Weekly Highlights from Robi! | 29 Nov — 05 Dec

Hello, crypto birds!

Biswap DEX experienced a multitude of enthralling events and grand news this week! Robi made an informative list of them in one article. Let’s review this productive week of Biswap together and enjoy the mighty progress of our platform!

On the 3rd of December Biswap established a vigorous 5th NFT Sale!

20 000 of 1st lvl Robbies NFTs with a random number of Robi Boosts were sold out in under 10 minutes for a total of 600 000 BSW. Biswap team is amazed with your active participation and high interest to our NFTs!

Such a lightning fast Sale indicates, that NFT Staking and Trading are very profitable for the NFT owners!

60 000 BSW will go to the BSW Token Burn and 540 000 BSW will go to the NFT Staking Pool on Biswap.

Experience the benefits of Biswap NFT Marketplace:

Powerful Biswap world makes your crypto flourish!

Biswap team is continually fine-tuning the BSW tokenomics!

BSW tokens’ emission got reduced from 28 to 26 BSW per block.
The decrease was established on the 2nd of December.

🔎Check the details about the planned token reduction in Biswap Docs:

BSW emission reduction has multiple positive effects:

  • Increase of the BSW value in the DeFi
  • Greater demand for BSW tokens
  • Higher position of BSW in the top crypto rankings
  • Strengthening of the tokenomics

Max supply of 700 000 000 BSW tokens will gradually decrease over time due to the Weekly BSW burns!

Earn crypto easily with BSW:

Biswap ecosystem forges ahead every day to enhance your profits!

Biswap extends the Metaverse frequently, and often adds important features and improvements. Nifty novelties enhance the user experience and make the earning process on Biswap better!

This week we majorly updated the NFT Marketplace and added some new functionality perks. Check them out:

New NFT Sorting Options are Added
The search process on the market became easier as the NFTs can be sorted by:

  • Collections
  • Price
  • Currency

Marvellous Biswap Robbies Earn NFTs can be sorted by additional options:

  • Levels
  • Amount of RBs
  • Boosted NFT to a certain point

Robi Boosts are Displayed Correctly on Marketplace
Now you can see an accurate number of your RBs directly on the Robbies Earn NFTs on the Marketplace.

Join Biswap Marketplace via WalletConnect
You can now connect to the market by clicking the WalletConnect button, as the wallet is now active on the platform.

Avail yourself of the Biswap NFT Marketplace upgrades:

The wishes and needs of our users are extremely important for Biswap!

Biswap launched a stellar $50 000 BSW AirDrop on the famous CoinMarketCap.

  • 4 000 winners will get up to 10 BSW.
  • 02/12/2021–16/12/2021

To get shiny BSW tokens follow the easy steps:

1️) Add Biswap (BSW) token to your CMC Watchlist

2️) Follow Biswap on Twitter

3️) Like & Retweet the pinned Biswap Tweet & tag 3 of your friends with the hashtag #BiswapGameFi

4️) Join the Biswap Telegram Chat, TG Announcement Channel, & YouTube Channel

5️) Complete all the steps above and leave your BEP-20 wallet address in the form on CMC


The Biswap team will choose and announce the winners after the event.

📍 Rewards will be shared within 7 days after the Airdrop’s completion.

Take part in the CMC Airdrop and catch eminent BSW tokens!

Our project improves cooperation with long-standing partners. Together we create new profitable opportunities for the users. Experience a lucrative Launchpool, launched together with BetFury:

  • 2 000 000 BFG in the Pool
  • Stake BSW — Earn BFG
  • Unlimited Max Stake
  • High APR


Biswap Launchpools are super-profitable forms of Passive income. Try them out — increase your crypto easily!

Biswap recently collaborated with Magic Beasties. This week we also launched a profitable BSTS Launchpool on Biswap as a part of partnership.


  • Stake BSW
  • Earn BSTS
  • High APR
  • Unlimited max stake


  1. To make swaps with BSTS put 7% slippage.
  2. To stake more BSW, unstake all of your BSW first.
  3. To harvest BSTS use “➖” minus button.
  4. During the harvest, all of your earned BSTS will go to your BEP-20 wallet.

Biswap and it’s partners create glorious opportunities to earn crypto!

Biswap always creates new profitable opportunities for the users. We collaborate with powerful projects to increase the amount of lucrative features and create new utilities for the BSW. Recently we established a collaboration with Binemon!

Binemon — is a virtual pet NFT game unified with dazzling RPG elements: collect & trade eggs, ambrosia, characters; fight in PVE, PVP, GVG modes; receive cryptocurrency rewards.

This partnership brought the official listing of Binemon’s native token — BIN.

Exchange BIN with exclusive benefits on Biswap:

This collaboration will increase your crypto! Stay tuned!

Biswap works closely with different DeFi and GameFi projects to offer its users the best lucrative opportunities and create new utilities for the powerful BSW token. We established a
collaboration with RPS League!

RPS League is a NFT game, based on the widely-popular Rock Paper Scissors game, in which participants can play against people from all over the world and even create their own teams.

RPS will provide vivid play-to-earn experience:

  • Daily PVP games
  • Exclusive NFT Collections
  • Magnificent crypto rewards

RPS Game is expected to launch on December 7th.

As a part of our vivid collaboration Biswap established the official listing of RPS.

Exchange RPS with profitable benefits on Biswap:

Potent opportunities are brought by this partnership!

Coin98 characterized Biswap DEX as a powerful Top-2 BSC project, that constantly evolves and gains popularity! It is a valuable indicator of Biswap DEX moving on the right path!

Here’s the official Coin98 announcement:

Biswap is thankful to Coin98 for denoting this important statistic! The goal of Biswap is to provide the best user experience and lucrative features.

Let’s together create the best Metaverse on BSC!

A total of 4 082 competitors showed their skills in trading BSW Trading Competition! The participants established $4 392 672 total Trading Volume with eligible GameFi tokens.

Wow, Biswappers, you are mighty!💪
The winners shared BSW tokens and Biswap NFTs with Robi Boosts:

Find all details on the official Biswap TG Channel:

Trading Competitions are nice ways to get esteemed rewards!

The 23rd Sharing Season in Twitter was a wonderful event, it demonstrated the powerful activity of Biswappers!

The numbers are stellar, as awesome tweets were shared in the OFFICIAL Biswap Twitter!

  • 8 913 total participants
  • 4 058 #biswap_earn tweets
  • 4 855 #biswap_exchange tweets

Check out 202 lucky users, who obtained advantageous BSW tokens:

📃Read how to engage in this stunning event:

Biswap team is happy to see a big amount of participants! Share your Biswap experience in the 24th Sharing Season and get precious BSW rewards!

The jubilee 10th Weekly Lottery Competition is finished! The luckiest users received esteemed BSW rewards to their competition balances.

Check out the vivid numbers:

  • 1 039 users took part in the Biswap Lottery Competition
  • 100 Biswappers shared $2 085 in BSW.

Congratulate the mighty winner with the highest tickets volume and his BSW reward:

🥇1st place — $625.61 in BSW

Find your ranking here:

Take part in the majestic 11th Weekly Lottery Competition:

Lottery tickets bring you huge BSW wins!

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