Weekly Highlights from Robi | 20–26 November

3 min readNov 24, 2023

Hello, Biswappers! Hope you are doing well! Let’s see what the last 7 days brought us.

Community Voting for BSW Emission

Before the BSW Investment Pool release, we are launching a community voting to take an important decision with you. The voting aims to decide on further BSW emission, as it impacts the development of Biswap and BSW. Cast your vote here: https://biswap.cc/40SWP11

Be sure to vote by 28 November. Your vote matters, Biswappers!

$54 Million Trading Volume In a Day on Biswap V3

On November 21, the trading volume soared to impressive figures! Back on October 24, we rejoiced that the V3 trading volume exceeded $30 million, and now this figure has become even higher. We hope that in the near future the market will please us with even more positive trends!

30th Month of Biswap | November Report

It’s a great pleasure for us to be with our users for the whole 30 months. Without breaking tradition, we invite you to read our report for November. This article contains all the brightest and most significant events of the past month. Consider them in anticipation of new ones: https://biswap.cc/3QQfTbU

​​Biswap x BetFury Live AMA Session

Biswap got invited to hold a live AMA with BetFury this week. The discussion was about what you need to do before the bull run begins. $100 BSW and 100 free spins were split between 10 users who asked the most curious questions.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We appreciate your involvement!

$50 Drawing at Biswap Account onDeBank

In honor of Biswap’s 30th month of activity, we launched a raffle among our DeBank subscribers.

5 lucky winners split $50 just by following us. Become part of the Biswap crypto fam on the dashboard so you don’t miss out on future beneficial activities!

See you next week! Good news is approaching!

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