Weekly Highlights from Robi! Week is Full of Prospering News!

Biswap Play2Earn — “Squid NFT World” Coming December 22–29!

  • Amplification of Biswap DEX ecosystem
  • New Utilities for BSW Token
  • Innovational Opportunities to Earn crypto
  • Biswap Expansion on BSC
  • Unique Opportunities for BSW Holders
  • Hundreds of Thousands of New Users
  • NFT Buses will deliver your NFT Players to riveting Games
  • Squid Energy will lead you to the mesmerising Play-to-Earn
  • Multiple games will bring you more crypto

The Biggest BSW Burn on Biswap! | Record-breaking 1 654 036 BSW Burn

Heartful Letter from Robi to Biswappers!

6th Month Anniversary of Biswap!

Biswap & CryptoMines Art Contest for $4 000!


BSC MVB Incubation Masterclass with Robi!

Black Friday Discounts on Biswap! | -20% on Robi Boosts!

  • Get valuable RB which will boost your NFT value
  • The lowest fee of 0.1% in the DeFi space
  • 50% Fee Reward for providing liquidity

Mesmeric Biswap x Magic Beasties Collaboration

  • BSTS is listed under BSTS-WBNB pair with a 7% fee taken by our partner
  • COOKIES is listed under COOKIES-BSTS pair

New Farming Pair on Biswap! WATCH — BNB Increase your Profit!

  • Earn esteemed BSW tokens
  • Receive 50% of the trading fee for staking WATCH-BNB-LP
  • Profitable APR on Farms for WATCH-holders

GameFi Trading Competition | $5 000 and NFTs in the Prize Pool!

  • $5 000 in BSW
  • 10 Biswap Robbies NFTs with RB!

Biswap is in TOP 5 BSC Dapps by Active Users in 24H!

22nd Sharing Season Report | $1 060 for Enthusiastic Biswappers!

  • 8 041 total participants
  • 4 763 #biswap_earn tweets
  • 3 278 #biswap_exchange tweets were shared in the OFFICIAL Biswap Twitter!

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