi economics. The Biswap team wants to bring up voting for implementation of an updated GameFi economy, which would enhance the BSW token and determine the further development of Biswap GameFi. Coming changes will be able to strengthen the Biswap GameFi further advancement and carry on its fruitful functioning.

Squid NFT World V2.0 is about beneficial changes:

🔥Fixed Game Contract Price for 1SE
🔥Sustained & forecasted APR in BSW
🔥Winning chance increase (99% — 93%)
🔥Stable BSW rewards

These changes will lead BSW and the Biswap project to:

🚀Realization of Optimised Economy
🚀Decrease the pressure on the GameFi reward pool and BSW token
🚀Cause a positive impact on Biswap ecosystem

📩Vote here:

Voting Duration:
Start: 12:00 AM UTC, February 19
End: 12:00 PM UTC, February 23

📄Read detailed info about Squid NFT World V2.0:

💬 Discuss here:

$7 500 in BSW for the Biswap Comic Tourney | Create Art to Claim Rewards!

Biswap has launched a unique Comic Tourney where users can create art to claim epic rewards! The participants must meet all requirements and complete specific steps to qualify for the competition.

💸 Total Prize Pool: $7 500 in BSW

- $3 500 for 20 winners on Twitter
- $2 000 for 15 winners in Biswap TG
- $2 000 special rewards for 4 winners (includes Telegram and Twitter participants)

👑 Total winners: 39

📅 Start: 18 February (02:00 PM UTC)

📅 End: 18 March (02:00 PM UTC)
📍 Place: Biswap Twitter & Biswap TG Chat

📝Task: Create comic art about Biswap Metaverse, Biswap features, Biswap mascot Robi or specifically about one of 3 Biswap products: Biswap DEX, NFT Direction, Squid NFT World. To qualify for Special Rewards, you can combine the topics in one comic or focus on specific ones! Like in regular comics, use text and icons to convey the essence.

🎨Materials for Comic:
You can use any visual or text content Biswap presented on its social media platforms and promo tools available. Apply any kind of materials to create your comic: it can be digital art, non-digital art, motion, static etc., also include little dialogues in your comic to level up the chance to become a winner. Your comic does not need to be a long graphic novel; it can be simple but make it unique.

Find out more about the Terms & Conditions of the competition here:
👉 https://bit.ly/3Buo99o

Don’t miss this chance to get rewards by using your talents! Show off your masterpieces! Your imagination can take you to the top!

Fruitful Biswap & Dreamboat Capital Collaboration | Strategic Partnership Expand Horizons!

Biswap expands its horizons with new collaborations.

Dreamboat Capital is a Blockchain Venture company that bridges good projects to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it has the vision to educate and empower the community in Asia, especially Indonesia, through blockchain technology.

Discover the specialization of the project:

🌊Blockchain Investor
🌊Research & Data Analytics
🌊Connect with more than 10 000 members

Dreamboat Capital is TOP 4 investor by project ROI Listed in January: +2441%

The strategic partnership brings more opportunities for Biswap.

Trading New NFT Collection| UnusDAO NFTs on Biswap Marketplace

NFT lovers, we would like to open new opportunities for you to get fabulous NFTs. Terrific UnusDao NFTs collectibles are already on Biswap.

UnusDAO NFT Collection tells a story about the interstellar expansion period In Unus-verse, where Spice is the most valuable resource.

There are local people (Miners) and colonists (Looters) in this NFT story.

Take the benefits of the Biswap Marketplace:

  • Lowest Commission Fee of 1%
  • Commission Return in Robi Boost
  • Unique Biswap NFT Collection
  • Exclusive NFT Auction
  • Outstanding Collections

Biswap Marketplace is expanding for you to bring more benefits!

Brand New Sections in Farms! Stake & Harvest with Convenience!


As you may know, Biswap team makes improvements on a regular basis. For your convenience the team decided to add new sections in Farms.

Besides, Live and Archive, the following sections are available now:

🌽Main — farming pairs with top tokens on the market
🌽Innovation — farming pairs with promising tokens
🌽GameFi — farming pairs with tokens from GameFi projects

Click on the link for details:
👉 https://biswap.org/farms

Become a Liquidity Provider to:

💰Stake your LP to enable Farm
💰Earn prosperous BSW tokens
💰Get 50% of trading fee

Gain high yields via Biswap Farms!

Fresh BTT Token Listing & BTT-BUSD Farm| More Lucrative Opportunities

Our dedicated team does its best to provide a platform with crypto benefits for the users.

Renewed BTT has been released on Biswap.

🔁You can swap BTT with the lowest fee of 0.1%:

🚜BTT-BUSD Farm has been added to the Biswap platform.

Stay tuned for more lucrative possibilities!

Huge APY Boost for 10 Biswap Farms | Be a Liquidity Provider & Gain 50% in Crypto!

Our team does care about your profit and creates vast opportunities to boost your crypto income.

You will need to become a Liquidity Provider to get all the advantages of Biswap Farms.

You can get 50% rewards of trading fee and BSW.

How can you become a Liquidity Provider?

💵Stake your LP to enable Farm
💵Gain prosperous BSW tokens
💵Get 50% of trading fee

Take a look at colossal numbers:

  • 34.34% APY for ONE — BNB
  • 38.77% APY for SFP — BNB
  • 59.11% APY for HERO — BNB
  • 42.75% APY for MBOX — BNB
  • 51.71% APY for TONCOIN — USDT
  • 37.39% APY for BNB — XVS
  • 21.84% APY for SHIB — BNB
  • 17.60% APY for FEG — BNB
  • 92.74% APY for HERO — BNB
  • 184.35% APY for THG — BNB

Check mo info here:

Turn your crypto dream into reality on Biswap DEX!

BSC News Mentioned the Progress of Biswap DEX Platform

BSC News released one more article to Biswap DEX. It is noted that Biswap gives a proper example for other DEX platforms. We are so delighted to be noted by a major news source.

The following items were covered:

📎Becoming a Benchmark for DEX Platforms
📎Biswap Core Products
📎The BSW Token Utility
📎Biswap Global Incentive Program

Check the full article:

Biswap is among TOP Projects |Remarkable Progress in DeFi World

Biswap is TOP 1 by Volume | $472.44K Volume by last 7 Days

Squid NFT World is TOP 2 Blockchain Game by 9.81K Users on BSC

$5 000 Lunar New Year Festival is OVER| Glorious Champions are Announced!

The Grand Lunar New Year Festival has been held on Biswap platform.

The scope of this event is colossal

There were 38 734 users who took part in the Festival!
Take a look at the vivid participants:

🏮Rabbit Finance — 8 641
🏮Tank Battle — 6 494
🏮Moo Monster — 9 562
🏮Xpansion — 7 674
🏮Magic Beasties — 6 363

152 winners shared $5 000 in NFTs.

🏆Check the list of champions:

More vivid contests are ahead on Biswap!

Voting for NFT Staking Pool V2.0 is Over|See the Results

The Community Voting for a new version of NFT Staking is over.
The Biswap team counted and evaluated each vote in the voting process.

We are so grateful for your active participation!
With the help of our dear community, it has been decided:

🔥65.53% voted for Option 1:
NFT Staking Upgrade to Version 2.0 with the implementation of 0.3%

❗️All the changes will be applied no earlier than 60 days.

📍1st level NFTs won’t experience any RB reduction.

📍Any NFTs won’t decrease in level, as reduction relates to RB only.

Review the voting results on Biswap:

Thank you for voting Biswappers!
Your contribution to Biswap’s continued growth is greatly appreciated.

Results of Community Voting for New Network

Biswap continues to develop in the world of DeFi! The majority of votes shows that our users are interested in the strengthening of the Biswap platform!

The Biswap community expressed their position in the recent voting:

🔥 53.54% voted for Option 1:
Development of Biswap as a multi-chain platform by adding Fantom Network

More details about Biswap growth on Fantom will be provided soon by the Biswap team.

📨Look over the voting results:

Thank you for your active participation in the voting process!

Biswap team appreciates your feedback and outstanding support.

You are our greatest motivation! To the moon!

​​🏆22nd Lottery Competition Report! | $1050 in BSW for the Greatest Lottery Players

The 22nd Weekly Lottery Competition is over. Review the striking results of the competition!

🤩 618 — users took part

Competition A:
The mighty winner with the biggest Tickets Volume and BSW rewards:
1st place — $3 513.51 — $314.91 in BSW

Competition B:
10 users who took certain places claimed bonus BSW tokens!

🥳Greet the lucky winners:

💎Gain more BSW in the 23rd Lottery Competition:

Participate in the new competition and win incredible BSW!

Join the Biswap Social Media:
🔥Website: https://biswap.org/
💻 YouTube: https://bit.ly/2YXYve7
📃 Medium: https://biswap-dex.medium.com/
💡Zendesk: https://biswap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
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