Weekly Highlights from Robi! March 21–27

BSW is Listed on Binance! | Biswap Skyrockets to the Moon​​!

​​BSW Available on Binance Earn | Deposit Your Funds & Earn interest in BSW!

BSW is Listed on Bybit | Biswap is on the Move!

​​BSW is Listed on Tokocrypto | Biswap Progresses in the Defi World!

BSW is Listed in Crypto.Com Wallet | Biswap Keep Expanding in DeFi!

​​Biswap Became a Part Of Global BNBChain Hackathon!

Majestic 10th Month of Biswap! Inspiring Progress & Achievements!

​​Biswap Checklist Updates | New Targets Are Set!

  • Listing on the main crypto exchanges
  • Marketing promotion (media & bloggers)
  • New Strategic partnerships
  • Fixed staking
  • Biswap Marketplace V2.0
  • Staff game in SNW

​​Squid NFT World V2.0 is Released | Play & Win in Renewed Biswap GameFi!


​​20 000 000 BFG Reward Pool in Squid NFT World V1.0 & V2.0!

BFG Trading Competition | $3 000 BSW + 10 Robbies NFTs for TOP Traders!

BSW Rewards Regulation in Squid NFT World V1.0!

  • 1 Game: $8.22 (11.42 BSW)
  • 2 Game: $17.11 (23.77 BSW)
  • 3 Game: $26.15 (36.33 BSW)
  • 4 Game: $35.29 (49.02 BSW)
  • 5 Game: $44.69 (62.08 BSW)
  • 6 Game: $54.48 (75.68 BSW)
  • 7 Game: $64.99 (90.27 BSW)

​​$68 500 BSW in Gate.Io x Biswap Events | Trading Competition & Other Activities!

BSW Liquidity Mining Pool on Gate.Io | 29 200 BSW Limited Reward!

HODL & Earn BSW on Gate.io | Join to Boost your Yields!

BSW 3X Leverage on Gate.io | Lend & Earn BSW with 365% APR!

​​Luxury ETH Launchpool | Stake BSW — Get ETH!

2X APY Boost on Biswap Vaults | Earn via Biswap & ACryptoS Promo!

​​BSW is TOP 6 Gainer on CMC | 11 447.06% Volume Increase in 24H!

Biswap x Huobi LP Competition is Over!

$554 477 321 BSW Volume in 24H | Token Growth on CoinMarketCap!

​​400K+ Active Users on Biswap | More Users Join the Global DEX!

​​Biswap Ecosystem Update | Progressing in the World of DeFi!

​​Skyhigh APYs on BSW Farms | Provide Liquidity to Gain High Yields!​​​​

Immense APYs on Biswap Farms | Gain 50% in Crypto as a Liquidity Provider!

​​26th Lottery Competition Report | $1 133 in BSW for Lucky Ones!

​​Rising $28 000+ Lottery Pool | Win BSW with a $1 Lottery Ticket!

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