Weekly Highlights from Robi | 9 — 15 May

Mighty week has passed and brought lots of opportunities!
Check noteworthy announcements of the last 7 days.

Hello, Biswappers!

💰New way to expand your income on Binance!
Find high-yield liquidity pools with BSW:



How to begin❓

1️⃣ Provide Liquidity to BSW pools
2️⃣ Share 178 600 BSW in yield-farming rewards

Discover more details:
👉 https://bit.ly/38a58Po

Boost your assets via Binance Liquid Swap!

Earn rewards by joining the activities. Claim a share of $50 000 in BSW!

📅 Duration: 9–16 May (10:00 UTC)
🏆 Total Pool: $50 000 in BSW

Activity 1: Learn & Earn $10 000 Prize Pool in BSW

1️⃣ Read the article
2️⃣ Complete the quiz & answer all the questions correctly
3️⃣ Add the BSW/USDT trading pair to your Favourites List

Activity 2: Trading Competition for $30 000 in BSW

1️⃣ Trade BSW on KuCoin
2️⃣ Become one of the TOP 50 traders to win:

🏅Top 1 — $1 500 in BSW
🏅Top 2 — $1 300 in BSW
🏅Top 3 — $1 200 in BSW
🏅Top 4–10 — $1 000 in BSW
🏅Top 11–20 — $800 in BSW
🏅Top 21–30 — $500 in BSW
🏅Top 31–50 — $300 in BSW

Activity 3: $10 000 in BSW Participation Prizes

1️⃣ Have a trading amount (buys + sells) of 300 BSW during the campaign period
2️⃣ Add BSW/USDT trading pair to your Favourites list.

More detailed information:
👉 https://bit.ly/3M07ted

Celebrate BSW listing on KuCoin via BSW activities!

Biswap rewards its followers!
Become one of them:
👉 https://www.instagram.com/biswap_org/

Follow Biswap on Instagram and claim a BSW prize!

💰 Pool: $1 000 in BSW
👤 Winners: 50 users ($20 in BSW for each)
📆 Duration: 13–17 May (11:00 AM UTC)

Complete all the easy steps:

1️⃣ Subscribe to Biswap Instagram
2️⃣ Like & Share the Insta post in your story with Biswap tag
3️⃣ Mention 3 friends under the Insta post & use emoji that you associate Biswap with

📍The Biswap team will DM the winners asking BEP-20 wallet on May 20.
📍 Biswap team will reply to you under the Instagram post with a sequence number if you complete all the conditions.
📍Only 1 comment per user is allowed.
📍Winners will be randomly selected among users who meet all the conditions.

The given numbers will be selected in the drawing via the Research Randomizer.

💫 Winners will be announced on May 20.
💫 Rewards will be shared till May 23.

Follow us and win a BSW prize!

Hello, Biswappers!
Welcome our new prominent partner!

🧜‍♂ AgeOfGods — is a new type of video game,

one that implements a “Play-to-Earn” model.

Ways to earn tokens:
⚡️Bi-weekly Global E-Sports Tournament
⚡️Progress and defeat Boss levels
⚡️Logging in Daily
⚡️Auto Farming rewards
⚡️Guild progression

💵 AOG token is officially listed on Biswap DEX!
Swap AOG with the lowest fee of 0.1% on BNB Chain:
👉 https://bit.ly/3w1Ed1l

Biswap buttons on the AgeOfGods!

Start making a profit via this collaboration now!

Feel stunning crypto power!
Biswap x AgeOfGods prepared mighty Launchpool:


🔱Stake BSW
🔱Earn AOG

Take advantage of the limited offer:

📆 Duration: 30 days

Biswap Launchpools provide:

💰 Sky-high APR
💰 Special offer for BSW Holders
💰 Top tokens in return

Explore more possibilities with AOG:

✨AOG-BUSD farm on Biswap
✨Stake AOG on AgeOfGods


Launch your passive income now!

Fresh offer from Biswap x AgeOfGods collab:

0.1X Multiplier for AOG-BUSD

Become Liquidity Provider & experience all privileges:

💎Gain Mighty tokens
💎Get 50% of the trading fee
💎High APR on Farms

Add liquidity & make a profit:

Wonder what’s more interesting?
View all the collab activities:

Catch high APYs on Biswap farms!

Biswap x Exobots collaborative IDO has striking results:

🎯 $2 584 074 Total Raised for EXOS IDO
🎯 10 000 000 EXOS tokens were gained by users on Biswap Launchpad
🎯 119 400 BSW to BSW Burn
🎯 2 707 Unique Wallets participated


IDO on Biswap Launchpad is the best place for your token debut on BNB Chain.

Make a sensation about your token launch:
👉 https://bit.ly/3lOCLKa

Be the first of the first with Biswap IDO!

Biswap x Exobots partnership is moving forward!
You will be introduced to more vibrant and fresh offers!

💵 EXOS token is officially listed on Biswap DEX!

Swap and benefit greatly:

⚡️ The lowest fee
⚡️ Fee return in BSW
⚡️ Quick & secure exchange

Trade EXOS for just a 0.1% fee on the BNB Chain:

Get your Exobots ready for an epic battle!

Where can you make a grand profit?
On the fruitful Biswap Farms!

Earn big via EXOS-BUSD Farm:

🚀0.3X Multiplier is a limited offer!

Become a Liquidity provider:

💸 Earn robust BSW tokens
💸 Get 50% of the trading fee
💸 High APY on Biswap Farms

The liquidity of Exobots is locked for 3 years on PinkSale.

Check it out here:

Prepare your wallet to explode with crypto!

Biswap x Alpaca collaboration has NEW offers!

Let mighty pairs grow your assets:
🌕6.97% APY for ETH-BNB

3X max. Leverage (double-sided borrowing)
🌕8.88% APY for BNB-BTCB

3X max. Leverage (double-sided borrowing)

📍Get bonus ALPACA for leveraged yield farming in Biswap pools!

Explore more pairs & earning details:

⬆️ Upturn your Profit with 3X leverage!

Our partner TEN Finance is celebrating its anniversary!
You can participate in a Birthday Giveaway!

How exciting! 🎊

📅 Duration: May 14–16
🏆 Prize Pool: $5 000 in TENFI
👑 Winners: 250

Complete tasks to receive entries (points).
More entries — greater chance to win!

Tasks and details here:

✔️ Write a Tweet +10 entries
✔️ Join TEN Finance & Biswap Telegram +5 entries
✔️ Follow TEN Finance & Biswap Twitter +5 entries
✔️ Retweet the Partner’s tweet +5 entries

Let’s enjoy TEN Finance birthday together!

Look up! There is a BSW!
TOP 3 most traded token on the BNB Chain!

🔥$140M in BSW Trading Volume in the last 24H

BSCDaily spots our new achievement:

Keep on trading BSW and break all the limits!

Biswap is on the rise!

View this spectacular achievement!

🔥 TOP 1 — Trending project on CertiK
💎 89/100–30-Day Low-Security Score
💰 $204.92M — Market Cap 24h

Find the official tweet by the link below:

We aim to provide users with a crypto environment that is:

🛡 Safe
🛡 Trustworthy

🛡 Profitable

Your assets are safe with Biswap!

Excellent news!
Biswap is accessible on Opera via BNB Chain integration!

Use Biswap directly via the Opera Crypto browser!

Biswap is available on:

☄️Desktop versions

Learn more from the article:

Extend your user experience with Biswap!

👨‍💻Biswap CEO appreciates your interest during the May AMA session!
Those who missed the AMA can check out the questions we have collected.

Explore answers to:

💿Biswap Liquidity
💿Biswap Development
💿CEX listings
💿Lending & Borrowing
💿Token burning and more

Discover the details here:

We are grateful to all participants for your activity!
Ask more at the next Monthly AMA Session with the CEO!

Mission completed.
Thanks, Space Agents, for the portion of creative & quality content!

👨‍🚀$10 000 in BSW for 10 Space Agents:

Main Gains: $7 500
Extra Gains: $2 500

🥇 1st place — $1 500
🥈 2nd place — $1 250
🥉 3rd place — $1 000
🏅 4th place — $750
🏅 5th — 10th places — $500 each

Biswap appreciates everyone’s participation!
Check out the Winners List:

Promote Biswap & Win BSW!

Starlight Choice voting is finished!
Let us announce the results:

🏅 19.13% — Crypto Line — Cryptocurrency
🏅 17.54% — CRYPTO BOTAN
🏅 15.33% — Ludwig van Bitcoin
🏅 7.96% — Крипто Ложка
🏅 2.88% — Минер — Майнинг и Криптовалюта
🏅 1.92% — Alexander.cherezov
🏅 0.25% — Crypto com o Math
🏅 0.21% — SEMTAXA
🏅 0.21% — GG Nics

🏆Congrats to the winner:
Crypto Line — Cryptocurrency- with 459 votes

Check the voting outcomes here:

❗️ Biswap team noticed suspicious activity, dishonest actions, and manipulation from CryptoTime AnatoliLos. As a result, this participant was disqualified from voting.

All the bloggers are invited to join the Space Agents Program:

We appreciate your activity in voting.
You deserve to consume the best content!

⭐️15 053 participants

7 622 #biswap_earn tweets
7 431 #biswap_exchange tweets

🏆Happy champions:

Details in Biswap docs:

🤩Thank you for being active!

Here comes the final of the 33rd Weekly Lottery Competition!

💰 $1 227 shared pool
👨‍💻 709 participants

Competition A:
The user with the highest ticket volume receives a worthy BSW prize!
🥇1st place — $3 894.04–368.24 in BSW

Competition B:
Extra rewards in BSW go to 10 lucky participants!

Find winners in the rating list:

📍It was the last Lottery Competition before the Biswap Lottery Optimization.

Lottery Competitions will be temporarily unavailable during the maintenance period.

Get your BSW rewards & stay tuned!
Pick up your expectations and move forward with Biswap.

It will be an exciting journey!

🔥Website: https://biswap.org/
📢 Telegram Channel: https://t.me/biswap_news
💬 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap
🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex
💻 YouTube: https://bit.ly/2YXYve7
📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biswap_org/
📃 Medium: https://biswap-dex.medium.com/
💡Zendesk: https://biswap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
🎮 Squid NFT World Chat: https://t.me/snw_biswap

Feel free to ask any questions and share your ideas!
🤖 Find the Community Drivers of Biswap here:
💬 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap

🌐 Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_idn
🌐 Vietnamese Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_vnm
🌐 Russian-Speaking TG Chat https://t.me/biswap_rus
🌐 French-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_france
🌐 Portuguese-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_prt
🌐 German-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_germany
🌐 Chinese-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_china
🌐 Turkish-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_turkey



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