The Second Month of Biswap — Skyrocketing Progress!

Great Thank YOU From the Biswap Team!

Crucial Biswap Achievements

Biswap is in Top 20 MVBII by Binance — Grand Fight is Ongoing!

Checklist Update — Grand Plans

New Distinguishing Biswap Partnerships

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko BSW Listings

Timelock Implementation & CertiK Skynet — Biswap Security Upgrades

Stake BSW in 13 Launchpools — Vast Expansion

Biswap Farms Expansion- 5 New Farming Pairs!

Indonesian & Russian Local Chats on Biswap Telegram!

Biswap Trading Competitions — Five Crypto Struggles

Four Biswap Sharing Seasons are Already Held

Biswap Major Totals — 200 000 BSW Share for Biswappers!

Eight BSW Token Burns for 2 535 441 BSW — Firing Amount!

Impactful Biswap Metrics

The Biswap Family Growth

Brilliant Positions Gained During The 2nd Month

Join OFFICIAL Biswap Networks and stay briefed:



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