Weekly Highlights from Robi | 27 Nov — 3 Dec

2 min readDec 1, 2023

Happy December, Biswappers! Read on to find out about the Biswap updates.

Community Voting for BSW Emission is Finished

The recently launched voting regarding the BSW emission decrease is completed. The majority of users have given 76.97% votes to decrease BSW emission from 15 to 11 tokens per block: https://biswap.cc/47JncZI

Note that all the changes will be implemented after the BSW Investment Pool release. Thank you, dear community, for participating in this voting and giving your vote for further Biswap development!

APR Increase on V3 Farms

November 30th brought us a new wave of APR increase! You can surf the high profit here: https://biswap.org/farms/v3

  • 20.95% LTC — USDT
  • 38.34% BNB — LINK

Catch the wave & get 80% LP rewards!

The Role of oBSW In Biswap Ecosystem

With the upcoming BSW Investment Pool, you’ll gain access to oBSW point option, a crucial component of our new BSW lock mechanism, giving you access to an exclusive Real Yield Pool and up to 30% discount for BSW purchase. Read about oBSW: https://biswap.cc/3QZUSvq

Prepare for crypto earn with the oBSW article. See you!

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