Weekly Highlights from Robi! | January 16–22

3 min readJan 20, 2023

Are you tracking every Biswap move? We gathered the most important steps of this week. Check the report.

Biswap x OKX Wallet | Enjoy Vibrant Collaboration!

Our first partner in 2023! OKX Wallet is a gateway for your crypto, NFT & DApps.

Now you can:
💎 Stake Biswap LPs to the farm directly in the OKX App
💎 Connect OKX Wallet to Biswap

Find guide & details in the article:
📖 https://bit.ly/3IXpzin

Enjoy Biswap x OKX Wallet high-level service!

​​Biswap Announcement | Update in Fixed Staking Pools!

Biswap is partnering on the Fixed Staking feature with Binance, where the interest conditions for Biswap on BNB and ADA tokens have been changed.

❗️Due to it, all existing WBNB and ADA pools have been stopped on January 24, 1:00 PM UTC

New Pools will be added!

The new 30-day WBNB and ADA pools, along with old pools with DOT, will have easier entry conditions:

✔️No BSW in Holder Pool needed
✔️No minimum stake per wallet — only max

AMA with CEO Report | Find the Answers!

Thanks for all your questions! If you missed the January AMA session in the TG Chat, find out what Biswap CEO was talking about:

Become closer to Biswap!

Biswap Expert Mode | Trade like a Pro!

Check out the new article about crucial tools for advanced trading:

📊Indicators & Strategies
📈Patterns & drawing Tools
⚙️Chart Settings & more!

Make your technical analysis with Biswap!

​​TOP Space Agents | Winner Of December!

Cheers to the Spacewalk winners!

Join the following program to share $2 250 in BSW:
🌟Select a topic
🌟Fill out the registration form
🌟Submit your content

Start 2023 from the moon!

Closing Words

We are happy to share with you our glorious results! Are you ready for more heights and opportunities? Enter the new week with Biswap.

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