Weekly Highlights from Robi | May 8–14

2 min readMay 15, 2023

Welcome to the Biswap weekly updates! Keep reading the report to recall the major events and find helpful information.

Biswap x ChainGPT | Innovative Collaboration

Biswap wants to introduce you to its new partner and exciting offers! ChainGPT, an AI model designed for blockchain technology on the BNB Smart Chain, has teamed up with us and provided superior functions!

💠CGPT is now officially listed on Biswap.
💠New CGPT-BUSD Farm with an initial 0.05X Multiplier.
💠ChainGPT AI bot that gives you relevant answers about Biswap.

Refer here for all the detailed information:

Embrace the Power of AI and Blockchain Technologies!

Emotions in Crypto | Important to Note!

Identify your emotional state in time and make balanced decisions via the helpful tips. Find out the crucial info how to get over the FOMO on the Biswap Blog:
👉 https://biswap.cc/3MtATUV

Stay composed & make wise choices based on facts!

The Last of Agents | April Winners Report

Celebrate the great influencers:

📍Pay attention that the Space Agents Program concluded on May 1 and won’t be prolonged.

A heartfelt appreciation to all participants for their remarkable contributions and unique content crafted with Biswap!

Stay informed and empowered with Biswap DEX!

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