Weekly Highlights from Robi! | April 18–24

9 min readApr 24, 2022


Day by day, new achievements by Biswap!
Check out last week’s announcements:

BSW/TRY Trading Pair on Binance! | Enjoy More Earning Possibilities with BSW!

Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride! A new BSW pair is added to Binance:

💸BSW/TRY trading pair

The trading started on:
⏱April 22, 10:00 (UTC)

The official Binance announcement can be viewed here:

Fantastic opportunity! There’s no time to waste!
Now is your chance to become the best BSW trader!

​​11th Month of Biswap | New Targets are Reached!

Biswap is celebrating its 11th highly productive month!

Let’s explore our April accomplishments:

  • $100 000 in BSW Learn & Trade on Binance
  • $45 000 in BSW Giveaway on Binance
  • BSW Locked Staking on Binance
  • Buy BSW with CARD on Binance
  • Biswap Fixed Staking Pools Release
  • Relaunch Space Agents Program
  • Biswap is TOP 2 DEX in DeFi section & TOP 4 DEX on CMC
  • 30 369 628 BSW Total Burned
  • 128 506 BSW Holders
  • 395 580 Unique Traders
  • 18 378 181 Transfers
  • Powerful Collaborations

Check out the breathtaking April outcomes:
👉 https://bit.ly/3OvzjRl

🤝We appreciate your constant feedback & trust.
With you, Biswap keeps the course to the moon faster!

​​​​Biswap x Huobi Learn2Earn! | $1 200 in BSW for Lucky Champions!

Biswap x Huobi prepared for you a lucrative event! Answers a question and reap BSW rewards!

📅 Duration: April 18 — May 12
🏆 Total Prize Pool: $1 200 in BSW
👑 Total winners: 210

During the event, users will have an opportunity to become one of the 30 winners every 3 days.

💡Questions: 1 per day with a 3-day gap
👤Winners per day: 30 users
💰Reward per question: $5 in BSW

🏅18 April: $5 x 30 = $150 in BSW
🏅22 April: $5 x 30 = $150 in BSW
🏅26 April: $5 x 30 = $150 in BSW
🏅30 April: $5 x 30 = $150 in BSW
🏅4 May: $5 x 30 = $150 in BSW
🏅8 May: $5 x 30 = $150 in BSW
🏅12 May: $10 x 30 = $300 in BSW

How to join Learn2Earn?

1️⃣Download HuobiWallet APP
2️⃣Click “Learn 2 Earn” on the homepage
3️⃣Answer 1 simple question

😉Answer questions about Biswap & get BSW!

6M+ RBs in NFT Staking Pool​​! | Daily Rewards are Raised!

It’s the peak of crypto rewards in the NFT Staking Pool!
BSW, WBNB, and USDT reach the highest point.

🌟6 000 000+ Robi Boosts in the pool

View updated Daily Distribution:

💵 60 000 BSW per day
💵 2 400 USDT per day
💵 4.7 WBNB per day

🔥Catch crazy 2 187.79% APY

Just stake Robbies NFTs & earn:

Robi Boost moves your assets to the TOP!

BSW Tokenomics Enhancement! | Voting for Emission Reduction!

Dear Biswap Community,

All of you are central to the further advancement of the Biswap DEX.
As a part of Biswap and BSW development, a new decision needs to be made.

Currently, there are 20 tokens per block with 17 280 000 emissions per month. It’s crucial to reduce BSW emissions and positively impact BSW via one of two options.

Reduce BSW Emissions:

🔥From 20 to 16 tokens per block.
(3 456 000 fewer BSW tokens per month)

🔥From 20 to 17 tokens per block.
(2 592 000 fewer BSW tokens per month)

Perks of the BSW Emission Reduction:

  • Fewer BSW tokens will be released to the market monthly
  • Higher ranking for BSW token in the crypto industry
  • Long-term positive impact on BSW price
  • Growth of BSW value in the DeFi
  • More privileges for BSW Holders
  • Increased demand for BSW
  • New records for BSW & statistics

Strengthening tokenomics will benefit the whole platform and its products.

📩 Vote here:

📆Voting Duration:
20–25 April, 02:00 PM UTC

📄Read more detailed info:

We need your support to make the decision that benefits Biswap tokenomics.

Vote For New Collaboration! | Frax Finance X Biswap Partnership Proposal!

Dear Biswap community,
Biswap asks you for support and votes!

⚙️Frax Finance is the first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol.

Collaboration with such a mighty project guarantees a variety of new occasions for the Biswap Community.

Support potential collaboration with your vote:
📥 https://bit.ly/3rLDOxr

Start: 22 April (10:50 AM UTC)
End: 29 April (12:00 PM UTC)

Hold FXS Token to Vote:

📍FXS need to be on the address you vote with before the proposal’s creation date on April 22, 10:50 AM UTC.
📍The more tokens you have, the more powerful your vote.

Make this collaboration real & expect:

  • $2 000 000 Liquidity for Frax-BUSD pair
  • $100 000 in FRAX for Stake BSW | Earn FRAX Unlimited Launchpool
  • Biswap becomes the main DEX on Fex Finance Project

See much more benefits here:

Vibrant XRP Launchpool! | Boost Your Crypto Earnings!​​

Accept a beneficial offer to earn Big via Biswap Launchpools!

💸 Stake BSW
💸 Earn XRP


📆 Duration: 30 days

Terms to join:
📍 Stake 200+ BSW in Holder Pool
📍 500 BSW limit stake per user

Don’t delay! Make a crypto profit on Biswap today!

APY Boost on Farms! | Multiply your Passive income​​

You can’t hold it! APY hurricane come to Biswap Farm

Use raging pairs & earn crypto:
🚜 https://biswap.org/farms

💵 18.61% APY for USDT-USDC
💵 20.07% APY for DOGE-BNB

Enjoy the storm of crypto offers on Biswap Farms!

​​New Local Biswap Community! | Welcome to Turkish TG Chat!

The Biswap community keeps growing worldwide! We are happy to introduce a new Biswap chat!

🇹🇷Turkish-Speaking TG Chat:


🌐The Biswap team selected the best admins based on the received applications!

Meet Official Admins of Turkish Speaking TG Chat:

🧑‍💻@Tony_Biswap — Main Admin
🧑‍💻@Shaggy_Biswap — Admin
🧑‍💻@Ozan_Biswap — Admin

Budget Report & Modifications | Of Biswap NFT Earn & GameFi

Dear Biswappers, we want to share the news about the coming changes in Biswap NFT Earn & GameFi Directions.

Review upcoming changes & new offers:

Move forward with Biswap!

$10K in BSW for March Winners! | Monthly Spacewalk Pool was Shared!

No more counting Stars. We’ll be counting BSW! March Spacewalk Winners have shared:

💵$10 000 in BSW Rewards

Main Gains: $7 500 in BSW
Extra Gains: $2 500 in BSW

🥇 1st place — $1 500 in BSW
🥈 2nd place — $1 250 in BSW
🥉 3rd place — $1 000 in BSW
🏅 4th place — $750 in BSW
🏅 5th — 10th places — $500 in BSW each

Check out March Winners HERE:

Join Space Agents Program:
🪐 https://biswap.org/space_agents

Jump into the Biswap spaceship & earn!

Starlight Choice Voting Report! | $500 in BSW for the TOP 1 Winner!

The voting for Starlight Choice by Biswappers is over!

Look at the results:

🥇 32.21% — CrypTime AnatoliLos
🏅 3.58% — SEMTAXA
🏅 2.52% — James Crypto Trade
🏅 1.88% — Crypto Hamster
🏅 1.49% — Минер-Майнинг и Криптовалюта
🏅 0.92% — Cryptorell
🏅 0.74% — Techy Jaison
🏅 0.32% — GG Nics

🏆Congratulations to the winner:
CrypTime AnatoliLos — with 32.21% votes

Check it out right here:

❗️The Biswap team noticed suspicious activity, dishonest actions, and manipulation from Crypto Line — Cryptocurrency. As a result, this participant was disqualified from voting.

All the influencers are welcome to join the Space Agents Program:

Thank you for casting your votes! We reward you for the creative work you do!

Biswap DEX is in TREND! | TOP 2 DeFi Project of the Week!

Biswap is on the main page!
The project showed the leading results of the week (15–21 April)

💰774 000 000 TVL
📈 +7.0% growth

View the stats provided by BNBChain:

Biswap pairs hit high peaks too:

🔥106.05% APY | GMT-USDT
🔥140.18% APY | BNB-BSW

Now it’s time to earn via these APYs!
Gain BSW & 50% Fee Return here:

Be trendy and wealthy on Biswap DEX!

Biswap Marketplace is Thriving | $1 200 000+ TTV in the Last 7 Days!​​

Biswap Marketplace is one of the TOP markets on the BNB Chain!

Check the stellar numbers:

☀️ $1 208 541 Total Trading volume
☀️ 3 078 Total Users
☀️ 2 705 Active Users
☀️ 29 383 Total Transactions
☀️ 800 Auctions Held
☀️ 14 813 Offers to Buy made
☀️ 1 526 — Biswap NFTs
☀️ 215 — Partner’s NFTs

Explore the distinctive Biswap Marketplace:

Shopping at Biswap Marketplace is never a bad idea!
Trade NFTs with just a 1% commission fee!

Biswap Comic Tourney is Over! | $7 500 in BSW & Robbies NFTs for Talents!

Biswap Comic Tourney has come to an end.

💰 Prize Pool: $7 500 in BSW
👑 Extra Rewards: 10 Robbies NFTs
🧑‍🎨 Total champions: 39
📍Winners will be announced by May 1

Our team is grateful for your activity. It was a delight to see your masterpieces.Check back soon for more contests to share your artwork!

$30 500+ in BSW Lottery Pool | Get $1 Ticket for the Stroke of Luck

Less effort & more BSW wins on Biswap Lottery!

💰$30 500+ in BSW Pool
📍 This prize pool is extra granted by the Biswap Marketing team fund.

Look at the recent Big Winnings!
Grand BSW Win — Match — Round:

💵 1 783.40 BSW — first 4–448
💵 4 601.20 BSW — first 5–445
💵 2 828.17 BSW — first 5–443

The lottery round is in full swing!
Join to win BSW:

Take your place on the Winner List!

30th Lottery Competition Report | $1 678 in BSW Magic Rewards

It’s not a fairytale, but real crypto enriching on Biswap.
30th Weekly Lottery Competition with a happy END!

💵 $1 678 — shared pool
👨‍💻 846 — participants

Find winners in the rating list:

💸 1$ lottery ticket can take your assets to the moon:

Tomorrow starts a new Weekly Crypto Journey!
Are you ready?

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