Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 20 Dec — 26 Dec

Hello, Biswappers!

This week of Biswap DEX was full of fascinating events! Biswap Metaverse experienced grandiose releases, new breathtaking collaborations, top-rankings, new utilities, and many majestic events. Let’s recap them all in Robi’s informative Weekly Highlights!

Grand Launch of Squid NFT World | Biswap Play-to-Earn!

Meet the grandiose Squid NFT World! Biswap presents the exclusive GameFi project with multi-crypto rewards on BSC:

🔥 http://squid-nft.io/ 🔥

Squid NFT World is a majestic part of the expanding Biswap Metaverse. Play-to-Earn demonstrates our continued development in the GameFi universe, is the basis for all the new, incredible features of Biswap!

Competitive Squid NFT World Advantages:

✨Unique on BSC multi-crypto rewards: win BSW & BNB

✨Innovative ways for Biswappers to earn crypto

✨Referral Program: get 3% reward from your friends’ win

✨Incredibly high Success Rates in the Main games

✨Trade Squid NFTs on the Biswap Marketplace

Benefits for Biswap DEX & BSW:

✨Expansion of the Biswap Metaverse

✨Hundreds of thousands of new active users

✨New potent GameFi partnerships

✨Powerful Utilities for BSW token

✨New levels and records in DeFi and GameFi

✨Boost in the NFT & BSW Trading Volume

✨Increase in the number of BSW Holders

✨New Burning mechanisms

✨Increased traffic & trading volume on Biswap NFT Marketplace

Watch the Squid NFT World Video on YouTube!

Press PLAY and discover the epic 1st NFT Game with multi-crypto rewards on BSC:

A mesmerizing video is waiting for your viewing pleasure!

Detailed Guide about Squid NFT World

To make your experiencing of the Squid NFT World fluent and profitable, heck out the step-by-step Guide:


Squid NFT World Game Tactics

In order for YOU to be sure that you will profit by playing, we have provided the Game Tactics:


Future Squid NFT World Upgrades

What are the further upgrades of the Squid NFT World?
Some upgrades were already made, some are upcoming!

Check out the upcoming upgrades:

  • New opportunity to boost your Players’ Squid Energy will be added
  • Staff Game release with up to 10 000% APR!
  • Jackpot starting from $100 000+!

Squid NFT World TG Chat | Meet Staff Admins & Find More Info!

Want to know all details about the Squid NFT World updates in real-time? Are you interested in discussing, sharing, or requesting information about it?

The Squid NFT World Chat is a great place to do all of that! Click and join the GameFi Telegram Chat:


You will be welcomed by our staff and given all the details about GameFi! Find the dedicated and attentive admins easily via /admins command in the chat. Feel free to ask any questions, share your opinion and thoughts!

Explore all benefits & details of the grandiose Biswap Play-to-Earn here:

Use your NFT Buses & Players in the 1st GameFi with Multi-Crypto rewards on BSC!

Biswap NFT Vouchers on Binance NFT Marketplace!

Biswap x Binance NFT are hosting a special event! Biswap presents Vouchers with Squid NFT Players on Binance NFT Marketplace!

Each Biswap NFT Voucher will contain a random Squid NFT Player of Levels 1–5 and Squid Energy 400–3 000.

Exclusive Biswap x Binance NFT event will be launched soon:

  • Date: 11:00 AM (UTC), December 28
  • Price: $30 BUSD for Biswap Voucher


Check Major Specifics:

✨3 000 Vouchers Available for Purchase

✨Unlimited number of Vouchers per user

✨NFT Player from your Voucher will be available for use in 7 days from its purchase date

Key Benefits:

We are introducing our exclusive NFT Players Vouchers that will be much more advantageous for purchase than our last NFT sale on Biswap. 7-day Voucher lock provides certain benefits for NFT-owners, in comparison with Mystery Boxes Sale on Biswap Launchpad — ❌before & ✅now:

Level — Drop Chance — SE min/max Chance

✅1–45.0% — 400–500

❌1–50.0% — 300–500

✅2–37.0% — 600–1200

❌2–35.0% — 500–1200

✅3–12.0% — 1300–1700

❌3–11.0% — 1200–1700

✅4–5.0% — 1800–2300

❌4–3.5% — 1700–2300

✅5–1.0% — 2400–3000

❌5–0.5% — 2300–3300

As a result, the amount of SE in Players increased by 100 SE. Your chances to get an NFT Player with a high level are uplifted.

Stay tuned for upcoming Biswap Vouchers on Binance Marketplace!

Explosive Biswap Metaverse! | Incredible Creation of Outstanding Products!

Dear Biswap Community! Our joint crypto synergy led the Biswap DEX project to the Metaverse!

In a very short time Biswap has created a lot of vivid products for you so far:

Biswap DEX:

✔️ Exchange with the lowest 0.1% fee
✔️ Liquidity & 50% crypto rewards
✔️ Farms & Launchpools
✔️ Lottery & Lottery Competitions
✔️ Token IDO Launchpad
✔️ Multi-type Referral Program

Biswap NFT Direction:
✔️ NFT Marketplace & Exclusive Collections
✔️ NFT Earn via NFT Staking Pool

Biswap GameFi:
✔️ Squid NFT World with Multi-Crypto Rewards

The more progress Biswap does the more profitable opportunities all users get! Check out an informative article about Biswap Metaverse:

Biswap team thanks you for experiencing the best crypto utilities on Biswap! Together we can make a difference in the world of DeFi!

Epic 7th Month of Biswap! | Successful Growth of the World’s Leading Project!

This was the 7th month of Biswap and it was full of awesome accomplishments!

Check out Grandiose Monthly Progress of Biswap:

✨ Squid NFT World GameFi Release
✨ Token IDO on Biswap Launchpad
✨ Enhancing BSW Tokenomics
✨ NFT Direction Development
✨ 14 897 335 BSW Burned
✨ $1B+ Total Value Locked on Biswap
✨ $32.2B+ Total Trading Volume
✨ 425K+ Users on Biswap Social Media
✨ Potent Biswap Collaborations with LaunchZone, Autofarm, Xpansion, and more

Enjoy all the marvelous December accomplishments:

Biswap team is thankful for your activity and support! We will constantly create more profitable opportunities for you! The impact you have on Biswap encourages us to break more great records!

Let’s continue creating DeFi history together!

Holiday Letter from Robi to Biswappers | Progress Review and New Plans!

As the New Year draws near, Robi has written a heartfelt letter to the powerful Biswap Community! Read the informative letter, in which Robi shares his thoughts on the progress of Biswap Metaverse this year and talks about plans for the next year!

Read the full Letter from Robi on Zendesk:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you from the Biswap team!🎉

Renewed Biswap Checklist! | Achieved Targets & Inspiring Plans!

We continue to see advancements of Biswap DEX, which shows impressive results!

Thanks to the support of the wise Biswap community, our dedicated team reaches new milestones.

Explore robust Biswap products in progress:

🌀 Listing on the main crypto exchanges
🌀 Improvements on Biswap marketplace
🌀 Limit orders
🌀 Updates in Squid NFT World
🌀 Charts on Exchange page
🌀 Exclusive opportunities for BSW holders
🌀 New innovative Launchpad system

Below are Biswap’s completed objectives and its ambitious plans for the future:


Throughout the progress of the project, we would like to thank you for showing your tremendous support!

To the crypto Moon with Biswap!

Record-breaking 2 774 116 BSW (~$5 187 597) Burned!

Incredible! This week Biswap established a gigantic ATH BSW Burn!

The 23rd Token Burn of 2 774 116 (~$5 187 597) BSW tokens included:

🔥1 800 584 BSW from Trading Fees
🔥271 627 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers
🔥41 653 BSW from Auto compound performance fee
🔥47 520 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets
🔥210 000 BSW from NFT Sales Revenue
🔥39 020 BSW from NFT Marketplace Fee
🔥80 811 BSW from NFT Royalty Fee
🔥180 000 BSW from GameFi NFT Launchpad
🔥102 900 BSW from IDO Revenue

Find the details in Biswap Docs:

BSW Burns significantly improve tokenomics and increase the token’s value!

BSW Emission Reduction is Implemented | Advancing Tokenomics!

Our team keeps strengthening the BSW tokenomics! BSW tokens’ emission got reduced from 26 to 20 BSW per block. The decrease took place on the 21st of December, as a result of Biswap Community Voting.

🔎Look at the details of the planned token emission reduction in Biswap Docs:


BSW emission reduction provides such positive effects:

  • 5 184 000 tokens less will be released each month — positive effect on the price
  • More benefits for BSW Holders
  • Increase of BSW value in DeFi
  • Greater demand for BSW
  • Positive impact on BSW price in a long-term perspective
  • Up in statistics and new records for BSW
  • The higher position of BSW token in top crypto rankings

Experience the profitable utilities of BSW:

Biswap team enhances the Ecosystem every day!

BSC & Biswap Christmas Twitter Event with $3 000 Prize!

Crypto Santa has prepared esteemed prizes for YOU!

Biswap & BinanceSmartChain stellar tandem showered its lucky users with exciting rewards! We held a vivid 1-day event on the 25th of December.

Reward pool: $3 000 in BUSD & BSW

✨10 winners will get $100 in BUSD and $200 in BSW each.

📍The rewards will be sent to the winners by the 15th of January.

Binance Smart Chain x Biswap are happy to share crypto magic for Xmas! Biswap is delighted to join holiday events by BSC and provide new possibilities for YOU!

​​Biswap & LaunchZone Winter Event | Share $5 000 in BSW & LZ on Twitter!

Biswap x LaunchZone strategic collaboration presents a vivid opportunity to gain splendid crypto rewards!

✨Dates: 25/12/2021–3/01/2022
✨Reward Pool: $5 000 ($2 500 in BSW | $2 500 in LZ)

Each of 125 lucky winners will get $40 in both tokens ($20 in BSW | $20 in LZ)

Have you been looking forward to new Robi avatars? They are an essential part of the event and condition to win!

Choose one of the avatars and change the profile image:

Follow easy steps & win:

1️⃣ Follow Biswap & LaunchZone on Twitter
2️⃣ Retweet the tweet
3️⃣ Put your biswap.org referral link in bio
4️⃣ Change your avatar image
5️⃣ Fill out this Form https://bit.ly/3su5Dvj

📍The BSW rewards will be distributed within 7 days after the end of the Twitter Event.

Biswap x LaunchZone wish you happy DeFi holidays and lots of crypto presents!

2X Daily Distribution Increase in NFT Staking Pool!​​​​

The holiday season is the perfect time to earn extra crypto! Experience the benefits of this new limited offer and boost your yields:


Biswap team decided to make your smile bigger and profit higher, so the Daily Rewards Distribution of 2 esteemed tokens in the NFT Staking Pool are doubled:

💰4 000 USDT per day
💰6.8 WBNB per day

Stake NFTs to get up to 400% APR:

Biswappers can enjoy extra benefits during the Christmas and New Year holidays!

Solid Biswap x Unus DAO Collaboration!

Biswap established a powerful collaboration with Unus DAO!

Unus DAO is a new DeFi 2.0 + GameFi platform built upon Decentralized Reserve

Currency protocol. Each UDO token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g., significant BUSD) in the Unus treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below.

Unus DAO main features:

✨UDO Stake
✨UDO Bonding
✨NFT Collection

This new collaboration brought these UDO utilities:

  • Official UDO Listing

Exchange UDO tokens with the lowest 0.1% Fee on BSC:


  • UDO-BUSD Farming Pair

Now, you have an exclusive opportunity to earn via UDO-BUSD-LP:

✨Stake UDO on Biswap and gain BSW tokens with high APR
✨Get UDO with a great discount via Bonding on Unus DAO

Such simple steps result in further development of two projects which provide mightier offers for their holders: by selling UDO-BUSD-LP via Unus DAO Bonding, the liquidity is added to Biswap liquidity, which activates a new mint of UDO tokens.

Check out the great UDP discounts on Unus DAO:

Do not hesitate to enjoy the precious benefits of UDO-BUSD Farm on Biswap:

✨Get valuable BSW tokens
✨Claim 50% of the trading fee
✨High APR


As the liquidity provider of UDO-BUSD Farming Pair, you will also obtain 50% rewards of 0.1% exchange fee from each swap made on the platform!

  • Stake BSW — Earn UDO Launchpool

Use popular BSW tokens to earn UDO:

✨Stake BSW

✨Earn UDO

✨Huge APR

✨Unlimited max stake


Feeling excited? Check all the details of Biswap x Unus DAO profitable Collaboration:


Biswap establishes great collaborations to provide you with new great utilities!

Biswap Altcoin Season Goes On!

Biswap DEX continues the Altcoin Season! Meet new potent tokens and lucrative Farming pairs with beneficial multipliers!

CGAR, EOS & ATOM are tokens from powerful projects!

Exchange them with the lowest 0.1% Fee on BSC:

Experience the Biswap Farms with mighty multipliers:

  • 0.15X CGAR — BNB
  • 0.15X EOS — BNB
  • 0.15X ATOM — BNB

Make profit easily:

  • Provide Liquidity and get LP tokens
  • Stake LP tokens in Biswap Farms
  • Earn esteemed BSW
  • Gain 50% of trading fee
  • Beneficially high APR


Don’t hesitate to earn crypto on Biswap Farms!

20 000 Mystery Boxes Sold Out for $1.2M BSW!

This week Biswap launched the 2nd Sale of Mystery Boxes! It was a lucky opportunity for users to get the required NFTs for the Squid NFT World!

The Sale was established on the Biswap Launchpad. Each Mystery Box was randomly generated with NFT Bus capacity of players from 2 to 5, and with NFT players 1st to 5th LVL with 400 to 3000 Squid Energy.

20 000 Squid NFT Mystery Boxes were sold for striking 1 200 000 BSW!

📍Note: 10% of BSW from every Biswap NFTs sale goes to BSW Token Burn, 90% of BSW goes to the GameFi Pool.

This Mystery Boxes sale brought numerous benefits:

  • Users were able to get required for Biswap Play-to-Earn NFTs
  • NFTs were purchased for the extra-profitable price
  • Opportunity to get several NFTs of high level
  • Ability to own brand-spanking-new Biswap NFTs

Check all details about NFT Mystery Boxes:

Play Squid NFT World with your NFT Buses and Players to get Multi-Crypto rewards!

Firing Biswap NFT Records!​​​​ | Check out the Robbies’ Numbers!

Unbelievable! Robbie’s NFTs continues to break records! That is a great indicator of the Community’s interest in Robbies Earn NFTs!

Let’s check out some vivid statistics:

  • 105 555 Robbies NFTs were sold for 3 348 000 BSW

📍Note: 10% from each sale’s revenue goes to BSW Burn, 90% goes to NFT Staking Pool on Biswap

  • 10 977+ NFT Holders
  • 3 962 417+ Total Staked Robi Boosts
  • 3 400 000+ Robi Boosts users got for swaps
  • 342 369+ NFT Transactions
  • 76 315+ NFTs got burned while upgrading

The Daily Distribution of potent tokens in the pool is doubled!

Catch the 2Xmas reward increase for WBNB, USDT:

  • 4 000 USDT per day
  • 6.80 WBNB per day
  • 35 000 BSW per day
  • 55 555 BFG per day

Gain up to 400% APR in the pool:

Robbies NFTs are reaching NFT heights!

Biswap & BSW Break New Records on Binance Smart Chain!

Great news, Biswappers! BSW token reaches new DeFi milestones and is highlighted as a top token on BSC! This week the rapid progress of BSW and Biswap DEX was multiple times highlighted by BSCDaily and BSCNews.

Let’s check them all out:

BSW is Top Gainer in Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem!

BSCDaily highlighted a remarkable boost of the esteemed BSW token! Biswap team strives to create the best utilities for BSW and deliver the most profitable opportunities to our users. That’s why every week, we reach new milestones in the DeFi and gain huge popularity!

Check out this achievement on official BSCDaily Twitter:

Biswap is TOP 2 Project by TVL & MC!

The shine of Biswap is so bright in DeFi! New records have been set by the global Biswap DEX:

  • $73 000 000 Total Market Capitalization
  • $1 160 000 000 Total Value Locked

Check the statistics here:

Biswap DEX is TOP 1 Performer on BSC!

BSCNews emphasized the powerful advancement of Biswap among other BSC projects. We keep moving only forward!

  • 20.45% in 7 days
  • 10.31% in 24 hours
  • $299 417 358 MKT CAP
  • $1.78 BSW price

Check out the official BSCNews tweet:

Together with you, we reach new crypto heights in DeFi!

We are thankful to BSCDaily and BSCNews for highlighting vital statistics of Biswap DEX growth!

Biswap x League of Ancients AMA Session!

Recently an AMA session took place in Biswap Telegram Chat! Many questions were answered concerning the NFT Game — League of Ancients!

Dwayne O. — Project Lead and CEO, influential gave precise answers about his project. The winners, who asked the most interesting questions shared $200 in LOA tokens!

Check out the details here:

AMA Sessions on Biswap are great ways to get crypto by asking interesting questions!

​​$5 000 Biswap x Xpansion Twitter Event is Over!

We are glad to inform you that our event with Xpansion has ended. Let’s congratulate the luckiest participants!

16 000+ users took part in this fabulous event!

Biswap DEX and Xpansion have chosen 125 winners who got $40 in XPS each!

Check out the list of champions:

Our teams are truly thankful to everyone who took part in this activity! More profitable collaborations are coming soon. Stay tuned!

$5 000 XPS Trading Competition Report!

Wow! So many users took part in the recent XPS Trading Competition!

  • 1 586 participants demonstrated their trading skills
  • $3 060 000+ Total Trading Volume was established with powerful XPS tokens

The Trading champions received their BSW rewards:

Find all details on the official Biswap TG Channel:

Show your trading skills and make profit via the Trading Competitions on Biswap!

Biswap Lottery Competition Report | $3 509 for the Highest Tickets Volumes!

The 14th Weekly Lottery Competition has ended! It is an essential part of the Biswap Lottery.

All winners received valuable BSW rewards to their Competition Balances. Let’s check out the magnificent statistics:

  • 2 083 users took part in the Biswap Lottery Competition
  • 100 Biswappers shared $3 509 in BSW.

Congratulate the winner with the highest tickets volume and his BSW reward:

🥇1st place — $1 052 in BSW

Check your ranking here:

Take part in the glorious 15th Lottery Competition and win huge rewards:

Biswap Lottery Competition is ready to reward new winners!

26th Sharing Season Report | $1 060 for the Lucky Winners!

The 26th Sharing Season on Twitter was full of participants! The activity of Biswappers is stunning!

Check out the huge numbers of the contest:

  • 11 020 total participants
  • 5 220 #biswap_earn tweets
  • 5 800 #biswap_exchange tweets

List of 202 lucky users, who obtained esteemed BSW tokens:


📃Read how to engage in this stunning event:


Share your Biswap experience in the 27th Sharing Season and win esteemed BSW rewards!

Join the worldwide Biswap Community!

📢Telegram Channel: https://t.me/biswap_news

💬Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap

🕊Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex

💻YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHartwkRUURf2Q7MlKOV84w

📃Medium: https://biswap-dex.medium.com/

Find the OFFICIAL Biswap Admins here:

👉 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap

❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️

Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!




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