Weekly Highlights from Robi | Rich in Events Week!

🤩 Global Incentive Program for BSC Projects with $10 000 000 Fund!

💰Biswap Lottery is Activated | Buy Your Lucky Tickets & Win BSW!

🔥​​The Biswap DEX is Officially Listed on CoinMarketCap!

​​💎 BSW Page is Launched on Biswap!


​​⬇️ Performance Fee is Lowered to 1.99% in Auto-Compound BSW Launchpool!

⭐️​​️Biswap x My DeFi Pet Collaboration | Advantageous Occasions for Biswappers!

🔥 Blinding 657 860 BSW BSW Got Burned!

💸 Jump in BFG & ETH Launchpools to Maximize Crypto!


🌖 Magical LINK Trading Competition — The $3 000 Battle Pool!


🚀Potent BSW APRs Boost on Farms — BSW-BNB, BSW-BFG & BSW-USDT!

​​💬 ​​Welcome Bangladesh, French, & Portuguese TG Local Chats!

📣 The 1st BSC Anniversary Celebration Report!

🎨 Biswap Art Contest is Colorfully Completed!

🏁 ​​XRP Trading Competition Results — Split $2 000 in BSW!


📣 The 11th Sharing Season Report —Lucky Users Got $2 530!

Join Biswappers & be in the middle of the crypto news!

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