Weekly Highlights from Robi | May 2–8

BSW Listing on KuCoin! | Biswap Expands the Horizons

BSW Emission is Reduced! | Updated BSW Tokenomics

Biswap Marketplace V2.0 | Spectacular Release Within 7 Days

Biswap AMA Session with Binance | $4 000 in BSW for TOP Questions

Biswap Referral Program! | Watch the New Video on YouTube!

Biswap AMA with Exobots​​ | $1 000 in EXOS for TOP Questions!

EXOS Utilities After IDO! | New Opportunities on Biswap!

Follow Biswap on Instagram! | Meet New Social Media!

​​Limit on Game Contract Purchases!

​​GAL is Listed on Biswap DEX | Enjoy GAL-BNB Farm with High APR!

Biswap x Ripae Finance Collab! | PAE & pBNB Listing on Biswap!

Incredible PAE Launchpool | Discover Beneficial Staking!

Biswap Integrated at Ripae! | Expand Your Assets via Biswap LPs!

OLE & BSW Trading Competition! | Join the Competition at OpenLeverage!

Biswap x Beefy Vaults! | New Offer with Biswap Liquidity!

New Leveraged Farming Pairs | Earn on Alpaca with Biswap Liquidity!

Fresh Leveraged Farming Pairs | Biswap x Alpaca Present More Opportunities!

NEW Farms on Biswap! | Make a Grand Crypto Harvest!

​​Space Agents May Relaunch! | Review Updated Monthly Spacewalk!

32nd Lottery Competition Report | $1 458 in BSW for TOP Winners!

$7 500 in BSW & Robbies NFTs | Comic Tourney Rewards are Shared!



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