What is Staking & How to Stake Profitably on Biswap?

Mining is a good way to introduce new coins into the existing circulating supply and is one of the key elements of earning crypto. But it is a considerably resource-hungry process, so if you want to gain crypto without powerful computing machinery, staking is a very reasonable alternative!

What’s Staking?

Crypto staking means “locking up” some part of your crypto assets for a period of time as an option of contributing to a blockchain network. In return, stakers can claim rewards, usually in the form of additional coins or various tokens.

How does Staking Work?

Probably you are wondering how you can get crypto rewards just by locking your assets? This process can be carried out due to the blockchain putting your crypto to “work”.

A “consensus mechanism”, called Proof of Stake, uses your locked coins in a random way to add the latest batch of transactions to the blockchain and earn some crypto in exchange. The chance of being chosen is proportional to the number of locked coins — the more coins are staked, the higher the chances are.

What is Cold Staking?

The act of staking on a wallet not connected to the Internet is called cold staking. You can do this both via a hardware wallet, and an air-gapped software wallet.

Staking can be performed on networks that support cold staking while holding funds securely offline. Stakeholders will not receive rewards if they move their coins out of cold storage.

How to Stake on Biswap?

Biswap platform aims to ensure that every user can gain crypto, regardless of whether he has a powerful computer for mining or not. Staking on the Biswap platform is an awesome alternative to resource-hungry mining. High-APR Launchpools & profitable Farms on Biswap give everyone an option to lock crypto assets in order to receive worthy rewards in the form of BSW & other tokens.

Let’s take a closer look at these lucrative opportunities for users!

⚜️Biswap Farms | Start passive BSW income

As a Liquidity Provider, you receive LP tokens for providing liquidity to the pool. You can stake LP tokens on Biswap Farms and earn BSW as passive income!

Besides, you also gain rewards for providing liquidity — 50% of the 0.1% transaction fee from every swap made on the platform.

To get profit from lucrative Biswap Farms follow the steps below:

  1. Join the Biswap platform by connecting your BEP-20 wallet in the top right corner of the
  2. Become a Liquidity Provider of a token pair and get LP tokens
  3. Stake LP tokens on Biswap Farms to enable Farming Pair
  4. Gain crypto profit!

⚜️ Biswap Launchpools | Grasp high APRs

Biswap Launchpool is a place where you can stake tokens to get other tokens as a reward!

There is also a pleasing opportunity to gain profit simply via with extremely high APY! Your staked BSW tokens will be automatically compounded for you every 5 minutes to maximize your crypto assets!

In order to stake crypto on Biswap Launchpool follow these simple steps:

  1. Join the Biswap platform by connecting your BEP-20 wallet in the top right corner of the
  2. Click on page
  3. Stake either BSW or other tokens
  4. Harvest crypto gains!

Stake BSW to earn startling tokens for free:

Stake tokens to earn marvelous BSW:

Let’s Conclude

By way of conclusion, staking is a safe and lucrative way of making your assets work for you just by generating rewards. And in addition, by staking crypto using , you take the platform to the next level of development and improve the blockchain ecosystem in general.

Get profit from — it is a way more effective and profitable way to use your assets, rather than to conserve them in the crypto wallet!

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