Weekly Highlights from Robi | June 13–19

That was a stunning 7 days with Biswap!
We hope you took maximum advantage.

Let’s summarize the spectacular events of this week:

Limited offer on BetFury!
Receive bonus in honor of the BFG Listing Anniversary on Biswap:

💰 Prize Pool: $5 000 in BFG
📆 Finish: When the Pool runs out
📍 Where: https://bit.ly/3mNmbtZ
🚀 Condition: deposit BSW & get BFG bonus

BSW Deposit Amount — BFG Win:

$10 — $19.99 in BSW 👉 $1 in BFG
$20 — $29.99 in BSW 👉 $2 in BFG
$30 — $39.99 in BSW 👉 $3 in BFG
$40 — $49.99 in BSW 👉 $4 in BFG
From $50 in BSW 👉 $5 in BFG

Don’t have BSW yet?
Buy a potent token on Biswap!

📍The BFG bonus can be earned once per account.
Deposit in other currencies is not counted as a separate bonus.

💸 Use BSW and gain lucrative bonuses!

Eager to win crypto? Join the challenge!

BetFury celebrates BFG Listing Anniversary on Biswap!

📆 Dates: 16–20 June
💰 Rewards: $3 000 in BFG & BSW

$1 500 in BFG
$1 500 in BSW

Start your participation HERE:

🔥Complete simple tasks
🔥Gather a big number of points
🔥Become one of the 100 winners
🔥WIN $30 in BFG & BSW

Read the details, and you’re good to go:

💵 More points -> more chances to win BSW & BFG!

BitKeep is our new potent partner;

the top DeFi multi-chain non-custodial crypto wallet providing secure & reliable crypto asset management services.

⚡️6M users
⚡️45K+ cryptocurrencies are supported
⚡️65+ chains are supported, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance

Hurry to try new features:

🛸Swap in BitKeep via Biswap
🛸Find Biswap in DeFi & Exchange lists
🛸Find BSW in the list of tokens on BNB Chain
🤑Other offers are on the way!

Biswap collaborates to extend offers for you!

Discover Ultiverse in a whole new way!

If you’re intrigued, join our AMA!

🏆 Prize: 50 Whitelist places for the Electric Sheep NFTs
👑 Winners: 50 users
⏰ When: 01:00 PM (UTC), June 20
📍 Where: https://t.me/biswap
🧑‍💻 Speakers:
Bowen — Marketing Manager at Ultiverse
Jay — Head of BD at Ultiverse

💡FYI: Whitelist is access to purchase the NFT during the minting period.

There will be 3 Campaigns during the AMA:

☄️Campaign 1 | Ultiverse x Biswap AMA Quiz!
☄️Campaign 2 | Questions from Twitter & Instagram!
☄️Campaign 3 | Live Questions from TG Chat!

📍To qualify for a reward, you must have a Discord ID.
📍If you become one of the winners, you need to be connected to Ultiverse Discord to claim a prize.

In the article, you can learn more about the AMA session:
👉 bit.ly/3zJEGaz

We reward curious minds at Biswap!

Dear Biswappers,

As a result of your feedback, we are happy to announce new available changes!
🎮 https://squid-nft.io/staff_game 🎮

Workers’ distribution limit will be updated two times per week instead of one:

⏰ Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC
⏰ Thursday at 12:00 PM UTC

The changes were made after analyzing your feedback.
Our goal is to make your experience enjoyable.

Review details via the link below:

Thank you for your patience and support!
🦸‍♂️Don’t miss out on a chance to hire a worker & earn crypto!

Take a look at the review on Biswap Audit!

🎬60 seconds security report by CertiK:

💰Our goal is to provide users with reliable and profitable products.

We greatly appreciate your:

YOU make us better!

Let’s create a safe crypto environment together!

All eyes on Biswap!
BSC Daily spotted a grand release:

Check out Marketplace V2.0:
🛍 Filters for Collections
🛍 Updated Main Page
🛍 Filter for Auctions
🛍And other updates

Biswap never stops developing profitable features!

Just in 24H, BSW made a significant jump:

🔥$113M trading volume
🔥TOP 2 in the ranking

BSC Daily catches all the records:

Trade & move forward with Biswap!

What beats a day at the beach?
Double earnings on Biswap!

🥥 Stake BSW
🥥 Earn BSW & ETH

⏰ Duration: 30 days
📍 Max stake per user: 1 000 BSW
📍 Stake 300+ BSW in BSW Holder Pool to join.

Get the most out of benefits:
☀️ Double rewards
☀️ High APR
☀️ Vivid offer for BSW Holders
☀️ Gain potent tokens in return

Admire lucrative token breeze on Biswap!

Search for a possibility to increase your income easily?

💎Stake BSW
💎Earn EXOS

👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_bsw

📆 Duration: 30 days
📍 Unlimited max stake per user.

Wow! What benefits for stakers:

💸 Superb offer for BSW Holders
💸 Gain a robust token in return

Let your crypto work for you!

Enjoy high APY on Biswap Farms!
👉 https://biswap.org/farms

Get BSW via Boosted TRX-BNB Farm:

💸56.25% APY
💸0.4X Multiplier

Provide liquidity to enable farm
⬆️And get 50% of the trading fee.

Just invest & APYs will do their best!

Check out Starlight Choice results:


🏅 37.06% — Crypto Botan
🏅 27.83% — Techy Jaison
🏅 12.94% — Crypto Line
🏅 12.17% — CRYPTOX BLOG — Crypto Investments
🏅 6.43% — CryptoDI
🏅 1.53% — АлексЧе
🏅 1.36% — GG Nics
🏅 0.51% — SEMTAXA
🏅 0.17% — Crypto com o Math

🏆$500 in BSW for Community best-liked:
Crypto Botan with 871 votes

🧑‍💻 New topics for the June Spacewalk are available!
Become a Space Agent & make profit with your talent.

🙋14 189 participants

🪄7 093 #biswap_earn tweets
🪄7 096 #biswap_exchange tweets

🤩Lucky winners:

Details in @Biswap_Dex docs:

⚡️Thanks for the activity!
You are always welcome to join all Biswap events!

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