Weekly Highlights from Robi! | April 18–24

BSW/TRY Trading Pair on Binance! | Enjoy More Earning Possibilities with BSW!

​​11th Month of Biswap | New Targets are Reached!

  • $100 000 in BSW Learn & Trade on Binance
  • $45 000 in BSW Giveaway on Binance
  • BSW Locked Staking on Binance
  • Buy BSW with CARD on Binance
  • Biswap Fixed Staking Pools Release
  • Relaunch Space Agents Program
  • Biswap is TOP 2 DEX in DeFi section & TOP 4 DEX on CMC
  • 30 369 628 BSW Total Burned
  • 128 506 BSW Holders
  • 395 580 Unique Traders
  • 18 378 181 Transfers
  • Powerful Collaborations

​​​​Biswap x Huobi Learn2Earn! | $1 200 in BSW for Lucky Champions!

6M+ RBs in NFT Staking Pool​​! | Daily Rewards are Raised!

BSW Tokenomics Enhancement! | Voting for Emission Reduction!

  • Fewer BSW tokens will be released to the market monthly
  • Higher ranking for BSW token in the crypto industry
  • Long-term positive impact on BSW price
  • Growth of BSW value in the DeFi
  • More privileges for BSW Holders
  • Increased demand for BSW
  • New records for BSW & statistics

Vote For New Collaboration! | Frax Finance X Biswap Partnership Proposal!

  • $2 000 000 Liquidity for Frax-BUSD pair
  • $100 000 in FRAX for Stake BSW | Earn FRAX Unlimited Launchpool
  • Biswap becomes the main DEX on Fex Finance Project

Vibrant XRP Launchpool! | Boost Your Crypto Earnings!​​

APY Boost on Farms! | Multiply your Passive income​​

​​New Local Biswap Community! | Welcome to Turkish TG Chat!

Budget Report & Modifications | Of Biswap NFT Earn & GameFi

$10K in BSW for March Winners! | Monthly Spacewalk Pool was Shared!

Starlight Choice Voting Report! | $500 in BSW for the TOP 1 Winner!

Biswap DEX is in TREND! | TOP 2 DeFi Project of the Week!

Biswap Marketplace is Thriving | $1 200 000+ TTV in the Last 7 Days!​​

Biswap Comic Tourney is Over! | $7 500 in BSW & Robbies NFTs for Talents!

$30 500+ in BSW Lottery Pool | Get $1 Ticket for the Stroke of Luck

30th Lottery Competition Report | $1 678 in BSW Magic Rewards

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