Weekly Highlights from Robi! | November 21–27

4 min readNov 25, 2022


Happy Sunday, Biswappers! This week was full of explosive events and collaborations. Biswap is expanding continuously! Let’s recall the most remarkable moments together.

NFT Collectibles on Biswap | Experience Unique Benefits!

Biswap presented unique NFT Collectibles this week!

Lucrative perks for lucky owners:
💰Up to 15% Cashback
💰Up to 1% Referral Rewards
💰Bonus Double Launchpool (release soon)

Make crypto via Biswap digital arts!

18th Month of Biswap | Check Out November Report!

Biswap has hit the whole DeFi space!

🎊 $51B+ Total Trading Volume
🎊 618 136 Biswap community on Socials
🎊 145 490 BSW Holders
🎊 40M+ BSW burned
🎊 Explosive collaborations

The full report is here: http://bit.ly/3TYr01S

Biswap x Floki | Viking Collaboration!

Meet our new partner!
💸 Floki — a popular people-oriented token, is officially listed on Biswap.

More details in the article: https://bit.ly/3U2TZlh
Swap, add liquidity & lock LPs fast and safely!

Earn BSW & MATIC | New Double Launchpool!

30 days for extra profit! Stake BSW to gain BSW & MATIC:

🚀Max stake per wallet: 1 500 BSW
🚀Stake 500 BSW in Holder Pool to join

Multiply your passive income!

BFG Trading Competition | 25 000 BSW for Black Friday!

Biswap x BetFury invite you to join great trading!
Buy, sell or include BFG in the route:


📆Nov 24–29 (1:00 PM UTC)
🏆150 users with the highest trading volume
🏆10 users to get additional rewards

Look for more info: http://bit.ly/3VeVePg
Trade mighty BFG & enjoy BSW rewards!

GHNY-BUSD APY Soars | Meet Collaboration Boost!

GrizzlyFi x Biswap offer you a way to make more crypto:
https://biswap.org/farms ​​

🍯20.00% APY for GHNY — BUSD

Enjoy a lucrative partnership & earn BSW!

Gnosis Safe on Biswap | Connect New Wallet!

Gnosis Safe — a platform for managing digital assets.

Unique features for users:

⚙️ Extra transaction confirmation
⚙️ Convenient usage for team

Follow the step-by-step guide: https://bit.ly/3tNHAH8
Use your favorite wallets on Biswap!

​​$10K in BSW for SAP Winners | ​​Rewards Are Shared!

Cheers to the best content creators of October!

💰 Main Gains: $7 500 in BSW
💰 Extra Gains: $2 500 in BSW
📻 Extra Topic: $300 in RACA

Join the November Spacewalk!

74th Sharing Season Report | $520 in $BSW for Champions!

⭐️11 472 total participants
💫 Winners: http://bit.ly/3iadL0U
📨5 642 #biswap_earn tweets
📨5 511 #biswap_exchange tweets

Read out the details: https://bit.ly/371M7ho
Become one of the lucky winners next week! Be active and conquer the peaks with Biswap.

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