Weekly Highlights from Robi | Rich in Events Week!

6 min readSep 12, 2021

Hello, Biswappers!

It’s Robi again! I flew at full speed to tell you about this incredibly busy and productive week!

🤩 Global Incentive Program for BSC Projects with $10 000 000 Fund!

Ready to promote and advance your BSC project globally?

Biswap introduces a Global Incentive Program with a $10 000 000 Fund to provide mutually beneficial collaboration and development assistance for prospective projects on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Read on how to apply your project in a few steps:

💰Biswap Lottery is Activated | Buy Your Lucky Tickets & Win BSW!

Biswap Lottery, which combined the best qualities of the well-known gameplay and unique profitable features has already been activated!

Check out the Lottery benefits:

💎Audited by CertiK
💎Low tickets’ price & up to 4.99% discount on tickets
💎The 1-level Referral Program — a total of 2% in BSW from the purchased tickets by referrals goes to the referrer.
💎Lottery Competition — buy more tickets to become the first in a rank and win additional rewards once a week.
💎13% from each purchased ticket goes to the weekly BSW Token Burn.

Read more about advantages and get to know how to join the exciting Biswap Lottery:

Buy your lucky tickets:

🔥​​The Biswap DEX is Officially Listed on CoinMarketCap!

This week brought a thrilling moment of listing!

The Biswap platform shines glaringly on the worldwide price-tracking website for crypto assets — CoinMarketCap!

Find both the Biswap DEX and native BSW token on CMC!
👉 https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/biswap/

Thank YOU for being an active part of the worldwide Biswap project and for your support!

​​💎 BSW Page is Launched on Biswap!


BSW Token Metrics, Burning Mechanism, and BSW Opportunities are gathered together for Biswappers’ convenience to make the platform easy and useful for every crypto bird.

Token page:
👉 https://biswap.org/bsw_token

​​⬇️ Performance Fee is Lowered to 1.99% in Auto-Compound BSW Launchpool!

Auto Compound your BSW earnings in BSW Launchpool even more profitably with the lowered performance fee of 1.99% in BSW.

📍The Performance Fee is subtracted automatically from each BSW yield harvest in Auto-Compound BSW Launchpool and is sent to a special wallet to be burned once a week by Biswap.

Gain more crypto here:
👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_bsw

⭐️​​️Biswap x My DeFi Pet Collaboration | Advantageous Occasions for Biswappers!

Meet the adventurous Biswap x My DeFi Pet collaboration!

My DeFi Pet is a life-style based pet game on Blockchain! The winner of Top 1 Binance Vietnam Super Hackathon and Top 10 MBVII, My DeFi Pet is blazing the trail in the gaming industry.

Such a vivid collaboration brought:

🔥Potent 5X APR Boost for DPET — BNB Farming Pair
🔥 The Biswap Button on My DeFi Pet https://play.mydefipet.com/app/games/bsc
🔥Startling BSW Launchpools | Stake DPET — Gain BSW!
🔥Striking DPET Launchpools | Stake BSW — Get DPET for Free!

Find more info about the collaboration:

🔥 Blinding 657 860 BSW BSW Got Burned!

The 15th Weekly Token Burn rock the DeFi! A total of 657 860 BSW tokens (~$575 326) were destroyed!

🧨 523 478 BSW from Trading Fees

🧨 124 054 BSW from Accounts with no Referrers

🧨 10 328 BSW from Auto compound performance fee

See the brightest flames on Biswap:

More hot burns on Biswap!💥

💸 Jump in BFG & ETH Launchpools to Maximize Crypto!


Level up your passive income in new Stake BSW Launchpools with BFG and ETH earnings. An unlimited or 10 BSW max stake amount will increase your assets and keep the APRs higher.

Approve your BSW tokens here:
👉 https://biswap.org/pools/stake_bsw

🌖 Magical LINK Trading Competition — The $3 000 Battle Pool!

One more magical crypto battle!


Become the first in LINK Trading Competition! Buy & sell LINK tokens to rank the leading place and share $3 000 in BSW Prize Pool:


Establish the greatest trades on Biswap!

🚀Potent BSW APRs Boost on Farms — BSW-BNB, BSW-BFG & BSW-USDT!

More BSW yields with APR boost on farming pairs with BSW: BSW-BNB, BSW-BFG, BSW-USDT. Stake LP-tokens to earn mighty BSW!

Rush to experience the profitable pairs:
💸 https://biswap.org/farms

​​💬 ​​Welcome Bangladesh, French, & Portuguese TG Local Chats!

The Biswap community keeps growing all over the globe! Keep in touch with Biswappers in three more official Biswap Local TG Chats: Bangladesh-, French- or Portuguese-Speaking!

🇧🇩Bangladesh Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_bgd
🇫🇷French Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_france
🇵🇹Portuguese Speaking TG Chat: https://t.me/biswap_prt

The list of the OFFICIAL Admins of these Local Chats:

👤@Sayem_Biswap — Bangladesh Speaking Telegram Chat
👤@Louis_Biswap — French Speaking Telegram Chat
👤@Leo_Biswap | @Ricardo_Biswap — Portuguese Speaking Telegram Chat

📣 The 1st BSC Anniversary Celebration Report!

The all-catching BSC Anniversary Celebration has come to its lucrative end!

The vast $10 000 Prize Pool is shared among 100 winners! Each lucky crypto bird earned $100 in BSW! More than 20 000 users filled out the form and took part in this massive event!

All the winners are here:

Check more details on Biswap TG:

🎨 Biswap Art Contest is Colorfully Completed!

The brightest contest dedicated to the Popularity Medal, earned by Biswap during BSC Anniversary Conference is over!

In just 7 days, Biswappers from all over the globe sent digital artworks, animations, funny memes, videos, paintings, sketches, and other fantastic interpretations of art about Biswap and BSC!

A big thank you to the most talented community for the mind-blowing artworks!🙏

Check the masterpieces here:


🏁 ​​XRP Trading Competition Results — Split $2 000 in BSW!

The vivid struggle for $2 000 in BSW has already done and awarded its potent crypto warriors!


A total of 684 competitors were involved in a bright fight during XRP Trading Competition and traded $8 460 295 volume with XRP tokens.

Congrats, Biswappers! 🎉

Find more on Biswap TG Channel:

📣 The 11th Sharing Season Report —Lucky Users Got $2 530!

The 11th Weekly Sharing Season has come to its flourishing final!

During the eleventh sharing, more than 7 115 participants tried their fortune! The unique hashtags #biswap_sharing, #biswap_earn, and #biswap_exchange brought 6 107+ tweets and 956+ Telegram texts about Biswap.

🤩 Congratulations to 253 random winners:

📃Read on how to participate in this bewildering event:

Time to share your Biswap experience in the 12th Sharing Season and win BSW!

Join Biswappers & be in the middle of the crypto news!

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