The Second Month of Biswap — Skyrocketing Progress!

7 min readJul 24, 2021


Biswap moves forward with giant steps!

One more incredibly eventful month is over. Biswap continues to conquer the crypto-industry with striking accomplishments: TOP DeFi charts, profitable Launchpools, long-awaited listings, progressive updates, and flourishing partnerships! Are you intrigued?

Let’s recall another prosperous month of Biswap advancing together!

Great Thank YOU From the Biswap Team!

Before the second month article report, the Biswap team wants to mention our faithful Biswappers without whom all these numbers would not be feasible!

Great THANK YOU for all your deep interest and involvement in Biswap daily life! Your huge support and trust in the project help to evolve, implement the most ambitious ideas in reality and reach sky-high results!

Biswap is highly grateful to you for choosing the platform and being active participants! Your thoughts and wishes have a great impact on the Biswap growth in the DEX industry. Each of you is a significant part of Biswap that motivates us to gain even more crucial summits!

Let’s continue creating a new DeFi history together! 🚀

Crucial Biswap Achievements

Thrilling moment of month’s totals! It’s time to look back at the major events and updates of Biswap DEX!

Biswap is in Top 20 MVBII by Binance — Grand Fight is Ongoing!

Biswap is proud to announce a big achievement in DeFi Space among BSC Dapps! Biswap is fighting with the strongest competitors to become the best, and now the platform is in TOP 20 of the Most Valuable Builder Program by Binance!

You have power! Support Biswap by maximizing the activity on the OFFICIAL social media networks and following them.

🔎More about Biswap as one of the TOP 20 Best BSC Projects of the Most Valuable Builder Program!

Biswap is invincible with the most powerful community — let’s do it together!

Checklist Update — Grand Plans

Biswap begins the 3rd month with new goals!

Read more about future Biswap plans in detail here:

Let’s pave the way for tremendous victories with the renewed Biswap roadmap together!

New Distinguishing Biswap Partnerships

✔️Binance — one of the main centralized crypto exchanges
✔️Rabbit Finance — a cross-chain leveraged lending protocol, allowing users to multiply their funds up to 9x.
✔️MEXC Global — a centralized exchange that employs a high-performance mega-transaction matching technology.
✔️Twinci — the first NFTs social marketplace.
✔️BetFury — the project with the fastest growth rate in the i-gaming sphere.

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko BSW Listings

Reputable price-tracking platforms CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko have listed Biswap native token — BSW on their websites. It allows you to monitor the token’s statistics and see its growth. Add BSW token to your watchlist and follow Biswap on the top price-tracking platforms:

Biswap on CoinMarketCap:

Check the Biswap development and do not forget to support Biswap by adding the project to your watchlist:

Biswap on CoinGecko:

View current trading volume and other Biswap metrics:

Biswap enlarges its impact in DeFi space and gains momentum with each day!

Timelock Implementation & CertiK Skynet — Biswap Security Upgrades

User safety always comes first priority for Biswap!

To keep your funds and personal data safe on Biswap there were two important updates during the 2nd month: Timelock Implementation & CertiK Skynet.

From now on, you may control the security analysis of Biswap 24/7 and see the upcoming changes to the platform’s smart contracts 6 hours before they come into force.

Timelock on Biswap — Safe releases

See the proof of timelock:

CertiK Audit for Biswap

Control Biswap security through the detailed Skynet Oracle from CertiK:

Stake BSW in 13 Launchpools — Vast Expansion

Hold BSW profitably!

Thirteen beneficial Launchpools are ready to boost your passive earnings with potent tokens. Stake BSW and earn BTCB, ETH, WBNB, RABBIT, BUSD, CAKE, BFG, or native BSW with top APR. You may also save your time and BNB with Auto-Compounding BSW Launchpool!

Catch a crypto wave in Biswap Launchpools!

Biswap Farms Expansion- 5 New Farming Pairs!

Five powerful trading pairs were launched on Biswap Farms so you may harvest more passive BSW income with top APR!


Rush for high BSW yields:

Boost your BSW earnings at full blast!

Indonesian & Russian Local Chats on Biswap Telegram!

The international community is growing, so is Biswap!
The first Local TG Chats — Indonesian- & Russian-Speaking Chats are waiting for their followers! Now, Biswappers can communicate, consult and share ideas in Russian or Indonesian.

🌐 Indonesian Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Russian Speaking TG Chat:

Get ready for more Local TG Chats to come live soon!

Biswap Trading Competitions — Five Crypto Struggles

Competitive month for Biswappers!

The second month was the start of the bright Trading Competitions with powerful tokens. More than 39 000 users took part in the first 4 Trading Competitions and traded $292 692 635 volume on Biswap.

The 5th battle is ongoing — show your power in RABBIT Trading Competition and fight for BSW treasures!

Four Biswap Sharing Seasons are Already Held

Thriving month for Biswap Twitter and Telegram followers!

Over 5710 users were involved during the events and shared Biswap experience using #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange hashtags. More than 8 405 tweets & texts were sent in just four Biswap Sharings.

Join further Weekly Sharing Seasons and grab the best BSW rewards!

Biswap Major Totals — 200 000 BSW Share for Biswappers!

A total of 200 000 BSW (~$124 120) has already enriched its crypto owners during the 2nd month:

✔️ $10 120 in BSW is shared during four Biswap Sharing Seasons
✔️ $64 000 in BSW is shared during four Trading Competitions on Biswap
✔️ $36 500 (~58 000 BSW) is shared for Deposit & Trade Event on MEXC
✔️ $2500 is allocated for Biswap YouTube Contest
✔️ $11 000 — the sum, shared by Biswap during Learn & Earn Campaign of Binance.

Eight BSW Token Burns for 2 535 441 BSW — Firing Amount!

Moreover, during the eight BSW Burns 2 535 441 BSW (~ $1 921 864) were forever destroyed and sent to “dead addresses”. In all, 1 639 350 BSW (~$1 242 627) of them were burnt during the 2nd month.🔥

Replenish your wallet with BSW at lightning speed by taking part in top Biswap events!

Impactful Biswap Metrics

📍 $367 277 462 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools)
📍 $2 327 049 957 Total Trading Volume
📍 $167 544 921 All Time High Trading Volume
📍 58 533 Total Unique Trades
📍 1 085 324 Unique Wallets Connected to Biswap
📍 112 322 Active Users
📍 1 965 540 Transactions on Biswap
📍 38 439 BSW Holders
📍 3 743 125 BSW Transfers in the BSC Network

The Biswap Family Growth

Unbelievable, over 100 000+ users follow Biswap on the OFFICIAL social media networks:

🌟 15.1K+ in Telegram Channel
🌟 25.9K+ in Telegram Chat
🌟 1110+ in Russian-Speaking Local TG Chat
🌟 300+ in Indonesian-Speaking Local TG Chat
🌟 61.2K+ on Twitter
🌟 2.6K+ on Medium
🌟 740+ on YouTube

Let’s outgrow ourselves in the 3rd month together!

Brilliant Positions Gained During The 2nd Month

Biswap consistently takes top positions on BSC Daily! See the results of this intensive month:

💎 TOP 2 — $297.13M (+13.96%) — TVL by the Top Movement in 24 hours as of July 15th
💎 TOP 3–7.25K (+2.43%) by having the most active users who have made an action on the platform as of July 13.
💎 TOP 4–4.57K new active users joined Biswap in 24h as of July 1st
💎 TOP 5 — $1.47B (903.15%) by Transaction Volume as of July 5th
💎 TOP 5 — $1.47B (903.15%) by Transaction Volume as of July 5th
💎 TOP 6 — $32.66M (+15.03%) by the Transaction Volume as of
💎 TOP 6 — $232.48M by Balance as of July 7th.
💎 TOP 6 — $45.58M Transaction Volume in 24 hours as of June 30th
💎 TOP 6–6.85K by having the most active users as of July 20th

Biswap sky-high positions on BscScan as of July 5th:

💥TOP 6–50 400+ Unique Receivers
💥TOP 8–53 700+ Unique Senders
💥TOP 10–55 100+ by Total Uniques

Let’s broaden crypto horizons with Biswap!

Join OFFICIAL Biswap Networks and stay briefed:

📢Telegram Channel:
💬Telegram Chat:
🌐 Indonesian Speaking TG Chat:
🌐 Russian Speaking TG Chat:

You are always welcome to ask any questions and share your wishes!

24/7 ⏱ The list of OFFICIAL admins appointed by Biswap:





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