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Let’s read together about the rapid Biswap progress and impressive collaborations!

Binance Labs Invested in Biswap! | Action with a Huge Potential!

We are pleased to announce the name of our mighty investor — Binance Labs, which is the venture capital and incubator of Binance!

🚀Since the company’s founding, Binance Labs has always supported fast-performing, technical teams that impact crypto, develop decentralized web, and contribute to the growth of the BSC ecosystem. This strategic funding will be utilized to accelerate the growth of the Biswap, BSC network, and the entire blockchain ecosystem.

📃Discover the details in the Binance Blog:

Thanks to this investment, Binance and Biswap will work together to develop innovative features and products across the entire range of DeFi-related activities on BSC.

Huge News for Biswap Community from Robi!

Over two months ago the Biswap team had arranged the Community Voting on the subject of changes to the current tokenomics and creation of a separate pool for the Biswap investors called Investment Fund.

Due to the decision supported by over 82% of users during the Community Voting, the BSW tokenomics is now altered to quickly begin cooperation with the Biswap investor, which will bring additional benefits for you as a BSW holder in a long-term perspective:

  • 80.7% — Farms & Launchpools
  • 4.3% — Referral Program
  • 5% — Investment Fund
  • 1% — SAFU (Security Asset Fund for Users)
  • 9% — Team

Thank you, for supporting the global project on its way to development in the wide expanding BSC network and positively influencing the improvement by voting for the option of the Investment Fund deployment in BSW tokenomics which will notably increase the Biswap potential and take it to new levels in DeFi.

Access all the details here:

Biswap is Exceeding All Records!

The number of daily Biswap users worldwide has steadily increased! Over 12 000 active Biswappers experienced the platform’s benefits only in the last 24 hours!

Biswap team is happy to see such a metric — it measures the level of engagement for our fabulous project! The total number of Biswap users is more than impressive — 160 000+!


Furthermore, the total number of $BSW holders gets beyond 56 500!


Jump into the Biswap Ecosystem and experience the crypto profits in all their facets!

Recording 1 114 036 BSW got Burned!

This BSW token burn was the biggest one so far on the Biswap platform!

The immense 19th Weekly Token Burn of 1 114 036 BSW tokens (~$1 012 427) included: 894 038 BSW from Trading Fees, 180 025 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers, 17 156 BSW from Auto compound performance fee, 22 815 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets.

📚More details in Biswap Docs:

Live Support on the Biswap Website! | Meet Biswap Intercom!

The user experience is always a top priority for Biswap! The platform provides users with real-time support 24/7 with maximum efficiency. With Intercom integrated, Biswappers will have a seamless experience!

Intercom delivers fast response times and provides users with options to chat live with Biswap Support Team, learn more about the platform, read FAQs, and report problems!

Read about all Intercom perks on Biswap Zendesk:

Experience this new utility on Biswap:

Massive $30 000+ Prize Pool in Biswap Lottery!

The 83rd round of Biswap Lottery was launched with the highest Prize Pool in the platforms’ history!

Good luck is a residue of preparation — so don’t miss your chance and buy more tickets to enlarge your chances of winning in the Biswap Lottery:


Superb Biswap x Yieldwatch Collaboration!

Biswap wants to make it easy for users to control their assets! In order to improve the users’ comfort while tracking crypto, we have created a purposeful collaboration with Yieldwatch!

Yieldwatch — a smart DeFi dashboard that lets you track your yield farming, lending, and liquidity pool performance on Binance Smart Chain.

This potent partnership will give Biswappers an option to monitor crypto by using the clear and accurate dashboard.

Try this excellent possibility with illustrative numbers!

Cosmic Biswap x CryptoZoon Collaboration!

With Biswap, you can earn with pleasure! We present you with a new collaboration with a creative and progressive gaming project — CryptoZoon!

CryptoZoon — a complete platform of the digital creatures’ universe that develops on the Binance Smart Chain and gives a chance to earn while playing!

This mighty collaboration is about:

☄️ Official ZOON & YAG Listing — exchange these tokens with the lowest fee of 0.1% and get up to 100% Fee Return on Biswap!

☄️ 2X Boosted ZOON-WBNB Pair — Stake ZOON-WBNB-LP to earn BSW on Biswap Farms with increased APR!

☄️ Biswap Button on CryptoZoon — get vivid ZOON beneficially!

Read the full article about our collaboration:

Wondrous Biswap x AirNFTs Collaboration!

Biswap enjoys collaborating with projects, that use innovations in the world of DeFi! This time we established a sparky partnership with AirNFTs.

AirNFTs — is a BSC-based NFT Marketplace, that holds its focus on the users’ experience!

🔮 Official AIRT Listing — trade AIRT with the lowest fee of 0.1% and get up to 100% Fee Return on Biswap!

🔮 Biswap Buttons on AirNFTs — One-click and you are smoothly led to the Biswap platform to make profitable swaps in the Exchange section.

🔮 AIRT-WBNB Pair — Stake AIRT-WBNB-LP to earn BSW on Biswap Farms with impressive APR!

🔮 Lucid AIRT & BSW Launchpools :

Read the full article about our prolific collaboration:

Halloween NFT Contest on Twitter for $1 500 in $BSW & $AIRT!


Since Halloween is coming up, Biswap together with its partner AirNFTs decided to reward users with awesome prizes for creating NFT with Biswap Halloween theme!

10 winners will share the $1 500 Prize Pool in both $BSW and $AIRT tokens!

Join the contest here:

Express your imagination vividly!

Biswap is TOP 3 BSC DEX by Volume in 24H!

Biswap is among the top projects again! It is already our tradition to be a leader!

💰 $68.98M volume in the last 24 hours by Dapp.com

See Biswap amidst powerful BSC projects:

Thank you for expanding with Biswap!

17th Sharing Season Report! | Winners Shared $1 060 in BSW!

Let’s recall the results of the 17th Sharing Season Week!

Check out these significant numbers: 7 630 total participants, 4 530 #biswap_earn tweets and 3 100 #biswap_exchange tweets were shared in the OFFICIAL Biswap Twitter! That’s impressive!

Check out 202 lucky users, who obtained advantageous BSW tokens:
🏆 https://bit.ly/2ZgjM30

It was a pleasure to see you as a participant in this sharing!

📃Read how to engage in this stunning event:

Share your Biswap experience in the 18th Sharing Season and win valuable BSW!

ETERNAL Trading Competition Report! | $2 000 in BSW for the Top Traders!

More than 20 000+ competitors were involved in a bright battle during ETERNAL Trading Competition and traded $10 860 000 volume with ETERNAL tokens.

🎉Congratulations to the winners:

Find more on Biswap TG Channel:

Active participation brings high profits on Biswap!

Biswap Lottery Competition Report! | $2 402 in BSW for the Top Tickets Volume!

The 6th Weekly Lottery Competition is ended! Lucky winners received the BSW rewards to their Competition Balances!

1 457 users took part in the competition. A total of 100 Biswappers shared $2 402 in BSW. Heartfelt congratulations from the team! 🎉

See the strongest winner with the highest tickets volume and BSW reward:
🥇1st place — $720.69 in BSW

Click here to check your ranking:

The 7th Weekly Lottery Competition has started — gain glorious victory!🎰 https://biswap.org/lottery_competition

$1 000 Pinecone & Kalata Twitter Event Report!

Twitter event, as a part of trilateral partnership of Biswap, Pinecone and Kalata impressed with results!

50 mighty winners shared a great $1 000 Prize Pool!

Check the winners’ board:

Use lucrative opportunities from Biswap & Partners!

Join the Amiable Biswap Family!

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