Weekly Highlights from Robi | Week of Vivid Events!

​​🤩$10 000 000 Fund for BSC Projects | Incentive Program Page is Released!


🔮Biswap x Faraland Collaboration | Mysterious Journey & New Utilities!

🎉​​Epic 50 000+ Users Hold BSW | Join Terrific Family of BSW Holders!

📈 Rabbit Margin with Biswap Liquidity | Utility Expansion of Biswap DEX!

​​🧨Resolute Biswap x TEN Collaboration | New Remunerative Possibilities!

This prosperous collaboration brought:

​​📘Biswap Info Portal on Zendesk | Find any Details in a Wink!

💎 Magnificent FIL Trading Competition — The $2 000 Battle Pool!


🌟LINK Trading Competition Results | Split $3 000 in BSW!


​​📣Biswap Lottery Competition Report | $4 279 for the Top Tickets Volumes!

🎁 The 12th Sharing Season Report — Fortunate Users Got $2 530!

The Biswap Community is Open for New Crypto Birds!

⏰ Support 24/7:



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