Weekly Highlights from Robi | May 30 — June 5

​​Great SUMMER Burn on Biswap | 3 943 719 BSW (~ $2 371 626) Burned!

BSW Locked Staking on Binance ​​| Up to 107.59% APY Limited Offer!

Learn & Earn BSW on Binance | New Round for New Users!

​​Marketplace V2.0 is Released! | Explore the New Changes & Updates!

Biswap x Ultiverse Alliance! | MetaFi Strategic Collaboration!

Biswap Birthday Stickers | Celebrate with Robi on Telegram!

​​Biswap Ecosystem Update! | Partnership`s Extension in DeFi!

​​Share $10 000 in NFTs! | Biswap x AgeOfGods Legend Event!

​​New BNB-USDC Farm! | 3X Leveraged Pair on Alpaca!

Glorious AOG — BUSD Farm! | Harvest with 0.2X Multiplier!

Hot​ ETH-BNB Farm! | APY Boost Sets Profit Fire!

​​HOT Summer APYs on Farms! | TOP Pairs Multiply Your Assets!

​​Space Agents Relaunch! | New Spacewalk Topics for June!

Trading Competition Report! | 50K BSW for Intergalactic Winners!

​​Biswap & Friends Winners! | $14 000 in BSW & 7 Tokens Gifts!

Biswap is TOP 2 Project! | On BNB Chain by 7D Volume!

49th Sharing Season Report!​​ | $1 060 in BSW for Champions!



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