Weekly Highlights from Robi! | March 28 — April 3

​​BSW Locked Staking on Binance with up to 143.25% APY! Buy & Stake BSW to Share 22 500 BSW!

Binance Added BSW to the Convert & OTC Portal!

BSW Season on Binance! $100 000 in BSW Learn & Trade!

​​BSW Season on Binance! $45 000 in BSW Giveaway!

$2 000 000 000+ BSW Volume in 24H! TOP 8 on BNB Chain on CoinMarketCap!

Biswap is TOP 4 DEX On CoinMarketCap!

  • The lowest commission fee 0.1%
  • High APYs on Farms & Launchpools
  • Multi-type Referral System
  • BSW Holder Pool

​​BSW is TOP 2 by 24H Volume in DeFi Sector on CoinMarketCap!

​​👩‍🚀Biswap Space Agents Page is Live! Get More Acquainted With the Program! 👩‍🚀
Biswap Space Agents Page is Live! Get More Acquainted With the Program!

  • Overview — $5 000 000 BSW Space Agents Program
  • Monthly Spacewalk — Share $10 000 BSW monthly
  • Space Mission — Earn up to $3 000 BSW monthly

Space Agents Program Relaunch! New Topics for Monthly Spacewalk!

New Mission for a Space Agent! $500 in BFG for Hot Topic!

​​Biswap x Oddiyana Ventures Collab! New Possibilities for Platform Growth!

​​Biswap x OpenLeverage Collaboration! New Possibilities are Waiting for You!

Biswap x FaraStarter Collaboration! New Blockchain Games with Biswap Liquidity!

Dynamic ADA Launchpool! Earn Crypto With Ease!

Enjoy APE — BNB Farm & 0.3X Multiplier​​!APE is Listed on Biswap DEX!

High APRs in Biswap Launchpools! Stake BSW — Earn Robust Tokens!

​​Stormy APY Boost on Farms! Magnify Your Crypto Assets via Farming!

BSW is TOP 3 Most Traded Token Highlighted by BSCDaily!

​​Squid NFT World is TOP 2! Game by Users Activity Last 7D!

​​Rush to Join Gate.Io x Biswap Events! Share $68 500 BSW in 5 Activities!

Shining $41 000+ Lottery Pool! $1 Lottery Ticket Brings Bunch of BSW

​​Join Biswap Comic Tourney! $7 500 in BSW & NFTs for Winners!

​​BFG Trading Competition Report! $3 000 in BSW for Best Traders

Live Biswap AMA with OpenLeverage! 1 000 in OLE for Interesting Questions!

​​27th Lottery Competition Report! $2 061 in BSW for Blissful Winners!

40th Sharing Season Report!​​ $1 060 in BSW Were Shared!

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