Weekly Highlights from Robi! | March 28 — April 3

Let’s view Biswap Weekly productivity.

In 7 days you could change, achieve and earn a lot!

​​BSW Locked Staking on Binance with up to 143.25% APY! Buy & Stake BSW to Share 22 500 BSW!

Good news — it’s about new opportunities!
Maximize BSW on Binance Earn! Binance provides a new BSW offer:

💵 BSW Locked Staking with up to 143.25% APY
💵 Buy & Stake BSW to Share 22 500 BSW

Start your lucrative BSW lock:

Discover more information in the article:
👉 https://bit.ly/372kEvC

Explore staking potential on Binance platform!

Binance Added BSW to the Convert & OTC Portal!

Biswappers, show your trading power on Binance! BSW has been added to the Convert & OTC Portal, with 50 new trading pairs supported.

💰Trade BSW against TOP crypto on Binance

Including BTC, BUSD, USDC, USDT and other tokens.

Look at the announcement:

Find BSW in the Portal:

BSW is a key to fabulous Crypto earnings!

BSW Season on Binance! $100 000 in BSW Learn & Trade!

The BSW season at Binance is in full swing!
Explore new ways to gain rewards 👇

Learn & Trade BSW via the Activities.

💵Prize Pool: $100 000 in BSW to share
📆Duration: 7 days

Start: April 1, 00:00 AM UTC
End: April 7, 11:59 PM UTC

Activity 1: Learn & Earn $75 000 Prize Pool in BSW

1️⃣ Deposit 500 BSW or trade 700 BSW
2️⃣ Read the BSW introduction article
3️⃣ Take the quiz during the activity period.
4️⃣ Share a prize pool of the $75 000 in BSW token vouchers.

Activity 2: Share Promotional Poster to Split $15 000 in BSW

1️⃣ Trade at least 300 BSW
2️⃣ Share the promotional poster in the form on social media
3️⃣ Submit the screenshot here
4️⃣ Claim a piece of the $15 000 prize pool in BSW token vouchers

Activity 3: Trade BSW to Win $200 in BSW Each.

1️⃣ Trade BSW
2️⃣ Enter a Challenge
3️⃣ Win $200 in BSW

💰50 winners will be selected based on the rules to win $200 in BSW each.

More details here:
👉 https://bit.ly/3uH8OPH

Earn great BSW rewards on Binance! It’s a perfect season!

​​BSW Season on Binance! $45 000 in BSW Giveaway!

Biswap’s achievements have not gone without a trace. BSW listing on Binance provides new earning opportunities! We hasten to share with our users the best offers.

Join the Giveaway to claim your BSW rewards!

💰Prize Pool: $45 000 in BSW to share
📆Duration: 7 days

Start: March 31, 09:30 AM UTC
End: April 7, 11:59 PM UTC

Activity 1: Register on Binance to Share $40 000 in BSW

1️⃣ Register on Binance here
2️⃣ Claim a share in the $40 000 BSW prize pool

Activity 2: Register & Trade to Win $20 in BSW

1️⃣ Register on Binance here
2️⃣ Complete KYC
3️⃣ Trade a minimum total trading volume (including buys and sells) of 700 BSW across BSW spot trading pairs

More details here:
👉 https://bit.ly/3NB9oqJ

Feel this generous taste of Binance BSW Season!

$2 000 000 000+ BSW Volume in 24H! TOP 8 on BNB Chain on CoinMarketCap!

BSW has unlimited potential! And the last ranking lists on CoinMarketCap can prove it!

BSW gained height:

💸 $2 047 689 206 Volume on CMC in the last 24h

View the colossal numbers:

💸 $900 000 000+ Volume on Binance in the last 24h

Get a load of the startling statistics:

The Biswap team appreciates your trust and support! We are confident that new heights are just around the corner!

Biswap is TOP 4 DEX On CoinMarketCap!

Biswap DEX gained super rank!


👑 TOP 4 place on CoinMarketCap
💎 $485 322 093 DEX Trading Volume in 24h
📈 97.53% Volume growth in 24h

Track Biswap progress on CMC:

Try all Biswap DEX benefits:

  • The lowest commission fee 0.1%
  • High APYs on Farms & Launchpools
  • Multi-type Referral System
  • BSW Holder Pool

Find more advantages here:

The higher we are, the stronger we are!

​​BSW is TOP 2 by 24H Volume in DeFi Sector on CoinMarketCap!

Biswap DEX is conquering the DeFi peaks!

BSW takes over leading positions:

💥TOP 2 position in the DeFi Sector on CMC
💥$1 903 185 075 Volume last 24 hours

Take a look at this super rank:

Thank you for taking us to the top!
Let’s keep developing and taking over the DeFi world!

​​👩‍🚀Biswap Space Agents Page is Live! Get More Acquainted With the Program! 👩‍🚀
Biswap Space Agents Page is Live! Get More Acquainted With the Program!

Biswap launched Space Agents Program Page for your convenience!

All necessary information is in one place.

Find out all the details and perks of this program for affiliates.

The page is divided into the following sections:

  • Overview — $5 000 000 BSW Space Agents Program
  • Monthly Spacewalk — Share $10 000 BSW monthly
  • Space Mission — Earn up to $3 000 BSW monthly

Analyze Biswap Space Agents Page to find detailed description, requirements, contacts etc.

Become Biswap affiliate and enjoy the crypto perks!

Space Agents Program Relaunch! New Topics for Monthly Spacewalk!

Astronauts, are you ready?
Biswap is announcing the relaunch of the Monthly Spacewalk Program.

Choose an appropriate topic to spread unique content about Biswap! It will bring lots of benefits for you, be sure.

Start: April 1 (02:00 PM UTC)
End: May 1 (02:00 PM UTC)


Find new topics to create unique and educational content:


➖ Biswap review. Advantages for users
➖ BSW is listed on Binance. New opportunities for Biswap & BSW
➖ Biswap Multi-Type Referral Program
➖ Biswap & Betfury. All aspects of the strategic collaboration

NFT Direction

➖ Biswap Marketplace. Key Points and benefits of using.
➖ How to connect wallet and trade on Biswap Marketplace, opportunities of trading
➖ Robbies Earn NFT Collection

Squid NFT World

➖ Squid NFT World. V2.0 Game review
➖ Players & Bus Collection V2.0 review
➖ Your unique strategy for playing Squid NFT World V2.0

How to join the program❓

1️⃣ Choose a topic & complete the Registration Form
2️⃣ Create content
3️⃣ Share your content
4️⃣ Submit your content
5️⃣ Go through the content assessment process

Discover more details and requirements:

$10 000 in BSW Spacewalk Program:

Up to $3 000 in BSW Space Mission:

The biggest power nowadays is information. Become a source of this precious resource!

New Mission for a Space Agent! $500 in BFG for Hot Topic!

Biswap & BetFury collaboration is about mighty events and special offers for users! Such good services have to be popularized.

Biswap Marketing team is looking for influential Affiliates who will tell the audience about

Biswap & BetFury cooperation!

Biswap & BetFury collaboration is about mighty events and special offers for users! Such good services have to be popularized.

🪐Topic: All aspects of Biswap & BetFury collab
💰Prize Pool: $500 in BFG

Submit your content HERE:

Join Biswap Space Agents Program:

Find out more details:

Let World know about Biswap!

📍 Don’t forget that sharing information about Biswap among friends is always welcome!

Take benefits from the Referral system!

​​Biswap x Oddiyana Ventures Collab! New Possibilities for Platform Growth!

Once again, exceptional collaboration with a venture company! No doubt that this cooperation has significant potential and utility.

Oddiyana Ventures is an investment firm exploring & investing in early-stage blockchain projects.

It considers funding projects in DeFi, NFTs, web3 applications, metaverse, and other relevant new developments in the space.

Discover the incredible services our partner provides:

💫 Growth
💫 Funding
💫 Exposure/Marketing
💫 Strategic Advisory

Explore the project more:

New opportunities will arise from this partnership.
Be the first to know about new offers!

​​Biswap x OpenLeverage Collaboration! New Possibilities are Waiting for You!

Exciting news for our community!
Biswap presents you with its new partner — OpenLeverage!

OpenLeverage is a permissionless lending margin trading protocol that enables traders or other applications to be long or short on any trading pair on DEXs efficiently and securely.

New Partnership means that new doors are open and more opportunities are available! Try all of them👇

Check Biswap possibilities by Open Leverage:
💠 Lending pools and margin trading markets

Integrated with BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW via Biswap.

Start on March 30:

⏰10:00 AM UTC — Lending pools
⏰12:00 PM UTC — Lending & Trading

💠 Permissionless margin trading support for all pairs on Biswap

💠 $OLE incentive for lending and margin trading for the BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW pair on Biswap.

OLE token reward will be vested when the OLE token launches.

💠 Referral Program & Invitation League

46.6% of the trading fees for the TOP referrers:

💵 Invite and receive up to 25% extra reward
💵 As an invitee, get a 5% reward

Review more details here:
👉 https://bit.ly/3tQ1FNJ

Bswap expanding is so outstanding!

Biswap x FaraStarter Collaboration! New Blockchain Games with Biswap Liquidity!

Cooperation is a crucial part of the progress! Biswap entered into a strategic partnership with FaraStarter!

🕹FaraStarter is a launchpad created by gamers for gamers to support all Blockchain Game Projects.

Sounds cool, isn’t it?
Discover the benefits:

💥Multi-chain Support
💥Tier Determination and Exclusive Benefits
💥Organized process and 24/7 Support by Admins

Profit from FARA-BNB Farm with high APY:
👉 https://biswap.org/farms

Is your project perspective and search for support?

$10 000 000 Biswap Global Incentive Program is here:

Take all the advantages of this collab!

Dynamic ADA Launchpool! Earn Crypto With Ease!

Biswap DEX is happy to provide new possibilities to users!
Are you ready to boost your crypto profits?

Hurry up to use the limited offer ADA Launchpool!

💎 Stake BSW
💎 Earn ADA


⏰ Duration: 30 days
📌 500 BSW max stake per user.
📌 Stake 200+ BSW in BSW Holder Pool to join.

Benefit via Biswap Launchpools:

💰 High APR
💰 Gleaming offer for BSW Holders
💰 Get a vibrant token in return

The best time to start earning crypto is now! Stake on time

Enjoy APE — BNB Farm & 0.3X Multiplier​​!APE is Listed on Biswap DEX!

Biswap DEX is the perfect platform to discover the mightiest tokens!

That’s why the APE token is officially listed on Biswap!

Take advantage of the new offer:
APE — BNB Farm

Farm with 0.3X Multiplier on Biswap:

Where to get APE on BNB Chain?

Bridge APE by using:

Experience all benefits of Liquidity Provider and enjoy a great APY harvest!

High APRs in Biswap Launchpools! Stake BSW — Earn Robust Tokens!

Lucrative staking? It is right on Biswap!
No sense in looking for more favourable conditions:


Check out lucrative APRs:

💵 74.09% APR for Stake BSW — Earn ADA
💵 64.16% APR for Stake BSW — Earn ETH
💵 63.83% APR for Stake BSW — Earn WBNB
💵 66.76% APR for Stake BSW — Earn BTCB
💵 65.57% APR for Stake BSW — Earn bMVL
💵 59.38% APR for Stake BSW — Earn GQ
💵 36.26% APR for Stake BSW — Earn LOA

Sky-scraping APRs raise your profit via Biswap Launchpools

​​Stormy APY Boost on Farms! Magnify Your Crypto Assets via Farming!

You are welcome to Biswap Farm! Welcome to Biswap Farm! The most favourable conditions for an impressive harvest here!

Stormy APY Boost raises your assets!

Stake in boosted Farming pairs:

💵 47.78% APY for ZIL — BNB
💵 39.42% APY for TWT — BNB
💵 14.15% APY for SUSHI — ETH
💵 31.76% APY for GALA — BNB

👉 https://biswap.org/farms

Show your excellent farming skills on the most lucrative Biswap fields!

BSW is TOP 3 Most Traded Token Highlighted by BSCDaily!

We are happy to present you stunning Biswap Achievements!

BSW is the 3rd most traded token on the BNB Chain! We know fo sure that limits are breaking for BSW:

💰 $355 000 000+ in BSW were traded in BNB Chain last 7 days!

Check it by yourself:

Catch the rhythm of the BSW growing flow!

​​Squid NFT World is TOP 2! Game by Users Activity Last 7D!

Squid NFT World is shining from the highest-ranking positions!

Biswap GameFi was in the TOP charts by Users Activity on BNB Chain!
TOP 2: 11.84K Users Activity Last 7 Days

Check out the data provided by Gameverse:

Show your gaming skills here:

Lead us to the next peaks via Play & Earn

​​Rush to Join Gate.Io x Biswap Events! Share $68 500 BSW in 5 Activities!

Are you looking for profitable activities? Biswap x Gate.io events are filled with extra-precious prizes! $68 500 BSW are waiting for users, especially for you!

💰 Total Prize Pool: $68 500 in BSW
📅 End: 04 April, 08:00 AM (UTC)

You will definitely find a perfect activity for yourself:

💥 $46 000 in BSW for Trading Competition
💥 $12 600 in BSW for Deposit Activity
💥 $3 800 in BSW for New Users Register & Trade Activity
💥 $3 800 in BSW for Inviting New Users to Trade Activity
💥 $2 300 in BSW for Twitter Giveaway

View the article by Gate.io & win more BSW:
👉 https://bit.ly/3tCeICz

Please, don’t skip these eventful & rewarding offers!

Shining $41 000+ Lottery Pool! $1 Lottery Ticket Brings Bunch of BSW

Huge rewards are coming!

💰$41 000+ in Prize Pot!

Buy the lottery ticket for only $1 and claim great BSW winnings

Biswap Lottery details:

🏆Tempt your crypto fortune in the new round! Next Lottery Pool its your chance!

​​Join Biswap Comic Tourney! $7 500 in BSW & NFTs for Winners!

⏳ time is running out! Hurry to take part in Biswap Comic Tourney!

Rewarding is super close!

📆 Due date: April 18, 02:00 PM UTC
📍 Place: Biswap Twitter or Telegram Chat
🏆 Prize Pool: $7 500 in BSW
💰 Extra Rewards: 10 Robbies NFTs
🧑‍🎨 Total winners: 39

📝 Task:Create comic art about Biswap, its features, or precisely about one of its 3 core directions: Biswap DEX, NFT Direction, Squid NFT World.

More details about Biswap Comic Tourney:
👉 https://bit.ly/3Buo99o

Reveal your creative potential in Biswap Comic Tourney and win BSW!
Wish you lots of inspiration and motivation!

​​BFG Trading Competition Report! $3 000 in BSW for Best Traders

BFG Trading Competition has finished! Our users demonstrated great activity and won the best rewards!

💰$3 000 in BSW went to 100 mighty traders
😎 1 972 — total participants

Check out the Trading Ranking List! It was a powerful rivalry

Welcome the winners and find inspiration for the next contests!Track all announcements to not skip any opportunity

Live Biswap AMA with OpenLeverage! 1 000 in OLE for Interesting Questions!

Biswap team is open to conversation! Feel free to ask about OpenLeverage on Biswap Telegram.

Even more, Those who submit the most intriguing questions will be rewarded!

Rachel — Marketing Manager at the OpenLeverage
Chloe — Business Developer at Biswap

When: 01:00 PM (UTC), April 4
📍Where: https://t.me/biswap
👑Prize: 1 000 in OLE for 10 users with the best questions:

⚡️ 5 questions on Biswap Twitter
⚡️ 5 questions during Live AMA in TG Chat

Prepare your questions! Be ready for a generous response!
Thank you for being with us this week!

​​27th Lottery Competition Report! $2 061 in BSW for Blissful Winners!

The 27th Weekly lottery Competition was generous! Your activity was impressive.

🤩 1097 — participants

Look at the stunning outcome of the raffle and greet the lucky Winners

Buy the Lottery ticket and win BSW:

Experience your fortune in the 28th Lottery Competition!

40th Sharing Season Report!​​ $1 060 in BSW Were Shared!

Thanks for your activity during the 40th Sharing Season!

🙋31 938 participants
🪄16 076 #biswap_earn tweets
🪄15 862 #biswap_exchange tweets

$1 060 in BSW went to worthy winners!

Greet Lucky users:

Details in @Biswap_Dex docs:

Biswap keeps providing the most lucrative events for Biswappers!

Follow official Biswap social media:

📢 Telegram Channel: https://t.me/biswap_news
💬 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap
🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex
💻 YouTube: https://bit.ly/2YXYve7
📃 Medium: https://biswap-dex.medium.com/
💡Zendesk: https://biswap.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
🎮 Squid NFT World Chat: https://t.me/snw_biswap

Feel free to ask any questions and share your ideas!

🤖 Find the Community Drivers of Biswap here:
💬 Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap

Local Biswap Communities:

🌐 Indonesian-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_idn
🌐 Vietnamese Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_vnm
🌐 Russian-Speaking TG Chat https://t.me/biswap_rus
🌐 French-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_france
🌐 Portuguese-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_prt
🌐 German-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_germany
🌐 Chinese-Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_china




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