What is Margin Trading & a Lending Pool? | Earn with BSW at OpenLeverage!

What is Margin Trading?

How Does it Work?

What is a Lending Pool & How Does it Work?

BSW Integration in OpenLeverage | Boost Your Income!

  • Lending pools and margin trading markets integrated with the BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW pool on Biswap, enabling users to use $BSW as collateral to borrow WBNB to have BSW token leveraged positions and use $USDT as collateral to borrow BSW to have USDT token leveraged positions.
  • Permissionless margin trading support for all pairs on Biswap.
  • $OLE incentive for lending and margin trading for the BSW/WBNB and USDT/BSW pair on Biswap.
  • Initiate Referral Program and Invitation League

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