Weekly Highlights from Robi | June 13–19

BFG Airdrop for BSW Deposit! | $5 000 in BFG for Investors!

​​BetFury x Biswap Challenge! | Split $3 000 in BFG & BSW!

Biswap x BitKeep Partnership! | Experience New Opportunities!

​​Biswap AMA with Ultiverse! | 50 Whitelist Places for NFTs Mint!

​​Staff Game Updates! | Workers’ Distribution Time!

Biswap Audit Report Review! | By CertiK Security Leaderboard!

BSC Daily Highlighted Us! | Launch of Biswap Marketplace V2.0!​​

BSW is Most Traded DeFi Token! | In the BNB Chain Last 24H!

New Double Launchpool! | Enjoy Summer with Hot Profit!

Robust EXOS Launchpool! | Magnify Your Crypto Assets!

​​TRX-BNB Farm Boost! | Grow Your Assets Passively!

​​Starlight Choice Report! | ​​$500 in BSW for Users’ Favorite​​!

51st Sharing Season Report! | $1 060 in BSW Were Shared!



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