What is DeFi | Evolution or Revolution in the Finance System?

Traditional Finance | Forward to the Past!

Decentralized System | Feel the Finance Freedom!

Back to the Roots!

DeFi Key Characteristics & Advantages

  • First of all, DeFi provides an open and transparent finance sector. All operations are recorded on the blockchain and visible to users.
  • Despite the publicity of DeFi, this system allows you to save your private information from unwanted glances.
  • No one can impact or control your assets except you.
  • DeFi has a technical background which means less human interaction and bureaucracy as well.
  • The less bureaucracy is on the way, the faster operations are! That is why transactions in DeFi can save your precious time.
  • Variety of earning options. In the very beginning, DeFi users were limited to a few services. But now, DeFi space has no limits! Besides the standard finance operations, you can make crypto profit from art, games, music and even more.
  • DeFi has no geographical borders, and you can use its services wherever you are.

Biswap is a DeFi App | Enjoy Decentralized Finance Systems with Us!



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