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BSCNews Emphasized that Biswap Surpassed 1B Total Transactions!

The detailed article about the Biswap progress was presented by BSCNews! The Biswap team was delighted to read it through and share with the mighty community of Biswappers!

🤩Find the informative article of BSCNews about Biswap down below:

Biswap is deeply honored to evolve to new stages in the preeminent Binance Smart Chain ecosystem!

100 000+ Followers on Biswap Twitter! Grand expansion of Biswappers!

Can you imagine? There are over 100 000 followers on the informative Biswap Twitter! We can’t hide our happiness and share it with YOU!

This is such a pride for any project in the world to witness how thousand of people join and support it. So, head to Biswap Twitter and see the growth yourself:

🥳 https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex

Biswap Main Page Redesign! Easy Access to New Info!


The main page of Biswap was renewed with new informative blocks, colors, statistics, and easy navigation. Now, you can explore Biswap and stay up to date with DeFi via the fresh page.

The Biswap team was happy to present the new design and information to you.

Haven’t experienced it yet? View the update on Biswap:

​​Joyful 4th Month of Biswap! Inspiring Growth of the Global Project!

The new month of impressive accomplishments and stunning results! Nothing better than to end a high-resulting month with an abundant review of the platform’s rapid progress!

Biswap has prepared the incredible article about its immense progress over a couple of months:


​​Refreshed Biswap Checklist! Get ready for New Mighty Features!

Biswap has updated its checklist! Many significant aims were accomplished and the team has confidential put checkmarks near the accomplished ones. However, more is yet to come and will be achieved by Biswap!

Find more details in the article about the Biswap Checklist:

Splendid 938 115 BSW Burned!

New 16th Token Burn took place on Biswap with the impressive amount of 938 115 BSW tokens (~$649 689) which included:

🧨 734 236 BSW from Trading Fees

🧨 175 103 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers

🧨 12 432 BSW from Auto compound performance fee

🧨 16 343 BSW from Biswap Lottery purchased tickets

See the details in Biswap Docs:


Biswap has enhanced the APRs for the Farming pairs with eminent BSW tokens!

Catch this beneficial moment via top APRs on BSW Farming pairs:


Biswap Farms give a lucrative opportunity to get passive income and earn rewards in BSW tokens, try it out right away:


Biswap DEX Globalization! Powerful Expansion!

The global project Biswap does not stand still and moves further in the industry! New milestones become real along with bright collaborations with the prospective BSC projects and more!

Biswap is proud to share this vast field of firing opportunities which are open for Biswappers:

🌟High-security level
🌟Biswap DEX integrations on the prosperous platforms
🌟Vaults & Margin Trading with Biswap Liquidity
🌟Detailed Biswap stats on analytics charts
🌟Strong partnerships
🌟174 000+ Community

Big Thank YOU🤩 to the truly international family for the support during all the stages of Biswap improvement!

In just several months of Biswap, we gained a lot with our potent community of Biswappers & thoroughly selected the progressive BSC projects!

​​Unlimited BTCB Launchpool! Uplift your Crypto Funds on Biswap!

Meet new Launchpool on Biswap with no max stake!

It is easy to use and earn! Just stake your BSW tokens and receive BTCB in return. Easy, right!


Use this opportunity to earn BTCB with no max stake!

New Rubric — Crypto Slang from Robi!

Biswap has launched a new rubric — Crypto Slang from Robi to see how often Biswappers use slang and to let crypto vibe surround the community!

Check out what slang words Biswap has included in its first Crypto Slang post:

Biswap is TOP 3 BSC DEX with the Highest 7 Days Volume!

Biswap grows vigorously in the DeFi world and shows really evocative progress!

Stunning $409.96M of Volume in last 7 days on Biswap🔥

Find more Biswap statistics amidst the mightiest BSC Projects:👇https://www.dapp.com/dapps/binance-dex?sort=4&time=0&type=0

Reach new heights with Biswap!💥

🎁 The 13th Sharing Season Report — Fortunate Users Got $2 530!

The 13th Weekly Sharing Season has come to its burgeoning final!

During the 13th sharing, more than 7 535 participants pushed their luck! The unique hashtags #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange brought 6 525 tweets and 1 010 Telegram texts about Biswap.

🎉 Kudos to 253 random winners:

📃Read on how to participate in this breathtaking event:


🔥Time to share your Biswap experience in the 14th Sharing Season and gain mighty BSW!

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