Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 14 - 20 February

Voting for Squid NFT World V2.0 | Optimisation of GameFi Economy!

$7 500 in BSW for the Biswap Comic Tourney | Create Art to Claim Rewards!

Fruitful Biswap & Dreamboat Capital Collaboration | Strategic Partnership Expand Horizons!

Trading New NFT Collection| UnusDAO NFTs on Biswap Marketplace

  • Lowest Commission Fee of 1%
  • Commission Return in Robi Boost
  • Unique Biswap NFT Collection
  • Exclusive NFT Auction
  • Outstanding Collections

Brand New Sections in Farms! Stake & Harvest with Convenience!


Fresh BTT Token Listing & BTT-BUSD Farm| More Lucrative Opportunities

Huge APY Boost for 10 Biswap Farms | Be a Liquidity Provider & Gain 50% in Crypto!

  • 34.34% APY for ONE — BNB
  • 38.77% APY for SFP — BNB
  • 59.11% APY for HERO — BNB
  • 42.75% APY for MBOX — BNB
  • 51.71% APY for TONCOIN — USDT
  • 37.39% APY for BNB — XVS
  • 21.84% APY for SHIB — BNB
  • 17.60% APY for FEG — BNB
  • 92.74% APY for HERO — BNB
  • 184.35% APY for THG — BNB

BSC News Mentioned the Progress of Biswap DEX Platform

Biswap is among TOP Projects |Remarkable Progress in DeFi World

Biswap is TOP 1 by Volume | $472.44K Volume by last 7 Days

Voting for NFT Staking Pool V2.0 is Over|See the Results

Results of Community Voting for New Network



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