Weekly Highlights from Robi! | March 14–20

Meet ​​BSW Syrup Pool & Farm | Voting for BSW on Pancake is Over!

436 809 BSW Airdrop on Gate.Io | Catch the Glowing BSW Stars!

BSW Listing on Gate.io​​ | Biswap Fulfills Listing on CEX!

  • BSW growth in the crypto industry
  • More BSW Holders
  • Guaranteed liquidity
  • Possibility of exchanging crypto to fiat

Biswap x MVL Collaboration | Official bMVL Listing on Biswap!

  • Motivate quality and safety
  • Validate mutual trust
  • Leverage blockchain

​​Distinctive bMVL Launchpool |Stake BSW — Obtain bMVL!

  • Stake BSW
  • Earn bMVL
  • High APR
  • Gainful offer for BSW Holders
  • Receive powerful token in return

​​TOP 10 Weekly Active Users Share 500 BSW in Biswap TG Chat!

​​Royal BTCB Launchpool | Stake BSW — Get BTCB!

  • Stake BSW
  • Earn BTCB
  • 500 BSW max stake per user.
  • Stake 200+ BSW in BSW Holder Pool to join.
  • High APR
    Magnificent offer for BSW Holders
  • Receive mighty token in return

Squid NFT World V2.0 in Progress | Favorable Changes Are Coming!

  • Implementation on the Website
  • Versions Transition Details
  • New Contract Payment Mechanics
  • Stable BSW Rewards in Games
  • Winning chance increase
  • Elimination of the SE reducing
  • Game Tactics Calculations

Frequent Questions About SNW V2.0 | Find Answers to your FAQs!

$7 500 in BSW & 10 Robbies NFTs ​​| Comic Tourney is Extended

Significant APYs on Biswap Farms | Farm Stablecoins — Get Robust Income!

​​BFG in Squid NFT World Report | Vivid Results of 10M BFG Reward Pool!

Biswap is TOP 4 BNB Chain Dapp | By Volume in the Last 7 Days!

  • Activity
  • Support
  • Energy
  • Feedback

​​​38th Sharing Season Report | $1 060 in BSW for Champions!

​​25th Lottery Competition Report | $433 in BSW for Winners!

​​Booming $13 000+ Lottery Pool | $1 Lottery Ticket for a Bunch of BSW!

  • Purchase the lottery ticket for only $1
  • Wait for the round to end
  • Claim epic BSW winnings
  • Multiply your earnings by inviting your friends

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