Weekly Highlights from Robi | May 2–8

11 min readMay 8, 2022


Good news every day!
Let’s survey announcements of this mighty week:

BSW Listing on KuCoin! | Biswap Expands the Horizons

More astonishing news for BSW Holders!
BSW gets listed on KuCoin CEX!

🌟KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Are you ready to establish new BSW trades?
Trade BSW under BSW/USDT soon:
👉 https://bit.ly/3Mtnl8S

Looking for the guidelines?
Here is the article:

Take part in BSW trading on global CEX! Keep checking back for more!

BSW Emission is Reduced! | Updated BSW Tokenomics

Biswap tokenomics have been affected by Community Voting.

📍 BSW Emission is reduced:
From 20 to 16 tokens per block.

🔥Hold & earn with your BSW!🔥

Don’t have any BSW yet❓
That’s the right time to buy it:
💵 https://biswap.org/

The results of the implementation:

🌟 3 456 000 tokens less will be released each month
🌟 Positive impact on BSW price & demand
🌟 BSW value growth in the DeFi
🌟 Higher BSW ranks & stats in DeFi
🌟 More privileges for BSW Holders

Strengthen BSW, and it will lead you to the highest peaks!

Biswap Marketplace V2.0 | Spectacular Release Within 7 Days

Mighty transformation of Biswap Marketplace soon!

⏰ Release within 7 days

See the upcoming changes:

🚀 Updated UI/UX Marketplace Page
The page will be more convenient to use.

🚀 Separate Page for Each NFT Collection
All information about the collection will be in one place.

🚀 Separate Analytics Page for TOP Collections
Special attention to statistics and activity.

🚀 New Page with TOP Sales
See the brightest deals made on the Marketplace.

🚀 Filters for Collections
Fast & simple collection searching.

🚀 Updated Main Page
Overall statistics of Marketplace and TOP Collections will be added.

🚀 Filter for Auctions
Find NFTs on Auction in one click.

Get ready to trade NFTs on the updated market!

Biswap AMA Session with Binance | $4 000 in BSW for TOP Questions

Prepare for Biswap AMA Session with Binance!

The AMA will be held in Binance Turkish TG Chat!

Ask the most intriguing questions and claim rewards:

📆Date: 4th May (05:00 PM UTC)
💵Prize Pool: $4 000 in BSW
📌Place: http://t.me/TRBinanceTR

You already can start asking on Instagram:

😉Ask to receive answers & BSW rewards!

Biswap Referral Program! | Watch the New Video on YouTube!

Are you aware of all the earning potential on Biswap?
Discover more about the Multi-type Referral Program!

A NEW VIDEO is out!
Watch it on Biswap YouTube:
▶️ https://bit.ly/3vOOwFJ

Invite your friends & earn together:

💰 Up to 20% via Swaps Commission
💰 5% via Farms
💰 5% via Launchpools
💰 2% via Lottery Tickets Purchase
💰 3% via Squid NFT World Winnings

It’s a powerful way to boost your income!
💸On Biswap, you can gain mighty with your friends!

Biswap AMA with Exobots​​ | $1 000 in EXOS for TOP Questions!

Don’t miss the chance to get to know Exobots better!
Join the AMA session to satisfy your curiosity:

💰Prize: $1000 in EXOS
👑Winners: 30 users
When: 01:00 PM (UTC), May 9
📍Where: https://t.me/biswap
🧑‍💻Speaker: Frankus, CEO of Exobots

AMA session with Exobots​​ will be divided into 3 Campaigns:

💠 Campaign 1 | Exobots x Biswap AMA Quiz

Pool: $800 in EXOS
Winners: first 20 users who answer all questions correctly

📍The Form with the questions will be open for 10 min during the AMA.

💠Campaign 2 | Questions from Twitter & Instagram

Pool: $120 in EXOS
Winners: 6 users

Questions: 3 from Twitter & 3 from Instagram

Twitter Conditions:
1️⃣ Follow Biswap & Exobots Twitter
2️⃣ Like and retweet Biswap tweet
3️⃣ Comment with a question about Exobots & BEP-20 wallet

Instagram Conditions:

1️⃣ Follow Biswap & Exobots Instagram
2️⃣ Like Biswap post in Instagram
3️⃣ Comment with a question about Exobots
(The Biswap team will DM you regarding BEP-20 wallet)

💬Start asking your questions now under the posts on Biswap social media!

💠Campaign 3 | Live questions during AMA

Pool: $80 in EXOS
Winners: 4 users
Questions: 4 live during the AMA

Find more about AMA Session flow in the Article:
👉 https://bit.ly/38b1lRL

📍The winner’s list will be published after the AMA ends.
📍Exobots team will share all the rewards within 48h after the IDO.

Prepare your questions for the AMA session!

EXOS Utilities After IDO! | New Opportunities on Biswap!

We would like to reveal some of the features of the promising collaboration with Exobots!

💎EXOS is a BNB Chain token for Exobots: Omens of Steel.

Exobots players will be able to earn EXOS by playing the game, winning battles or trading on the marketplace.

What EXOS utilities can you expect on Biswap after IDO❓

💰 Official EXOS Listing
💰 EXOS — BUSD Farm
💰 Stake BSW — Earn EXOS Launchpool
💰 Stake EXOS — Earn EXOS & BSW Launchpool

Discover more about the project & EXOS token:

Join IDO & experience new offers right after it on Biswap!

Follow Biswap on Instagram! | Meet New Social Media!

Biswap is expanding its Social Media!

Welcome to the Official Biswap Instagram account:

✅ biswap_org
👉 https://instagram.com/biswap_org

Show your activity:

⭐️ Follow
⭐️ Like
⭐️ Comment
⭐️ Share Stories

Subscribe to stay tuned & get unique content!

Add Biswap to Favourites on Instagram

Want to keep abreast of Biswap development?
Add Biswap Instagram account to your Favourites!

How to do it? Easy!
Open your Instagram and:

1️⃣Open biswap_org Instagram account
2️⃣Tap the Following button below the bio
3️⃣Select 🌟Add to Favourites on the pop-up menu

Congrats! You’ll get the news first!
💸Follow Biswap on Insta & stay tuned!

​​Limit on Game Contract Purchases!

Dear Biswap Community,
We announce necessary changes in Squid NFT World.

📍The limit on Game Contract purchases takes effect now.
The available amount for purchase per day will decrease gradually.

A specific amount will be available for purchase:
⏰Every 6 hours

☑️After the 46th week, contracts won’t be available for purchase.

The announcement can be seen here:

View the table above👆

​​GAL is Listed on Biswap DEX | Enjoy GAL-BNB Farm with High APR!

GAL token is sought-after in DeFi.
⭐️ So GAL is officially listed on Biswap!

Benefit to the fullest from the new offer:
🚀586.55% APR for GAL-BNB Farm


APR will decrease as liquidity goes up.

Provide liquidity to:

💵Catch high APRs
💵Start passive BSW income
💵Gain 50% of the trading fee

Swap & farm GAL on Biswap to gain best profit!

Biswap x Ripae Finance Collab! | PAE & pBNB Listing on Biswap!

Biswap is welcoming a new prominent partner!

💡 Ripae Finance is a cross-chain algorithmic stable coin pegged to each native chain the project is deployed on.

Ripae Finance characteristics:

🌟 Fair: Honest launch for everyone.
🌟 Safe: Renounced ownership, time locks, multi-sig and strong partnerships.
🌟 Unique: Cross-chain focused with PAE at the core.

Get ready to trade new robust tokens!

💸PAE & pBNB tokens are listed on Biswap DEX!

Available trading pairs:



💵Stake Biswap LPs & Earn PAE on Ripae Finance:

Read the detailed article:
👉 https://bit.ly/3y3vAoh

Be the first to know about new Biswap offers!

Incredible PAE Launchpool | Discover Beneficial Staking!

Time to take advantage of the new Biswap x Ripae Finance collab!

⚡️PAE is a mighty coin of the prosperous Ripae Finance project, listed on Biswap DEX!

Start your passive earn via the new pool:

⏰Duration: 30 days
💸Stake BSW
💸Earn PAE

Want to gain more crypto with BSW?
Start lucrative staking HERE:

Reveal your earning potential at Biswap Launchpools!

Biswap Integrated at Ripae! | Expand Your Assets via Biswap LPs!

Biswap x Ripae Finance collaboration grows.

Experience the Farms to multiply your assets:

💰1 299.93% APR for pBNB-BNB-LP
💰1 049.66% APR for PAE-BNB-LP

Profit with Biswap Liquidity on Ripae Finance:

🌟 Provide Liquidity on Biswap
🌟 Stake LPs on Ripae Finance:


🌟 Claim PAE tokens

💵Want to receive Biswap LPs?💵
Provide liquidity here & profit with ease:

Learn more about this collaboration:
🔎 https://bit.ly/3y3vAoh

Start making passive income with Biswap Liquidity!

OLE & BSW Trading Competition! | Join the Competition at OpenLeverage!

Biswap x OpenLeverage collaboration is expanding!

New exceptional Trading Competition for Biswap Traders!

👑Total Prize Pool:
2 150 000 OLE + 5 000 in BSW

These rewards will be shared during 3 campaigns:

⚡️Trade Early for More
Pool: 1 600 000 OLE

⚡️BSW Trading Rewards
Pool: 5 000 BSW

⚡️Lending Reward on Amount & Time
Pool: 550 000 OLE

⏰BSW Rewards Duration: 6 days
Start: May 4 (12:00 PM UTC)
End: May 10 (12:00 PM UTC)

📍Participate in the ‘BSW Trading Rewards’ campaign by selecting Biswap under the ‘Executing On DEX’ button on the trading page:


Rewards distribution:

❗️ OLE rewards will be available to claim after the TGE
Before the TGE, users can find their OLE rewards here:
❗ You can also claim BSW rewards via the link above.

More details here:
👉 https://bit.ly/3yf7Eyi

The earlier you trade, the greater the rewards. Be the first to claim your prize!

Biswap x Beefy Vaults! | New Offer with Biswap Liquidity!

More earning opportunities are here!

You can feel the power of this collaboration!

Enjoy new vaults with Biswap Liquidity:

💰 10.3% APY for BTCB-USDT
💰 8% APY for BNB-BTCB
💰 17% APY for BNB-BUSD
💰 13.4% APY for ETH-USDT
💰 10% APY for ETH-BNB
💰 6.5% APY for UST-BUSD
💰 42% APY for CAKE-BNB

Find Auto-Compounding vaults here:

Stake & Earn via simple steps:

✔ Provide Liquidity on Biswap
✔ Stake your LPs on Beefy Finance

More info:

Keep an eye out for more great ways to make crypto with Biswap LPs!

New Leveraged Farming Pairs | Earn on Alpaca with Biswap Liquidity!

Biswap x Alpaca present:

New yield farming pairs to profit via leverage:

🧩 650% APY for USDT-BSW
3x max. leverage

🧩 52% APY for BNB-BUSD
3x max. leverage (double-sided borrowing)


📍Get ALPACA for leveraged yield farming in Biswap pools!

More details about the collaboration:

Enrich via Biswap Liquidity!

Fresh Leveraged Farming Pairs | Biswap x Alpaca Present More Opportunities!

Don’t hesitate to use this opportunity by Biswap x Alpaca collaboration!

Benefit from these yield farming pairs:

💵 38% APY for ETH-USDT
3x max. leverage (double-sided borrowing)

💵 36% APY for BTCB-USDT
3x max. leverage (double-sided borrowing)


📍Receive bonus ALPACA for leveraged yield farming in Biswap pools!

View more pairs & earning details:

Stay tuned for more crypto possibilities!

NEW Farms on Biswap! | Make a Grand Crypto Harvest!

Strong farming pairs to boost your yields on Biswap!
SAND & MANA are prominent tokens in the world of DeFi!

Enable Farms and multiply your assets:

💰 1 810.58% APR for SAND — USDT
💰 1 935.23% APR for MANA -USDT

👉 https://biswap.org/farms

Become a Liquidity Provider:

💥 Swap potent tokens
💥 Add liquidity & get LPs to enable Farms
💥 Get 50% of a trading fee
💥 Earn BSW from high APRs

Why wait? Get started and make a profit on Biswap today!

​​Space Agents May Relaunch! | Review Updated Monthly Spacewalk!

All aboard!
The Monthly Spacewalk Program has been relaunched:

⏱ Start: May 1
⏱ End: June 1 (02:00 PM UTC)
💵 Prize Pool: $10 000 in BSW
👨‍🚀 Winners: 10 Agents


Create content related to one of the Topics below & claim BSW:

➖ Biswap Starlight Way. Major achievements of the year.
➖ Biswap & CEX. New possibilities for Biswap.
➖ Comparison with other DEX. Main Biswap advantages.

🪐NFT Direction
➖Marketplace review. All marketplace updates.

🪐Squid NFT World
➖Staff Game Release.

📍Fill out the Participation Form to join:

📍Share the created content via the Submission Form:

✅Explore all the requirements here:

Promote Biswap among the audience & benefit with BSW!

32nd Lottery Competition Report | $1 458 in BSW for TOP Winners!

Don’t lose your chance!

Biswap is full of luck & BSW rewards.
32nd Weekly Lottery Competition results:

💰 $1 458 — shared pool
👤 892 — participants

Competition A:
User with the highest Ticket Volume gets the Grand prize!
💵1st place — $4 277.37 — $437.49 in BSW

Competition B:
BSW bonuses for 10 lucky participants
Check outstanding results:

Buy a 1$ lottery ticket & get a chance to win:

Join the 32nd competition & win the BSW prize!

$7 500 in BSW & Robbies NFTs | Comic Tourney Rewards are Shared!

Comic Tourney Winners got their rewards!

💰 Prize Pool: $7 500 in BSW
💫 Bonuses: 10 Robbies NFTs

For sure, your comics are invaluable!
They are a peak of inspiration and worth attention.

📍 During the complaints period, the Biswap team encountered more artworks on Twitter.

They were full of creativity and deserved a reward: $200 in BSW each.
The complete list of winners can be seen here:

Create & earn crypto on Biswap!
Thank you for being with Biswap these 7 days.

Move forward with Biswap & make your week profitable and bright!

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