Weekly Biswap Highlights from Robi — Mind-Blowing Week!

🤖 Hello everybody, it’s Robi!

Happy to share this eventful week of the Biswap DEX!

Here, I’ve collected all the important news of Biswap week, so let’s recall everything that has happened during these bright seven days!

🏆 BTCB Trading Competition is Ongoing!— Fight for $5 000!

Take your winning place right away on Biswap!


The battle among BTCB traders goes on — buy and sell BTCB tokens to gain the highest trading volume and grab the priciest BSW reward! It is your precious chance to take 1st place and receive $2 000 in BSW tokens.

Check the conditions and join the mighty battle on Biswap:

Trade BTCB for BSW treasures NOW!

🗝 Coin98 Wallet on Biswap — High-Class Security For BSW-Holders

The Biswap team got a lot of requests about adding Coin98 on Biswap during Biswap questionnaire, dedicated to crypto wallet selection.

✔️ Coin98 — the leading non-custodial multi-chain wallet is now on Biswap!

Simple payments and high-class security for your BSW assets:
👉 https://biswap.org/

Thanks for participating in the questionnaire!

Each Biswapper creates a grand DeFi history with the best-in-class opportunities for BSW holders!

🔥 Scorching 334 098 BSW Burned!

The 11th Weekly Token Burn set fire for BSW tokens! A total of 334 098 BSW tokens (~$442 011) were destroyed:

Fiery numbers are here:

Let’s add more BSW fuel weekly!

Community Voting — Make YOUR Choice!

The Biswap team has implemented a new function — Voting, to make the most important decisions with its faithful community members.


Click the link and make YOUR choice:


Every vote is extremely important for platform growth!
Thank YOU for being active participants of Biswap daily life!

🎉100 000+ Biswappers on Social Media!

The powerful Biswap community grows with furious speed!

The Biswap team is extremely glad to see more users and followers on its social media:

🔥 72.5K+ on Twitter
🔥 15.3K+ in Telegram Channel
🔥 28.4K+ in Telegram Chat
🔥 471 in Indonesian-Speaking Telegram Chat
🔥 1.7K+ in Russian-Speaking Telegram Chat
🔥 2.8K+ on Medium
🔥 850+ on YouTube

Empower with Biswap and its powerful crypto family of Biswappers!

🕊 BSW Launchpools — Start Staking Top Tokens & gain BSW!

Superb 4 tokens — WBNB, BTCB, ETH, & CAKE have joined new BSW Launchpools!


The latest 8 BSW Launchpools with a max stake of $10 & $500 will bring you high-yields with beneficial APRs!

Start staking top tokens for powerful BSW!

👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_tokens

🌪Captivating Biswap & Bella Collaboration

This week brought one more captivating collaboration!

Bella — is a one-click crypto banking protocol that attracts many users with beneficial features and simple earn:

☑️Auto reinvest and compounded return

☑️Zero gas fee

☑️High Yield

From now on, you can swap BEL token with the lowest fee of 0.01%, earn passive BSW income on Biswap Farms by staking BEL-BNB-LP tokens, and stake BSW in BEL Launchpools with a max stake of 10 BSW & 500 BSW to get BEL.

📣 Cryptos BSW Battle Report — $3 000 Rewards are Shared!

Due to the Biswap&BetFury collaboration boost, Cryptos BSW Battle was held. This firing struggle under the Biswap sponsorship was dedicated to the launching of the new In-house game on BetFury.

Now, it’s high time to check out the vivid results of Cryptos BSW Battle, which involved the best army of Biswappers:

🌟$1 820 059 — Total Value of Bets

🌟17 754 — Total Participants

It’s outstanding, BSW token keeps increasing its value and range of opportunities for Biswapers!

More utilities for BSW-holders further — stay tuned!

📣 The 7th Sharing Season Report — $2 530 in BSW are Shared!

The 7th Weekly Sharing Season on Biswap has come to its prosperous end.

Over 1 686 users participated in this giveaway. A total of 1 338+ tweets and 348+ Telegram texts with #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange were sent about the Biswap platform. The community keeps enlarging thanks to its extremely active and friendly Biswappers!

See the 253 fortunate winners:

Look for more info about the 7th Sharing Season are here:

The 8th Sharing is ongoing! Have you joined?

📣 USDC Trading Competition Report — $3 000 in BSW Awards!

Lucrative battle — the $3 000 in BSW Prize Pool has already split among the best traders!


In all, 1 168 users made transactions with USDC token to reach the highest trading volume! Purposeful users traded $5 397 414 with this token during USDC Trading Competition.

Best wishes to the winners!

Join Biswap TG Channel for more numbers:

Let’s establish grand victories on Biswap!

📣 ETH Trading Competition Report — Huge $5 000 in BSW Awards!

The vast $5 000 in BSW is already shared!


It’s great that 3 295 users advanced their trading skills and traded $58 859 289 volume during ETH Trading Competition.

Congratulations! 🎉

More details on Biswap TG Channel:

Biswap Vivid Rank Places of the Week!

Biswap leading positions on Dapp.com:

💎 ​​TOP 5 — $79.68M (+13.50%) Transaction Volume in 24 hours as of August 13
💎 TOP 2–28 704 by Social Signal of August 11
💎 TOP 3–6.06K by Active Users of August 11
💎 TOP 3–51.87K by Transactions of August 11
💎 TOP 3 — $66.49M by Trading Volume of August 11
💎 TOP 4–4.67K active users on the Biswap platform in 24 hours of August 10

Find Biswap top stats here:

Let’s aim for the top 1 together! 🔥

Join Biswappers — One of the Strongest Community in the DeFi world!

📢Telegram Channel: https://t.me/biswap_news
💬Telegram Chat: https://t.me/biswap
🌐 Indonesian Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_idn
🌐 Russian Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_rus
🕊Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex
📃Medium: https://biswap-dex.medium.com/

💻YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHartwkRUURf2Q7MlKOV84w

⏱ Support 24/7:


❗️These are the OFFICIAL channels of Biswap❗️
Watch out for fake accounts! The Biswap platform will never text you first and ask for private keys or individual information!



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