What are Vaults? | Explore Earning Possibilities with Biswap Liquidity!

4 min readJul 5, 2022

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What are Vaults in Crypto & How do they Work?

Vaults are a way to store cryptocurrency, ensuring security by adding an extra layer of protection to digital wallets. Vaults prevent stored crypto from being immediately withdrawn and allow users to cancel a transaction.

Moreover, some vaults allow users to split ownership between multiple email addresses and users. It enables a transaction to be processed only after all owners have approved it. Cool, right? And that’s not it! You can also add additional restrictions, such as transaction limits.

Are Vaults Safe?

In general, it is much safer to store your crypto in vaults than in traditional crypto wallets. You may ask, “Why?” Well, for starters, vaults are not connected directly to the network. It makes it impossible for hackers to manipulate your funds stored inside the vault, even if they somehow gained access to the account linked to the vault.

Secondly, there are additional security measures such as:

  • withdrawal delay process;
  • specific encryption techniques;
  • transaction notifications;
  • transaction limits.

So as you can see, these features ensure the safety of vaults and make them an attractive alternative for holding your assets for a long time.

Let’s some up all the benefits to see if we didn’t miss anything:

Multi-step authentication — more difficult for hackers to gain access to your funds.

Withdrawal delay- the ability to lock assets for an extended period and avoid making impulsive trading decisions.

Transaction cancellation- due to the withdrawal delay, users can cancel transactions when they change their minds.

Approval process — no transactions can be completed without approval from the owner(s).

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these advantages! Now let’s move on to some examples!

Earn via Biswap Liquidity with partners’ vaults!

Biswap provides many earning opportunities for users. With potent collaborations, those possibilities multiply considerably. Some of our partners offer users to earn crypto on their platform with Biswap LPs:

I would like to go over each of these possibilities in more detail. So, pay attention! A little learning, and you can start earning!

🌟Biswap Vaults on Beefy

Beefy is a Decentralized, Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings.

Enjoy the variety of vaults with Biswap Liquidity (APYs as of July 2022):

  • 47.76% APY for BSW-USDT
  • 40.62% APY for BSW-BNB
  • 16.54% APY for USDC-BNB
  • 10.04% APY for BIFI-BNB
  • 8.26% APY for ETH-USDT
  • 8.13% APY for BTCB-USDT

Find more Auto-Compounding vaults here:

Stake & Earn via simple steps:

✔ Provide Liquidity on Biswap
✔ Stake your LPs on Beefy Finance

More details about Biswap x Beefy collaboration:
👉 https://bit.ly/3jEidlW

🌟Biswap Vaults on Autofarm

Autofarm — a cross-chain yield farming optimizer that allows users to earn by stacking tokens in Autofarm vaults.

Check out High-Profitable LP-Pairs with Auto-Compounding in Autofarm Vaults (APYs as of July 2022):

  • 103.98% APY for AOG-BUSD
  • 55.33% APY for EXOS-BUSD
  • 52.96% APY for USDT-BSW
  • 42.13% APY for WBNB-BSW
  • 20.39% APY for WBNB-BUSD
  • 20.24% APY for WBNB-USDT
  • 7.89% APY for WBNB-AUTO

More vaults here:
👉 https://autofarm.network/?farm=BiSwap

Do you want to know more about this partnership? Read the article here:

Are you still here? Good! Take a break for a few seconds, and let’s keep going.

🌟Biswap Vaults on TEN Finance

TEN — a yield optimizer that simplifies staking and yield farming with BNB Chain Liquidity Pools. Moreover, it provides a robust yield earning environment on the market while adhering to security, sustainability, and simplicity.

Add Liquidity on Biswap and catch high APYs on TEN Finance (APYs as of July 2022):

  • 110.53% APY for TENFI — BUSD
  • 72.65% APY for BSW — BNB
  • 68.41% APY for BSW — USDT
  • 56.05% APY for SOL — BNB
  • 37.60% APY for CAKE — BNB
  • 24.54% APY for USDT — BTCB
  • 16.26% APY for BNB — BUSD

Start earning now:
💸 https://app.ten.finance/?lng=en-US

More information about the collab:
👉 https://bit.ly/3yzPwyV

🌟Biswap Vaults on ACryptoS

ACryptoS is a yield farming optimizer designed for long-term investors.

Minimum effort to boost your income with Biswap LPs (APYs as of July 2022):

  • 178% APY for FTM-BNB
  • 125% APY for SOL-BNB
  • 64.8% APY for BSW-USDT
  • 35.8% APY for BSW-BNB
  • 18.8% APY for BUSD-BNB
  • 13.8% APY for USDT-BNB

Make passive income now:

More information about the partnership via the link below:

Clothing Word

Biswap team works hard so you can earn easily! It’ll be a shame not to use such profitable opportunities. And that’s just a tiny portion of all Biswap has to offer you! Feel free to explore our Zendesk and learn about lucrative possibilities, collaborations, events and more!

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