Weekly Highlights from Robi! | September 26 — October 2

5 min readOct 1, 2022


For someone, a week is not enough. But Biswap manages everything at once! Get ready to remember what has happened in the last 7 days.

Biswap Set BSW on Fire! | 3 180 952 BSW Tokens are Burned

What is so HOT & valuable?
It’s the 29th BSW Burn:

💥 3 180 952 BSW (~ $918 792) Burned
☄️ 2 557 482 BSW from Trading Fees
☄️ 396 881 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers
☄️ 84 663 BSW from Auto compound performance fee
☄️ 111 842 BSW from Holder Pool fee
☄️ 15 255 BSW from NFT Marketplace fees
☄️ 14 829 BSW from BRE NFT Royalty fees

Burned BSW tokens are transparent & recorded as transactions on the BNB Chain.

🏴‍Sending BSW tokens to the “dead address.”

Learn about BSW Burn: 👉https://bit.ly/3URc33f

BSW Burn Update | Announcement

Dear Biswap Community,
Our team has made a rational solution in relation to the product, which allows us to accumulate more resources for burn.

From now on, the BSW burning will take place as follows:
📍Once per Quarter, within 10 days of the next Quarter.

It will help to have more influence on the strengthening of the token.
Thank you for your understanding and support for the Biswap DEX!

Biswap Ecosystem Update | DeFi Horizons are Expanding!

New partnerships mean more offers. That’s why Biswap cooperates a lot!

Collaborations of September:
🔹WOO Network

Review the whole ecosystem: 👉https://bit.ly/2ZkGOWt

Earn with Biswap & its partners!

Double Your Income! | NEW BSW + LTC Launchpool

30-day Double Launchpool is HERE :

💥 Stake BSW
💥 Earn BSW & LTC

📌 Max stake per wallet: 1 500 BSW
📌 Stake 500 BSW in Holder Pool to join

Turn on your passive income!

Feel the APY Increase! | BNB-BUSD TOP Farm

Gainful deal for Liquidity Providers!

Prepare to harvest the yields:
🤑 000% for BNB-BUSD

Add liquidity & enjoy the perks: https://biswap.org/farms

💰Up to 75% LP Rewards
💰Passive BSW income

Level up your earnings!

Biswap x TokenPocket | Grab KeyPal Goods & Coupons

Do you like prizes & discounts?
Then don’t miss a special offer from our partner TokenPocket!

📍Where: Biswap Twitter
Duration: September 30 — October 3

Join the event & win:
⚡️KeyPal Hardware wallet
⚡️Mnemonic Secret Box
⚡️Swag T-shirt and bag
⚡️50% discount Mnemonic Secret Box coupons

To get the prizes DO the following:
👉Like 👉Quote Retweet 👉 Tag 3 Friends

Hurry up! You still have one more day to participate!

🔥Up to 90% Discount Coupons!🔥
Get the best goods at the lowest price via KeyPal:

⏱Dates: October 3, 5
💸Goods: KeyPal hardware wallet and Mnemonic Secret Box

📍Find Coupons at KeyPal: Official TG Community & Twitter

Put your luck to work and join the event!

The Grand Event is Over! | Keep Calm & Wait for the Results!

Thanks for your participation & interest! Probably you wonder:

Who are the 40 lucky winners?
🎁Unique Biswap merch
🎁Mercedes Benz E Class 2022 AMG or $50K
🎁iPhone, PlayStation & the latest Apple devices

You will find out within 30 days!

The biswap team needs to process all the applications.

So until then, don’t waste your time! Enjoy Biswap offers & earn WOW💵

We’ll get back with the winners😉
Stay tuned!

Space Agents Program Relaunch | October Topics for Influencers!

Are you ready for the Spacewalk?

Create content & get rewards:
🍁 Dates: Oct 1 — Nov 1 (02:00 PM UTC)
💸 Pool: $10 000 in BSW
👨‍🚀 Winners: 10 Agents


💰 Biswap DEX topics:
– Biswap Monthly Review. The Grand Event.
– Passive income on Biswap. Multi-Reward Pool Updates.
– Unique Biswap Referral Program.

📍Fill out the Participation Form to join.
📍Share the content via the Submission Form.

❗️Content quality & compliance with all the terms are the main criteria for a winner

Find all the details here: 📝https://bit.ly/35pdBfX

Promote Biswap creatively & claim BSW!

Earn via the Multi-Reward Pool | Watch the Latest Video on YouTube!

Guess what? The new tutorial is here: 🎬https://bit.ly/3BOv5Pd

Learn how to stake in the Multi-Reward Pool.

And discover appealing benefits:

💎 Extra income for trading
💎 High APY & low entry barriers

Gain more by trading on Biswap!

66th Sharing Season Report | $520 in BSW Weekly!

📲8 471 total participants
💭4 238 #biswap_earn tweets
💭4 233 #biswap_exchange tweets

🏆 $520 in BSW for the winners: https://bit.ly/3dP5fCC

More info: https://bit.ly/3wk9oo6

Share your Biswap DEX experience!

Closing Word
Hope this week brought you lots of joy with Biswap DEX. May your next one be more productive, profitable and full of exciting occasions!

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